This article slowly expands as I add new characters to Pokemon Genesis. These are the NPC's who apppear in the game, but have less influence or importance than other characters.


Forsea is a psychic girl in Ashridge Village and is believed to be Mort's future wife.


  • Smoochum


Loch lives off the coast of Citadark Isle. After you defeat the Elite Four, he will teach one of your Pokémon one of the following moves.

  • Astonish (Lv.20 or lower Ghost or Dark types)
  • Nature Power (Any)
  • Fake Out (Lv. 20 or higher Normal or Fighting types)
  • Zen Headbutt (Lv.50 or higher Psychic type with higher Attack than Special Attack)
  • Uproar (Any)


  • Lombre

Agent Moh

Agent Moh is an agent for Pokemon United. He attempts to defeat Team Enigma singlehandedly, but he fails. He later goes with Jackal/Panther to Battle Tower and dies after being attacked by Stein.


  • Aron
  • Aron
  • Loudred


A brilliant strategist for Team Enigma. He accompanies Shardz into Battle Tower and kills Agent Moh. Shardz paralyzes him and leaves him there to die as a result.


  • Golbat

Mr. Psychic

Mr. Psychic is a kindly man who lives in Ashridge Town. He will teach give you TM29 (Psychic) if you can defeat him in a battle. Be careful: if you lose to him even once, you cannot get the TM from him.


  • Kadabra


Redbones is the alias of a friendly pirate who sails the seas. He will give you various tips in surfing and for working with Water Pokémon.


  • Krabby

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