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"These.. things.. are pathetic. They need power, which they do not have, and so they create me. I have ultimate power. I do not need them."


Psychic Water Ground Flying
Hybrid of
Mew, Mewtwo, Groudon, Swellow, Kyogre and Pikachu
None (hopefully)
Male/Female Ratio
Male 100%
Unknown, possibly could eat humans or other Pokemon
Only One

More powerful than Mew and Mewtwo combined, it's Mewfour.


Original Summary (No longer Canon Fanon) because you guys look at him and ruin this site because you will not take the lake in pokemon site i

An evil creature, it's INSANE amount a power has corrupted him, and he wants to make everyone his slaves. Created at a lab similar to the one that created Mewtwo, he was created to best even Mewtwo, and did. He is over 50 times more powerful than Mew and Mewtwo put together, thus, neither stood a chance and fell before his power. He can possess other Pokémon or put them under mind control, so if a Pokémon tried to fight him, he would just put him/her/it under mind control, and the Pokémon would become basically a mindless zombie. The power has overwhelmed him, all he cares about is power, and proving he is the most powerful Pokémon in the Universe. He has also killed many times. Extremely dangerous. Not even a MASTER BALL can hold him. He is too powerful. Rumors say he can absorb other Pokémon and make them part of him, thus the parts of him that are of Swellow and Groudon. Another rumor states that he can turn you inside out/blow your head off your body (literally)/turn you to ash/turn you to a pile of goo/make you feel extreme, horrible, unimaginable pain, just by looking at you in the eyes. It is said the yellow eyes turn red when he does this. This is unconfirmed however, for it is just a rumor. Caution should be advise and remember that these rumors could very well be real, so prepare yourself. This thing must be stopped. He MUST!

Updated Summary

Mewfour was created in a lab were scientists were experimenting with splicing together the genes of different Pokémon. Mewthree was a collosal failure, however Mewfour was the ultimate symbol of power. He killed his creators and then started experimenting with Gene Splicing himself. That is how all the Hybrid Pokémon were created. He made thousands of them, but only about 50 escaped and started breeding. He can possess other Pokémon or put them under mind control, so if a Pokémon tried to fight him, he would just put him/her/it under mind control, and the Pokémon would become basically a mindless zombie. Not even a Master Ball


Made in a lab very similar to the one Mewtwo was created in. He was created to serve the scientists that created him, however he betrayed them.


Confirmed encounters with Mewfour throughout the game.

  • Go to where he is fighting the army, he will be at level 29 and fight you. This battle is impossible to lose because more army will come and attack before he kills you.
  • You'll finally reach him and Kyodon, he'll have Kyodon fight you. Kyodon will be at level 80. Once you defeat Kyodon, Mewfour, disgusted, will impale Kyodon as punishment, and leave.
  • In the final encounter, in other words, Pokémon Aqua Version's climax, you'll find him at level 100. He has grown so powerful that he can even rupture time and space, but this is also literally shattering reality, and the area is being destroyed as this encounter takes place. Eventually you'll find him, and while you'll have no hope to defeat him normally, this process is greatly weakening him, thus allowing to possibly defeat him, which you do. When he is knocked out he will fall into a wormhole that was generatated from the reality shattering, and it will close up, and the effects of his power on reality will be reversed. The End.
  • One last encounter is in Pokémon Destruction Version, when Team Destruction resurects him. You must fight him in a boss fight. He is weaker in this encounter then he was in Aqua Version, due to newly being resurected. He gets more powerful as the boss fight lasts, so you have to defeat him as fast as possible.

Attack List

Level 1: Slash

Level 3: Shadow Ball

Level 8: Screech

Level 11: Teleport, Psychic

Level 12: Flight, Sand Attack, Quick Attack

Level 16: Protect

Level 19: Hydro Pump

Level 23: Glare

Level 24: Mind Control

Level 28: Possess

Level 30: *Everything

* Since this Pokemon is unusable in the game, when you battle it can have more then 4 attacks, since you do not see it. It is programmed to be able to use any attack against you


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