Lucki Middling is the original trainer protagonist of the fanfiction Lucki. Lucki is thirteen, a recent graduate from the Verdanturf Pokemon School who is now on her pokemon journey. Her team of pokemon as of Chapter Sixteen was a Squirtle, Flareon, Manectric, Tropius and Absol, however, this will change shortly. She has curly, chest-length aquamarine hair and greenish-gold hazel eyes. From chapters One to Thirteen she wore a necklace of an emerald on a gold chain, however, after she discovered the chain's frailty and nearly lost it in Chapter Fourteen, she has ceased wearing it.

Lucki originally planned to pick a tough, sturdy pokemon for her starter as her teachers advised, such as Machop, Skarmory, Growlithe, Barboach or Mareep, and disparaged both the "standard" starter set of the three regions as well as trainers who picked shiny pokemon, which were generally considered to be weaker than normal pokemon with her friends Rane and Violet. However, when her time to choose comes, a timid-looking shiny Squirtle catches her eye and she picks it instead. She names her new pokemon Silver, based on its coloring.

Before she leaves on her journey, her family gave her several presents: a wallet with 150,000 in it from her grandparents; a new prototype pokegear from her father's work that combines new products with the existing giving item-storage, adjustable maps, an improved radio and phone, as well as the compressed contents of basic trainer guides; and an emerald necklace with a gold chain from her mother.

Due in part to the location of her school and in part to her starter's water type, Lucki takes an atypical route after leaving school for the first half of the story. She heads through the tunnel to Rustboro and fight Roxanne, then goes through the Meteor Falls caves and west to reach Fallarbor. From there she heads south, up Mt Chimney and then down the Jagged Pass to reach Lavaridge and battle Flannery, then continues south to Mauville to challenge Wattson. From there her route matches with the path taken in the game, as she goes north through Route 119 to Fortree for her fourth and final badge. As of Chapter Sixteen, she has reached the Safari Zone and is about a day's travel from Lilycove.

Lucki's pokemon catching is slow and somewhat haphazard. Although she battles wild pokemon occasionally, they are often pokemon she has no interest in catching, or, in the case of a Grumpig met on the Jagged Pass, were too powerful for her pokemon to beat and ended up being caught by her rescuer. She gains a Flareon, Flare, due to the closing of a pokemon breeding center that led to all their leftover pokemon being given away for free, catches an Electrike, Tryke, that shortly afterward evolves into a Manectric and is renamed Raiden, works together with a Tropius, Saurius, against Team Magma that then joins her, and just manages to beat an Absol to the point she could capture it. Aside from Silver, her pokemon team is consistently four-legged, which was the theme the author used to decide Lucki's team during story planning.

Lucki's favorite color is aquamarine and her favorite food is fried rice. Although she'd never actually pick favorites among her pokemon, if she did, in order from most to least, it's Raiden, Silver, Tropius, Flare, although she likes all of them. Most recently, her new Absol has attracted most of her attention and can probably be considered her favorite, despite the fact the Absol's opinion of Lucki is, at best, utterly disinterested. Lucki hates having herself or her pokemon called weak, and feels that both are really the same thing.

Lucki has gone up against Team Magma several times, such as foiling an attempt to steal the Devon submarine blueprints, and having her pokemon stolen during the night by Team Magma in Route 119. Due to Team Magma's repeated criminal activities Lucki actively hates the team and intends to try to stop them any chance she gets. She's more positive toward Team Aqua, which helped her out when her pokemon where stolen and has stopped Team Magma elsewhere as well, but another trainer, Keegan, cautioned her that Aqua's attacks on Magma aren't necessarily proof they're good themselves.

After discovering why Keegan said that, as well as another run-in with the Team Magma grunt who originally stole her pokemon, Lucki has allied with Team Aqua and intends to take down Magma.