After a few days rest within that dark cave, we finally had a plan to escape. Lamp was okay by the second day, but I still wonder how a fish with a lightbulb can float without dying. As for the dog? We never got along in the first place. I brushed my claws against my scythe as he spoke on about some "Mary" or something and his big search for her to the others.

"Mh..." Tailwind grumbled as he chewed up the last of our charred slug, "How do you know sheth alive?" He asked, food still in his mouth.

The dog, sitting down and arms crossed, nodded slowly. "I know she's alive, Mary's a tough girl"

"So what are you like her bro or something?" I asked.

"Well look who decided to join in" the dog mocked, turning his head to me. I glared back at him. "In case you know, I wouldn't even be considered as her cousin"

"Great so you're trying to kill her" I rolled my eyes, interuppting him.

"Yeah, sure kid, whatever" He then turned his head back to the group and talked some more. I, in the meanwhile, was looking at my own reflection in my scythe. It's a good thing the overhead of the cave was open sky, and it's also a good thing it was sunny today. Tailwind injured his wing when I pushed him down yesterday, that's what he gets for annoying me.

All the sudden, I felt time slow down again. I looked at the darkness, and out of it came Chris. When I was about to speak, he hooked me in the face.

"OW!" I rubbed my bruise, "What the hell?!"

"You put your feelings ahead of you Tim, if you don't tone down I'm afraid I'm going to have to kill you" I heard a click. When I looked up, I was staring right into his revolver's muzzle.

I glared back, gripping my scythe. But I was too smart to move, so I calmed. He then spun the revolver, butt facing me. I thought he was lending it to me. As I was about to grab it, he then whacked my skull hard. I felt blackness surround my eyes.

I awoken in a dark forest. Chris was standing there with his arms crossed, and his emerald eyes shining in the darkness. I could tell he was pissed at me because of his tone of welcome.

"About time you've woken up" He growled.

"Look, I'm not looking for trouble here-"

"Well it seems like you are" He glared at me.

I grumbled, and got up. Chris then walked towards me.

"You almost costed me more souls..." He grabbed my collar, I could feel myself being lifted.

"So what? What's the matter with more kills-"

He then let me go. "Dammit Tim what the hell is wrong with you?! I knew Xenon was bluffing when he said you could've been human...then again, you Terrans are all the same..."

Terrans? Hmph...I dunno if I should be interested or offended in that name.

"We're not the same..."

"Yes you are" Another voice...familiar, my eyes opened in shock. Out from the trees, a teal cat walked out of the darkness. It was wearing armor, futuristic. It was also carrying a huge sword on it's back. Could it be? was Chelsea...all the sudden my worries went away for miliseconds, seeing her again lifted my spirit. She however, looked very, very displeased.

"So you've abandoned me huh? For some freaking snake who almost killed you? Over a cat who saved your life AND your limbs? Talk about pathetic..."


"I'd hate to break up this family re-union, but Tim has some training to do" Chris implied.

"Fine...what am I doing today?"

"It's not what YOU are doing today's about what Chelsea is doing today"

I looked at Chelsea, into her eyes. She gave a glare back at me. I shook my head a bit and snapped into reality.

"What do you mean?" I turned my head at Chris.

His arms were crossed. "What else?"

Leadership...crap. I was bad at leadership in my childhood, that resulted in the loss of my two friends...they were put in jail after we looted a store for food, they never forgave me for it.

All I did was nod. "Fine" I looked at Chelsea. "What are we up against here?"

Chelsea snickered. "Oh the usual...right uncle?" She looked at Chris.

Chris nodded back at her, and snapped his fingers. We were both warped away...I still couldn't believe she's been alive all this time...

We re-appeared back at some desert. I took out my scythe and gripped it, ready for battle. Chelsea was unmoved.

"What are you doing dumbass?" She asked, annoyed. "We're supposed to GET to our area you really think we're a charity case?"

"Alright, hold the phone. "We're" what the hell does that mean. And further more, I thought you were dead. What happened? Jesus revived you or something?"

Chelsea growled. "I was never dead idiot..." We then began to walk to some distant ruins.

"What do you mean..." I was annoyed as she was.

