One time, there was a Medicham who was captured by a man. The Medicham liked the man. So he told the Medicham that she had to try to use her power to hypnotize people on him. She did not know what he was going to do and did so. Then he pushed back and tried to hypnotize her. She did not resist because she thought her trainer had good intentions. The man read in his Pokédex. It said, "That when Medicham was hypnotized, its pupils disappear, and are replaced by hypnotic swirls. If the swirls were going at a steady pace, Medicham should be hypnotized. But one thing: Medicham's pupils MUST go at a steady pace. If they started going too fast, Medicham WILL have side-effects from her hypnotism." Wait. We should see this story in Medicham's view. OK, so when the man told her to try and hypnotize him, she did. When he pushed back, she thought that he had good intentions. She felt very dizzy. Then she started wobbling around. She was not completely hypnotized yet. For right now, Medicham was dazed and confused. Then the man said for his Hypno to come forth. He then said to Hypno, "Give me your Pendulum." When he had it, the man said to Medicham, "Look at my pendulum, Medicham. Look at it swing back and forth...."[Remember, we are still in Medicham's view]. Medicham stared at it, enthralled. Than he took out his watch and said," Watch my watch swing back and forth. Back and forth......" Then he twirled his finger in front of her eyes. Medicham watched all three of them. Then the man said," Medicham, you are sleepy, are you not?" Medicham felt sleepy. Very sleepy. Then he got a hologram and showed it to the very dazed Medicham. It showed slowly swirling colors. Then the man said, "You are mine, Medicham. Do not try to resist. You are mine. Do not try to resist..." He repeated this over and over again. Then he said, “Try to hypnotize me, Medicham." She did, and the man held up a mirror. It reflected back at her, and then the man said, "Medicham, you are mine. You have been hypnotized. Then her pupils became hypnotic swirls. Then the man said," Medicham, you are in my hypnotic void. Every second, you will fall deeper into the hypnosis. Then all of a sudden, she was somewhere else. She was hovering in some unknown place. She was lying down. She had been hypnotized. Then something pressed against her belly. The man had started doing something. The man's hand had started to do something. Medicham (who did not know what it was) felt something rubbing her belly. It was warm and soothing. Slow, soft, rhythmic strokes. Then she felt it under her arms, and her back. She then felt it on her belly. The man said," Sleep."

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