Marshhero Evolves from Marshtomp with a dawn stone Water/Light (New type) Pokedex: Using its fin it can reflect light to blind its enemies. Lvl 1: Tackle Lvl 1: Growl Lvl 7: Mud Slap Lvl 12: Water Gun Lvl 17: Mud Shot Lvl 22: Reflect Lvl 28: Spiral Kick (Type: Fighting PP: 25 Power: 60 Description: A Powerful kick with a high critical hit Ratio) Lvl 35: Light Screen Lvl 45: Seismic Toss Lvl 54: Hydro Pump Lvl 58: Earthquake Lvl 60: Protect Lvl 63: Light Pillar (Tyoe: Light PP: 5 Power: 130 Description: A Huge beam of light that takes 2 turns to use)

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