Dark Gnaw Physical 

Bites the foe for 2-3 turns. User then becomes confused  Defy Physical

Power doubles if user is afflicted with a status condition


Wyvern Song Status

Raises users Sp.Attack by 1/lowers targets Defence by 1  


Radiation Status

Hurts all but electric or ground type pokemon for 5 turns Shock Blade Physical

High critical hit ratio, 10% chance of paralysis

Stun Step Physical

Stomps the foe with an electrically-charged foot. May cause paralysis


Rousing Call Status

Yells loudly to raise all stats by 2

Fire Flying Ghost Grass &



Quad Attack Special

50% chance of causing paralysis, burning, freezing or poisoning

Heartbreak Physical 

Causes double damage if target is of the opposite gender 


Slime Headbutt Physical 

10% chance of poisoning

Bad Breath Special

User sends out a foul-smelling wind. Damages foe and may cause flinch 


Leaf Pummel Physical

Hits the target with thick leaves for 2-5 times


Rock Pebble Toss Physical Flings a small stone at the foe. Never misses  


Metal Weight Special

A massive iron block is dropped onto the foe. High critical hit ratio

Shine Status

User raises evasion and defence by 1


Wet Fist Physical

Punches the foe with a fist covered in a ball of water


Earth Spires Special

Spikes burst from the ground to stab the target 

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