There are 10 new types of PokeBalls in Pokemon Genesis, all created by the Ghost Noctowl corporation.

  • Ultra Ball(Beta Version): Increases friendship of Pokemon holding it, but has less chances of catching Pokemon than a Poke Ball.
  • Cyber Ball: Has a high chance of catching Porygon, Porygon2, PorygonZ, Castform, and Rotom, but a low chance of catching other Pokemon.
  • Spinner Ball: Increases the Speed of the Pokemon caught.
  • Inferno Ball: Inflicts the caught Pokemon with the Burn Condition.
  • Solitude Ball: Has a high chance of catching a single-type Pokemon.
  • Multiplier Ball: Chances of catching increase for every other Pokemon you have caught using a Multiplier Ball.
  • End Ball: Can catch opponent's Pokemon, but has a .000001% chance of doing so.
  • Fake Master Ball: A PokeBall used by Team Enigma. Has the same rate of catching Pokemon as a PokeBall.
  • Balance Ball: Heals the caught Pokemon and increases all of its stats to be at the same level as the highest stat.
  • Sacred Master Ball: See article.

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