Memory Tower

The fanfiction of the masively popular craze of pokemon is a combination of genres, mainly Mystery and OT (Original Trainer). It is very mystery centric, in the writers opinion.


(To be filled when fiction is moderately into it's halfway point)


Warning: Spoilers for those who have not read Chapters 1-5


The mysterious boy who is taken away from his City of Jadiack, which he lived in signifigant misery, recently whisked away by a mysterious, silver bird and the equally enigmatic Department of Annoh.

Ienzo "Zexion"

The boy dressed in the Department's uniform and sent to divide and track the progress of Reckard in hopes of his "revival". He seems to be exttemely protective of Reckard and thouroughly despises the unknown personage of 'Rhodes'.

Silver Agracia ?-

The young boy whom Reckard meets upon washing up on New Bark Town in the country of Johto. Very energetic and youthful. Reckard seems to feel a strong bond to him when he meets Silver. Silver also feels as if Reckard is framiliar to him, but denies telling Reckard that. Loves the region of Sinnoh.


Leader of the Department of Annoh and the one who order the mission to track Silver/Reckard. He seems to be rather attached to a 'Rhodes'.

Sila Agracia-

Silver's adopted mother. Gave him his middle name.

Proffesor Elm-

Local researcher at New Bark Town in the region Johto, and widely sucsessful aid of the renowned Prof. Oak. Holds a small ranch at the back of his labratory.


Draped in tattered streams of many colors, he is a homeless person who wallows in town of New Bark, and constantly decides to sleep in the trees next to Silver's house. He neglects help, and has continued to eye Silver suspiciously until one day he mysteriously decides to go on a Pokemon Journey and chooses Silver's most wanted Tododile as his starter.

Janine ? ?-

Daughter of the gym leader of Fushcia City in Kanto, Koga. Is very stealthic and power oriented, like her father. Is in the department and has been assigned to partner Zexion on his quest of tracking Reckard/Silver.

Saulkia ? Solange-

Constantly wrapped in her favorite color (orange) she is in the department and has been assigned to partner Janine/Zexion on their quest to track Reckard/Silver. Fassinated by Zexion and magic.

More characters are to be added as story progresses.



A pokemon seemingly infuriated by Silver whenever he comes in contact with him, but is calmed easily when around Reckard. He reluctantly is forced to go with Silver on his journey as his starter pokemon.


A seemingly wild pokemon that intercepts Silver/Reckard in the beggining of there journey. It bears a crystalish diamond shard around it's neck. Gives Reckard an ominous glare.


The silver Skarmory that retrieves Reckard from Jadiack City and accomponied by an intercom with a mysterious master behind it. Is capable of blisteringly powerful moves, and is very loyal to it's master's command. Reckard is deeply entranced by the sight of it.

More pokemon are to be added as the story progresses.


The Department of Annoh


By National's words, the orginization was made to fufill anyone's desire. It is a group for people to get what they want, though vigorous training and loyalty to the group is required. It may only require one mission to obtain it, or twenty. The mission that the leader, National, sends Zexion/Janine/Saulkia on to track Reckard/Silver is for them all to help them gain a certain entity through it. Such as Zexion says he has to do the mission for Reckard.


Ranks in the orginization are made in numbers, one being the highest, and the highest being as high as National wants. Every member is given a number by National himself, and that decides their level of authority based upon their wants. National also has an 'inner circle' which are the numbers from One to Ten, or a top ten. It is said whoever is in his top ten will get special privliges.


The Department has a large selection of pokemon for certain members to use in case of a lack of having a pokemon themselves. Both Saulkia and Janine use this for lack of ever capturing their own pokemon, and are considered good with pokemon of all types. It has bases hidden within the regions, and some places are said to be homes to just travelling Department members. More powers will be described later into the story.

Secrecy and Agreements

Every member is told to keep their name private and instead be adressed by their corresponding number unless one wishes to co-operate with another. This is for privacy to some degree, and the non-meddling of other members unwanted to participate. Agreements to work on a mission together will be sealed when giving each other their true name, and they may not repeat that name to any other or else the Department shall know indefinetly under any circumstance. National gives his name freely for he knows that all his members will have to cross paths with him eventually.

Magical Practices

The department has developed a form of magical offense that is said to 'summon the seven virtues of that within' and the powers of the mystical pokemon of legend. An inscribed tablet said that a single feather off one of these beast's are to be heavy with magical essence, and so that is all they need to connect it to the Department's Dream Frame of magical connection, giving members a taste of said essence. One case is when Zexion is told to divide Reckard's entity, he places a sacred, rainbow feather within the center tablet and connects that power to himself through the network, giving him the ability to use Rainbow Divide.

More will be described as the story goes on.



Memory Sword The ancient sword of diamond and crystal that is apparently heavy with a magical presence. Zexion can constantly see his most haunting memories through it's reflective surfaces, and he often sees his rerflection smiling at him when he is infact not. National says it was once 'Rhodes's' and it bears the power of Memory he needs to use and overcome.


