Lucki is a journeyfic or original trainer story written under the name icemew. The title comes from the name of the protagonist, thirteen year old Lucki Middling, who graduates from a Pokemon School in Verdanturf and sets out on her pokemon journey. The story was first posted on Serebii Forums[1]and then reposted with edits on[2].

For the first sixteen chapters, the tagline of the story was simply This is the story of a girl... On the seventeenth chapter, the tagline changed, adding who cried a river. On the eighteenth, the tagline changed, adding and drowned the whole world

Title Lucki
TaglineThis is the story of a girl...who cried a river and drowned the whole world
Posted At Serebii.Net,
Genre(s) Original Trainer, Journeyfic, Mindfuck, Parody, Tragedy
Written February 6th, 2006 - April 13th, 2007
Final LengthEighteen Chapters/Thirteen Chapters
Rating PG-13
Point of View 3rd Person Limited (Lucki's POV)


The story opens in the Verdanturf Pokemon School. Lucki intends to follow her teacher's advice in choosing her starter and pick one of the sturdy suggested pokemon, but the shiny Squirtle in the neighboring cage catches her eye and she picks it instead. She names the Squirtle Silver, based on its coloring. The next day she heads for Rustboro. As she travels, she gains a Flareon, a Electrike that shortly evolves into a Manectric, a Tropius and most recently an Absol. Her journey is by an unusual route, starting in Verdanturf, heading west to Rustboro, then north through the Meteor Falls caves, west to Fallarbor, south to Lavaridge and then further south to Mauville. Past this point her travels are along the same route as the game's trainers, as she heads north to Fortree and then continues southwest toward Lilycove. As of Chapter Sixteen, she has reached the Safari Zone and is about a day's travel from Lilycove.

As Lucki travels, she runs into Team Magma members on several occasions. She first meets one outside of Rustboro stealing the Devon submarine blueprints, which she prevents. Later she sees a Team Magma grunt on Jagged Pass, but loses sight of him. Her next encounter comes on Route 119, in the vicinity of the Weatherstation, when her pokemon are robbed during the night by Team Magma, who have descended upon the area and are engaged in poaching. With the help of a wild pokemon that escaped capture, she manages to harry and delay them until Team Aqua appears, forcing Team Magma to flee. According to the news, Team Magma was also involved in trying to steal a meteorite in Fallarbor and returned to Route 119 for a second, successful poaching operation. Most recently, after Team Aqua headed to the Mt Chimney area in case Magma made another attempt to gain the meteorite, a member of Team Magma stole the Blue Orb from Mt Pyre. Despite their heavy presence, Team Magma's full intentions are not known.


See Lucki Characters for a more detailed list.

Lucki Middling

The thirteen year old protagonist, Lucki is pretty much a typical new trainer. She has curly, chest-length aquamarine hair and greenish-gold hazel eyes. She also has a necklace of an emerald on a gold chain, but is no longer wearing it after the chain broke and she narrowly avoided losing it. By Chapter Sixteen she had four badges and five pokemon, a Squirtle, Flareon, Manectric, Tropius and Absol, however, her team changes by Chapter Seventeen.

Her repeated run-ins with Team Magma have given her a hate for the team. She is cautiously positive about their opposites, Team Aqua, who have shown up once so far to help her, and the most recent interaction with Team Magma has convinced her to ally with Team Aqua.

Lucki had two close friends, Rane and Violet, at school, but they went separate ways when they became trainers. She ran into Violet in a recent chapter, but the two parted ways.

Lucki's Pokemon

  • Silver: Lucki's starting pokemon, Silver is a petite young Squirtle with silver coloring. Somewhat timid, Silver has had virtually no experience with battles, the outside world or most other pokemon before becoming Lucki's pokemon. Although she can be a good fighter, she occasionally panics during battle.
  • Flare: Flare was an adolescent Flareon at a breeding center. The owners closed and gave the pokemon they couldn't sell immediately to the local Pokemon Center for adoption. When Lucki arrives, Flare is the last one remaining, so she takes him. She couldn't think of a good name at the time, so she decided to call him Flare until she thought of something better. Although he is well older than Silver, Flare had no battling experience due to his background. He rarely causes Lucki trouble or shows tiredness and early on demanded to fight a Bagon despite the fact it was far more powerful than he was. Despite this he is apparently a mediocre battler, losing more often than Lucki's other pokemon.
  • Tryke/Raiden: Flare's opposite, Tryke was a young Electrike who impulsively challenged Lucki. His childish and sometimes vexing behavior, such as ignoring orders because he finds his electric attacks easier than physical moves, led to Lucki naming him Tryke, from the word tyke. He shows a great deal of natural talent, however, and often wins. He's the one who manages to defeat Lucki's fifth pokemon, an Absol, which took out Flare in a single hit. Tryke evolves shortly after Lucki captures him, and she changes his name to Raiden. He acts somewhat more mature after evolving, but is still hyper and energetic.
  • Saurius: When Lucki's pokemon are stolen by Team Magma, she teams up with a Tropius whose herd had been captured as well, and together they delay Team Magma until Team Aqua arrives and frees the pokemon. Afterward, the Tropius agrees to join Lucki. His name is in part from his serious nature.
In the most recent chapter, they discover that Team Magma attacked again, and this time successfully poached the area's pokemon. Presumably, Saurius' herd is now captive.
  • Fara: A mysterious Absol Lucki found outside of Fortree, Fara managed to easily defeat Flare and Saurius before Raiden paralyzed her. After being captured she ordered Lucki to release her, demonstrating the ability to speak without the aid of a translator. So far, no explanation has been given for this. Her voice is immensely beautiful but alien. When Lucki did not release her, explaining that trainers weren't bad and that she should give it a try, she said that Lucki would regret this, as she was disaster.
Although Lucki reassured her that she didn't believe in the old superstitions, the Absol remains aloof. She has been used in only one battle so far, where she immediately defeated her opponent and then walked outside of the ring, disqualifying herself.
Fara is the only pokemon Lucki did not nickname. When Lucki was about to, the Absol informed her that she already had a name.


