Mt.Gregorious is a location in the orre region it is located At Mt.Battle.It is home to very high level pokemon. it is also the first Place to feature wild Electivire.You can only visit this place after defeating the Elite Four and talking to Fantina in Pyrite Town.


Camper Barry

L50 Rhyhorn

L53 Numel


Movie Star Kenneth

L56 Rampardos

L58 Gyarados

Movie Star Kendra

L55 Lopunny

L54 Snorlax

L56 Ambipom

Movie Star Dayton

L57 Heracross

L57 Ursaring

Movie Star Paris

L57 Sandslash[Female]

L57 Weavile[Female]

Veteran Miles

L56 Mr.Mime

L56 Purugly [[Category:Places in the Orre Region ]]

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