Climate and geography

The region of Mythion lies southeast of Sinnoh and generally enjoys a more mild and wild climate. There are four distinct seasons but the winters are usually cold enough to produce snow, so it is a rare occurrence it doesn’t. A large rockier range separates a western strip of the region from the rest of the landmasses. In addition, islands along the far western part of the region also feature some of the region's older areas. As of now, there are currently only two ways to pass between the western and main sectors. One is a beach route to the south, and the other is climbing or going through the mountains. The Origni,Drac, ancheide,bam,inse islands and 23 cites are located in the western portion; all other locations are either located in the main region or on the eastern and southern islands. Cities are closer together than they are in most other regions and routes are typically relatively long or short. There is some effort being made to build Interstate-standard bypasses for non-Trainers who drive between cities. There is speculation by some readers that Mythion is the pokemon world’s oldest reigon. The main characters’ Grandparents are from Texas while their great-great grandfather was from Italty.

History and Pokemon Leauge

The population in the region has exploded since forever; the Pokemon League here was not established until 1007. The winner of the very first regional championship was a mysterious figure named was Narutobi; he had dissepered a year later since then.

A starting trainer typically receives a starting Pokemon from an individual designated a Pokemon Ambassador or Professor, who is an individual who is a skilled expert with Pokemon. At the time of Pokemon receipt, the trainer is inducted into the Pokemon League. Because of the large region, there exist 13 gyms instead of the normal eight. After a trainer earns the first Eight, he or she qualifies for the Regional Championship Tournament. After going through a large tourament of 256 compiters and of enduring 8 rounds. The winner gets to go against the Elite Four and Champion of the Mythion Region. The top 8 of the Tourament are then invited to battle in the Dragon Cup, which is a competition of people from all over the world including all 8 gym leaders of each region, The top 8 Of the Region Cup and Ribbon cup.

Main article: Mythion Region Gym Leaders

Main article: Mythion Region Championship Tournament and Elite Four

Contests The contests in the mythion region aren’t like others; The contest are lead by a girl named Miley, only allow local-typed pokemon (like fire types to Asot town), there are two rounds, appeal and battle. Though to enter the Grand festival, you only need five Ribons of any types

Location and attractions of book 1

Corpusa Town

Nickname: Port of new times

Location: Weti plains

Summaries-A small near sea town near a beach, plain, and forest as it has a small contest hall and Robone labs. It also has a famous Pokemon center and hospital run by Kathleen Robone and her daughter, Deborah Kessler, it also where you register at for contests.

  • Robone labs- a large, research facility that helps many scientists on their quest for knowledge, it also where trainers pick up their first Pokemon, and pokedex upgrade.

Route 1

Rivine Town

Nickname: The village of the river vine

Location: Weti plains

Summaries- A small yet peaceful village with a river straight across from it as it has a small breeding center and contest hall.

  • Bullkaloski center- a Pokemon and small breeding center run by the Bullkaloski-Joys.

A-Mira forest/ Route 2

- a small and rain covered forest full of weak and easy to catch Pokemon with a hidden shrine and can cause hallucinations to people because of dry caused fog.

Descorpio Town

Nickname: The village of the moving venomous sand

Location: Dun desert

Summaries- A small town with numerous sales at the Pokemart and a small Daycare

  • Arach’s daycare- run by Mr. Arach, an old man with a wife named Nina.

Route 3

B-Dun desert

Sanel city

Nickname: The city of the Desert clan (ground gym leaders)

Location: Dun desert

Summaries- Sanel city is the largest city in the Dun

desert region. It has a gym and a small museum combined together.

  • Sanel Museum- A library cataloging and holding artifacts from all over Mythion. It also acts as part of a lower branch of the city’s gym run by Dr. Derek cacti.

Route 4

Poreut town

Nickname: The port of waves

Location: Marin Plains

Summaries- a small port town used to get travelers to their second badge and also a water Pokemon contest hall.

  • Port Seanea- the ferry section of the town where there are ferries rides to Torn isle

Route 5

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