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Pokémon Fanon
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The PokéFanon Encyclopedia is a non-canon encylcopedia that is not endorsed by Gamefreak or Nintendo and can be used by anyone! This wiki features fan-made Pokémon, regions, games, cards, stories, theories and other fanfiction. Our goal is for you to create and preserve all the Pokémon fanfiction you can imagine!!

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Pokémon wiki is Wikia's foremost Pokémon database.
Pokémon wiki is managed by Energy X, Slayingthehalcyon, and Rainbow Shifter.

The wiki that is the most comprehensive collaborative database, documenting all Fanmade on the Doctor Who universe, on Wikia.
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The BW Masters Wiki
This is the main resource for the BW Masters fanfics. Here, you can learn about the various characters and their Pokémon. They are partnered with the PokéFanon Wiki.
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this is the place where you can get jobs and adopt Pokémon.
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This is a wiki for creating things about video games.
Managed by Animal Crossing Leader and NicoL.

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