Nightwing Nightwing and Skarmory illustration by Shadow Kuriboh
Series PokéDC: Teen Titans
First Pokémon Skarmory
Alias Richard Grayson
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Abilities Martial Arts, Weapon Usage, Leadership

Nightwing is a one of the main protagonists in the alternate universe crossover fanfiction piece PokéDC: Teen Titans, which is part of the PokéDC continuity created by Shadow Kuriboh. The series is rated T for Teen for violence and sexually related content, and revolves around various story arcs.


So far, Nightwing is known to have only one Pokémon.


Skarmory is Nightwing's starting Pokémon. He received Skarmory from his old mentor, Batman, before the series began.


  • Whirlwind

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