Lord Alexander Blade V is a character in Pokemon Genesis. He is a rich man who buys incredibly powerful Pokémon from mysterious dealers. Though he is shady, he is not evil and often helps the main character against Team Enigma

Early Life

Lord Blade was born into a rich family who later spawned famous Trainers such as Lance and Clair. His first two Pokémon were Treecko and Charmander, and he eventually caught a Swablu and bought a Giratina from a dealer named Marx. His father, Lord Alexander Blade IV gave him a Bagon for his tenth birthday.

The Death Of His Father

The death of Alexander Blade IV adversely affected his son, causing him to become ruthless and depressed. Lord Blade gained a large portion of his haughty nature at this time. Feeling like keeping the Legendary Pokémon wasn’t right, Lord Blade released Giratina in the Cavernous Sanctum, where it was later caught by Jackal.

Other Issues

Lord Blade was asked to join the Elite Four and challenge the Champion several times, but refused. For some strange reason he aids Jackal against Team Enigma and defeats Shardz several times behind the scenes.


These are the Pokémon Lord Blade uses throughout the game.

Route 10

This is the first battle with Lord Blade. He uses fairly powerful Pokémon.


Level 19/Ability: Blaze

Moves: Scary Face, Dragon Rage, Dragon Dance, Flare Blitz


Level 20/Ability: Overgrow

Moves: Leaf Storm, Grasswhistle, Quick Attack, Leer

Cavernous Sanctum

The second battle is much more difficult. Lord Blade brings several more Pokémon into play.


Level 28/Ability: Blaze

Moves: Flare Blitz, Dragon Dance, Rock Slide, Scary Face


Level 26/Ability: Natural Cure

Moves: Safeguard, Sing, Fury Attack, Agility


Level 30/Ability: Overgrow

Moves: Leaf Storm, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Leaf Blade


Level 27/Ability: Rock Head

Moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Rush, Ember, Focus Energy

Endo Islet

Lord Blade awaits you at Endo Islet, wishing for a battle. Be prepared: this is his toughest team yet.


Level 45/Ability: Rock Head

Moves: Dragon Rush, Dragon Dance, Zen Headbutt, Dragonbreath


Level 47/Ability: Blaze

Moves: Flare Blitz, Dragon Dance, Flamethrower, Slash


Level 50/Ability: Overgrow

Moves: Slam, Leaf Blade, Dragon Pulse, Swords Dance


Level 47/Ability: Natural Cure

Moves: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Sing

Endo Islet

By defeating the Elite Four 20 times, Lord Blade will become the Champion. His Pokémon are as follows:







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