Type: Grass No.494 The tinycactus pokemon Stage: Basic Evolves from: none Evolves into: Cactall at level 16 Height: 0'08 Weight: 2.0lbs Ability: Overgrow Dex entry: It constantly weeps with shame because of its short size.


Learned Moves

- tackle

- leer

5 pin missile

10 absorb

15 grasswhistle

20 headbutt

25 spikes

30 assurance

35 energy ball


toxic bullet seed hidden power sunny day light screen protect giga drain safeguard frustration solarbeam return double team reflect sludge bomb sandstorm facade secret power rest attract thief energy ball fling endure flash captivate sleep talk natural gift poison jab grass knot swagger substitute

cut strength rock smash

Egg Moves

skull bash ingrain magical leaf needle arm amnesia mega punch belly drum

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