The Ministry of Journeying is a ministry in the executive branch of Hakkou's national government. The Ministry of Journeying is one of the sixteen ministries and within this Ministry are three departments. The ministry also devises the Academic Standards for Journeying Allowance as well as all of the Journey Acceleration Course with the Ministry of Education


The Three Departments of the Ministry

The Ministry of Journeying is divided into three departments. Each department is tasked with a different objective.

Capture Department

The capture department is charged with keeping files of all captured pokemon and enforcing rules about capturing. The capture department sets the boundaries of areas where it is legal for capturing to take place and operates the Hakkou trainer servers, housing all registered trainers and their registered pokemon.

Pokeball Inspection Service

The Pokeball Inspection Service or PIS is tasked with making sure that all pokeballs function legally. There are only three legal ports of entry for pokeballs in Hakkou, and each houses a PIS Station. PIS also sends representatives to each of the sixteen pokeball factories in Hakkou. Finally, PIS produces automated pokeball inspectures (api's) and send one to each of the properly registered pokemon centers.

Battle Department

The battle department sets the rules and regulations for registered battles. The department devises and tests new rules in labs and in the field, and also an imprint of the department manages the gyms and leagues, as well as a third imprint managing contests.

Gymnasium Inspection Corps

The GIC is tasked with regularly inspecting registered gyms. They are also in charge of issuing level merits and authorizing gyms to enter the annual Hakkou Gymnasium Qualification League. Once a gym is authorized to be the official gym, the GIC regularly oversees battles and inspects battle logs, as well as bring agents of the PIS to make sure that all gym pokemon are legal.

League Organization Sector

The League Organization Sector or LOS is a part of the battle department that plans and organizes the many leagues. They devise rules for the City, Provincial, Regional, and National Cup, as well as sending representatives to the World Cup Committee.

National Contest Hall Authority

The National Contest Hall Authority or NCHA is responsible for the regulation and authorization of pokemon contest halls, and is tasked by the Ministry of Journeying with certifying contest judges. The NCHA devises the rules for contest halls and coordinators and manages the Provincial and National Ribbon Cups, as well as four other special contest hall events throughout the year. The NCHA sends representatives to help in the organization of the Global Ribbon Cup Committee.

Humanity Department

The humanity department is the largest and busiest departments of the ministry. This department ensures that all trainers are treating their pokémon lawfully under the regulations the department releases annually. The humanity department regularly oversees leagues and gym battles, and these inspections will often result in arrests. The humanity department also aids the Ministry of Nature in fighting poaching.

Pokémon Center Corps

The Pokémon Center Corps (PCC) is responsible for treating in healing pokémon humanely as well as providing trainers with human conditions. PC's are nearly always funded by taxes (which are, in Hakkou, a single 10% sales tax as well as a small fee for licenses (also school is nearly always must be paid excluding scholarships)) and thusly the food and treatments there are free. However, international or national fast food companies such as McDonalds, Quicky Burger, and Taco Bell are slowly taking over the food market with better known burgers. Nonetheless, the pokémon center remains the primary feeding and lodging of the trainer. Most pokémon centers are in cities (nearly 59%). However, those that aren't are evenly spaced via mile on the national and provincially ran routes and also in national and provincial parks that offer campgrounds. These pokémon centers are co-ran with the Ministry of Nature, which, among other things, oversees the national, provincial, and district parks in the nation.