Metaguar is a fully-evolved Fire-type starter Pokemon from the Daisan Region, directly north of Kanto and a slight distance south of Sinnoh. It is one of approximately 100 unique species of Pokemon that live in the Daisan Region. Metaguar evolves from Magcatma at LV: 36. Its name derives from 'metal' and 'jaguar'.


Metaguar resembles a very large jaguar with reddish splotches and large tufts of fur on its shoulders. These tufts, its ears, and tail often glow red-hot when the Pokémon is in battle. Its fur consists of metal fibers. It stands an impressive 5 feet at head height and weighs surprisingly little for a Steel-type of its large size. A three-pronged metal crest rests upon its forehead.

Gender Differences

Male Metaguar tend to be larger and stronger, but females tend to be faster. The male Metaguar has reddish splotches on his fur, while the female has black splotches. The male’s crest is orange, while the female’s is red. Also note eye color and significant personality differences.

Personality tendencies

Most Metaguar, no matter what their gender, tend to be a bit obstinate, possibly out of living the life of a loner, self-centeredness, and/or confidence in their decisions. They do not care very much about their looks, even if they tend to be magnificent, but instead are more concerned about their hunting and combat abilities. Metaguar normally regard others with indifference or even rivalry but are on the other hand very loyal to those that happen to share a strong bond with them, including Trainers.

Abilities and interesting characteristics

Metaguar’s metal fur evolved to serve largely as a heat sink to radiate excess heat generated by its powerful flame organ, but over time, the Pokémon developed a greater tolerance for high temperatures. However, the metal fur offered excellent protection from enemies as well and so this trait was not lost. The fur is bimetallic, with each fiber consisting of an extremely thermally conductive metal and another metal that has surprising insulating properties. When Metaguar flattens its fur, the insulating layer traps the heat in. When its fur stands up, heat can escape very easily. The fur can also stand up and flatten on its own as the two different metals warp at different rates upon being heated up, and this often results in the desired performance. By flattening its fur and increasing the energy output from the flame organ, it can heat its fur up to 4000 degrees Celsius within three seconds. Then its fur stands on end, exposing the heated surface. Metaguar has such control over the great amounts of temperature it generates from its fur that it can form a mirage, which can be used to confuse its foes. The fur works very well as armor. Not only can Metaguar heat its fur up, it can stiffen its fur and stand it on end, like needles. Metaguar has a powerful balance of both offense and defense. It can also swim well, oddly enough for a Fire-type. A final interesting fact about Metaguar is that it can not only raise the surrounding temperature, it can also actually lower the surrounding air temperature as well, to a frigid maximum low of about -20 degrees Celsius. As a result, some scientists think that Metaguar is so bizarre for a Fire-type and can control such a diversity of moves that it should not be classified as a Fire-type. Alternate type classifications for Metaguar include Normal, Fighting, Water, and Ice, although further research shows that this Pokémon is clearly of the Fire/Steel-type that it is normally classified as.

Habitat and Habits

Metaguar lives in the cool forests of northern Daisan, where developing an internal flame organ is an advantage. Metaguar usually hunts Pokémon that are about its size or smaller, but younger, overconfident individuals will occasionally venture into a volcanic area or hot spring to hunt enormous reptilian prey such as Reptoid or Condracoil that they usually stand no chance against. Metaguar stalks its prey silently, adjusting its body temperature to avoid thermal detection. It strikes when least expected, delivering a killing bite. It may have to grapple with larger prey to gain the edge. It was previously believed that Metaguar’s limbs were too flimsy to grapple effectively, but in the early 1900s, it was found that Metaguar’s bones, though seemingly normal, have internal cores of interconnected metal ‘struts’, resulting in a very durable and resilient yet lightweight structure that is several times stronger than steel. Its muscles seem thin but are actually very strong due to having more densely packed muscle fibers than what one might expect. These factors make Metaguar’s body excellently designed for grappling. Metaguar is also adept at climbing trees, a trait that its somewhat weaker ancestors developed long ago. It can observe over a great distance while in a tree, may climb a tree in order to escape from an enemy, and even sleeps in trees from time to time.

You are Metaguar

You are generally somewhat of a loner and rarely socialize with anyone. You can be a bit obstinate and regard those you don’t care about with the coolest indifference or even scorn. And when you get angry, you literally turn red-hot with rage. But to those who you share a strong bond with, you are very loyal to and will die trying to protect.


Type: Fire/Steel

Egg Type: Field

Ability: Flame Body or Magma Armor

Evolves from: Magcatma raised to LV: 36

Signature move: Spectra Fire - a Fire-type move with a 50% probability of lowering the target's accuracy 1 level.

Base Stats:

HP: 60

ATK: 105

DEF: 105

SP ATK: 110

SP DEF: 75


AVG: about 89.7

LV UP Moves:

1 - Scratch

1 - Leer

1 - Growl

10 - Sand-Attack

17 - Flare

17 - Bite

37 - Metal Claw

52 - Fire Fang

59 - Infra-Ray

71 - Spectra Fire

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