"Well while you were out on your little hike. Uncle Chris appeared in the cave. He told me that my great granfather wanted to train me just like how he was trained. I didn't have time to accept...I had no's the family culture" She said those last words softly. I sorta felt bad for her.

"And...what about the kid?"

She halted in her tracks, then looked at me. "He...he died while I was giving birth to him...wait, no, he was already dead...when I gave birth..."

My heart stopped for a few seconds after hearing those words. "I'm...I'm sorry Chels-"

"Look let's just get this training over and done okay? I'm sick and tired of hearing you speak" She shooked her head, and continued walking. I followed her after I nodded.

We both came across a large city, in ruins. It looked kinda was. Calgary, but mix up a bit up destruction, dying vegitation, and a nuke. That's what it would look like.

" home..."

"Tim shush" Chelsea had her sword out. There were a bunch of strange spaceships ahead of us. All were silver, and looked like half-chopped snakes...

I gripped my scythe. I advanced slowly, Chelsea was following me closely behind. We both stopped when we were near the perimeter. I held my hand out to Chelsea, she stopped.

I looked ahead, I could see at least 5 small, humanoid like creatures. Except they were hunched, and were speaking in a weird language. They were also carrying green, one-hand guns, and had huge tanks strapped on to their backs. At first I thought these were just people being high again. Then my instincts warned me.

" what?" Chelsea asked, in a prone position.

"I...I don't know...just wait...maybe they'll pass..."

They didn't. So I had to think up another plan. I was also proned, in the dead grass to remain hidden. I looked around, nothing but those ships up in the sky. I then looked back at the group. Since there was alot of field, I could use this to crawl over to the aliens and assasinate them before they can alert anyone. But, there came a bigger problem.

I held my breath as two, floating purple vehicles stopped in front of the aliens. What hopped off it even scared me. Two larger aliens, muscly, they can easily crush a good 5 humans before giving in. They were carrying bigger guns. One of them was carrying what seemed to be like a blue one -hand gun. Another was carrying something with two hands, I couldn't make it out.

Chelsea kept quiet too, we both looked at each other.

"Are we supposed to kill these things?"

"Yes...uncle Chris told me that we need to work on our team coordination and combat by killing these things..."

" we die if we get shot?" I asked.

Chelsea shook her head. "I don't know..."

I lookd back at the aliens. Then I thought it all out. The aliens parked their vehicles too closely to the grass. Using it's cover...we could easily flank them. But we have to risk an alert...I told Chelsea this plan. She nodded.
"I hope you know what you're doing Tim..."

We both belly crawled our way there. I peeked over the side of the vehicle once we got there. The large aliens were coming back to take a ride home. Great...

I nodded at Chelsea, she was at the other vehicle, sword ready. I immediately vaulted over the vehicle at the same time as Chelsea, we both impaled the large aliens before they could react. The smaller ones tried running off in fear, but only to be brought down by our swords.

I removed my scythe from one of their bodies, it was covered in bright blue blood.

"Worthless creatures..." Chelsea muttered, equipping her sword again.

"Tell me about it" I replied, looking ahead for any activity. None. So I looked down at the corpses, and picked up one of the alien's blue weapon. It was heavier than I expected, I wondered how they could've carried this with one arm. I threw it down, and picked up the green weapon. It was lighter, so I eqiuped it just in case if I needed it.
"Are you done forging yet?" Chelsea asked, arms crossed.

"Hey YOU'D be interested too if you found something like this"

"Oh what? A little peashooter that is used by the lowest of the low?" Chelsea smirked.

I threw away my new weapon after she said that, just in case.

"Come on, we should keep moving" I shoulder-pointed ahead of me. Chelsea nodded, and tossed me something. It was the weapon I discarded.

"Just in case, you'll never know" She said as she equiped her own. I faintly smiled, then focused my attention to the ruins of the homes ahead of me. Nothing so far...

We were approaching the first set of homes, well, what's left of them.

"Be on alert Chels...anything that moves may be hostile"

Chelsea gave me a thumbs up. All the sudden, a beam of purple shot pass my head, narrowly missing my ear. I hesitated and ducked, another shot almost hit Chelsea in the leg.

"Sniper!!!" She yelled.