One of Lucki's best friends from school, Rane is an energetic redhead. Her starting pokemon is a Teddiursa she nicknames Star.


One of Lucki's best friends from school. Violet usually goes by the nickname Vi, and has purple hair and eyes. Her starting pokemon is a Sandshrew named Shira.

Violet appears again in Fortree in the company of another girl, Sapphire, a brown-eyed blonde. At this point she has three badges and has gotten two other pokemon, a Bagon and Seadra. Unfortunately, she's headed in the opposite direction as Lucki, so they part again.


Keegan is a dark blond fifteen year old who shows up at Jagged Pass and rescues Lucki from an attacking Grumpig, capturing it. His other pokemon are a Numel named Numbel and a Mightyena. It's suggested he might be having trouble with Numbel because he's in the area because he wants to get advice from Flannery on raising it.

Fanon Elements

  • Shiny pokemon come in varying colors that are largely the result of breeding efforts. As a consequence, shiny pokemon are often smaller, weaker and more delicate than their normal counterparts, although this is by no means universal.
  • Inherited moves are not usable at birth. A pokemon needs a certain amount of battling experience before it can use the more complex moves, roughly analogous to the levels the move is typically learned at in other species.
  • Pokemon translators exist as collars that can be put around pokemon's necks, and they translate the sounds a pokemon makes almost instantly. The collars are highly advanced and capable of reflecting age and gender, as well as a moderate range of emotional tones. A pokemon's natural voice is still audible at the same time but is easily ignored.
  • The Battle Tents in the story are a moving challenge event that travels between towns and has different rules at each one. Participants are also not restricted to the three-on-three format and can range from one on one to six on six depending on how they sign up. Winners are given a TM as their prize.
  • The Team Magma/Aqua rivalry is similar to the game, but with Aqua as the undisputed dominant half. As one member points out to Lucki, it's lucky they're the good guys as they can easily stop any scheme of Magma's. Team Magma is also engaged in a wider range of activities, such as poaching, and shown a willingness to repeat their attempts after defeat.
  • Some moves, such as Fly, are considered naturally learned by pokemon.
  • Certain areas that favor particular types, such as fire in the Lavaridge area, tend to give children names relating to this. This is both a fanon explanation for the local gym leader's name and incorporated as a naming pattern within the story, with the two OC trainers of the area having the names Keegan and Lehava.

Other Information

The author has described the plotline of the story as a mixture of the Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald games, although by all appearances, the plot so far is based off Ruby exclusively, with Team Magma having the role of antagonist team and Team Aqua stopping them. The only nod so far to Emerald is the emerald necklace the main character gets in the first chapter, and no features of Sapphire are yet known.

Out of the five mary sue tests the author took, Lucki scored as a well-developed, non-sue character for all, a rating that readers echo.

Serebii readers were overall pleased with the level of description, although there was occasionally some contrary advice to have more or less description. In early chapters some reviewers felt there should be more interaction between Lucki and her pokemon, which the author worked on from the third chapter onward. By later chapters many readers felt the pokemon's characterization was very well done.

Although early readers were nervous that the story would slip into mary-sue-ness when Lucki's first pokemon were a shiny pokemon and then a flareon, the balanced battles, slow pokemon acquisition and more common pokemon on the team helped convince readers otherwise. readers, in contrast, were less satisfied with the initial chapters, with a majority expressing confusion and considering Lucki a mary sue, to the point of many guessing within the first two chapters that there had to be some sort of twist or reversal to the story. Most also objected to what was generally considered excessive description and a slow plot. Also unlike Serebii readers, most were pleased to jubilant over the ending, rather than furious. This may be attributed to the real author being well known on for other kinds of stories, especially parodies and dark stories, so that her readers didn't believe she'd write something of Lucki's nature, or to an overall difference among the readers of the two sites.

Throughout the initial writing on Serebii and replying to the reviews there, icemew repeatedly mentioned that she intended her story to have a major twist no one would see coming, which remained unknown up to the sixteenth chapter, through more than a year of writing.

The apparent twist occurred in the seventeenth chapter, when the identity of a certain character was revealed, but this was, in fact, a red herring. The real twist occurs in the final chapter, where, true to the mindfuck subgenre, it turns out the reader completely misinterpreted the events of the story, and the truth is actually completely different. Additionally, the real author of the story revealed herself at this point and was promptly banned.

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