Saffron Flute The saffron flute has been gieven to Janine previously by her father and has been magically altered with the Department's aid, making almost any pokemon to attend to her command. When needed, it can display extrodinary magical ability by being able to summon puffs of smoke and other sorts to assault the enemy.


Sunset Gloves The gloves were given to Saulkia by National when she first joined the Department. The gloves allow almost any pokemon to like Saulkia when touching any part of the pokemon's body, or it's container. The gloves may also create and morph certain amounts of spiritual energy drawn from within.

This section will change overtime as the story does.



New Bark Town

The place where Reckard washes up upon shore, meets Silver, and begins his journey to return home. Other mysterious entities like Shoko and Bonsly seem to have originated here.


Jadiack City

A black city seperated in color coordinated districts, lined with platnum skyscrapers that close together so nicely on the island laden within the middle of an unknown ocean. Reckard once lied here, but is taken away by the silver bird and then by the brown, until he eventually reaches the Department. Reckard felt most miserable when living their and he once wished he could travel to other worlds like he actually did, but still has a strong desire to return their. Strangely, the harbor is always abandoned, and no one ever leaves/enters.


Places unknown whether to be in Johto or Other.

Department Mansion

The bleak and dreary mansion that apparently wishes to retrieve Reckard and divide his entity by the lonely Zexion and playful National. Number Nine brings him here and Zexion releases him from a door in the sky, suggesting this could be anywhere.


This fic went through a number of different stages, making a very poor story into something much better in the authors opinion.

Psy Edition

The first release of the fic happened as a result of meeting two friends on about my age (nine or ten) on the clubs section, where the now dead Team Psy lay. To further the clubs ambitions, one of the members created a forum complete with fanfiction, game, and Team sections. This is where CrystalSaurTower, then VenusaurArtist124, created the first idea of Memory Tower, then called Unreal Encounters.

It involved the character Rakes living in New York City, building a raft, and then going on a journey to visit other worlds. He ended up being thrown into New bark Town, where his parents lay and also where he gets his first pokemon, Hoppip, to go on a pokemon journey. The mysterious armor of MewTwo lay in the lab strangely, and after a strange Espeon (with an apparant grudge on Mew) fitted her perfectly, the poffesur dissapeared in a wave of digital features. In an apparent journey to save the proffesor, Rakes leaves (and mostly because the town hates Hoppip).

The next (and last) chapter of the fic was where the Hoppip battled a Poocheyena and gained a level. Shortly after this, the writer got bored and gave it up.

Articuno Edition

Two years or so later (at 11), the author joined a pokemon role playing site named Articuno's Lair. He instantly became ifatuated with idea and started piling up massive post counts, quickly rising to mod status. Many controversies about the sites advertising method (pming random members on serebii) angered the public, and it eventually shut down. Before that, however, the author thought of rekindling the flame of his old fanfiction, now undegoing many name transformations such as I Want To Leave This World, Betwixt and Between, and Pokemon: Alchemist.

With the last fiction being about a paragraph long each chapter, the author's skills greatly improved over the last peroid. Since the author never recieved any negative critisism during his previous posting, there was abseloutly no idea of being discouraged. This version contained many crucial additons that up to modern one today. It started out with him building the raft, like before, but instead being saved by Lugia on a raging river, and meeting Ho-Oh right before being swallowed up by a giant Wailord. It described the journey on the water much more, and he ended up unconsious in the end of a hall way where Zexion would come, talk to Reckard and his despising of Rhodes, lead him to a room where he would have his entity divided, battle Dark Reckard, and being saved by Light Reckard before reuniting Reckard and letting him wash up on New Bark Town.

Here was where Reckard met Silver, who was going on his journey with Bonsly (which English name was just released), and was going on a journey with Silver to find his place in Johto since he had no pokemon of his own. Even though it only lasted fourteen chapters, many important plot points like the name transition of Rakes to Reckard, and the creation of Rhodes, Zexion, and Silver. Many things were left out, however, as this was before Janine/Saulkia were born, or National, but did include the Espeon from the last fic which is changed to a Vaporeon in this one.

After the fourteenth chapter, amny things made the author delay continuing, though a real reviewer granted him much more satisfaction, and it eventually was erased from his mind when all fourteen chapters were erased when the admin decided to change forums. In this time, the author always wrote his chapters in text boxes, and had only one chapter saved. In shock, the author decided to take a long break from writing before even considering continuing it.

Memory Edition

In the present version, the writer took a year or so break before deciding to completely revamp and complete the universe of the fic, knowing where it would go, and what would happen. Many new characters such as Janine/Saulkia/National/ were created to make to create better plots, relationships and events. He used Microsoft Word to chronicle his progress, and had extened the idea beyond one fic, the newly named Memory Tower.

Release Date

CrystalSaurTower on forums will be releasing it in October 2007 and has gathered a Beta Reader for the story as he needs a mere two more chapters to be made.

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