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ラズリ Razuri
Age 14-17 (Kanto-Johto)
19 (Crisis of Deoxys)
27-30 (New Era)
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Green
Hometown Pallet Town
Region Kanto
Relatives Justin (Father)
Clementine (Mother)
Millicas (Brother)
Yellow (Adoptive sister)
Erika (Sister-in-law)
Kurama (Nephew)
Trainer class Trainer
Gym Leader
Generation Unknown
Games Unknown
Leader of Viridian Gym
Badge Earth Badge
Elite Trainer of Unknown
Champion of Unknown
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

Lazuli (Japanese: ラズリ Razuri) is a Pokémon Trainer born and raised in Pallet Town, in the region of Kanto. Unlike her younger brother, Millicas, Lazuli was far more calm and responsible, and much like her parents, she worried about Millicas's safety due to his tendency to hurt himself due to his reckless behaviour.

Despite obtaining her first Pokémon at the age of ten, Lazuli decided to remain at home to help her parents take care of the growing wild Millicas, and didn't start her journey until the reaching the age of fourteen, despite the setting of her journey being by force rather than her own decision.



Lazuli was born one year before Millicas, and from a young age, always helped her parents take care of her little brother, and by the time the two were reaching their early-teens, Lazuli, along with her parents, grew more and more worried about Millicas, due to Millicas always putting himself in harm's way due to his reckless and fearless behaviour.

When Lazuli turned ten years old, she received her first Pokémon, Charmander, but instead of setting out in her journey, Lazuli remained at home to help her parents deal with the rebelling Millicas. When Millicas was denied his first Pokémon, his relationship with Lazuli became greatly damaged, as Millicas felt injusticed for being denied having his own Pokémon, and whenever Lazuli attempted to talk with him, he would always either ignore her, or force her out of his room.

When Millicas turned thirteen years old, he sneaked away from home in the morning before Lazuli and her parents woke up, and obtained his first Pokémon from Professor Oak, before running away from Pallet Town and starting his journey. A few hours later, Lazuli was alerted by this from her father, and helped her mother search for Millicas, until being informed about Millicas's actions by her father, who himself learned it from Professor Oak.

Then, Lazuli decided to set out on her journey to search for Millicas, and promised her parents that she would bring Millicas back safely, and her parents trusted her to do so before taking Charmander and beginning her rather forced journey.


After departing from Pallet Town, Lazuli soon arrives in Viridian City, and asks around if anyone had seen Millicas, but nobody could identify him. As Lazuli passes by a nearby lake, she sees a Psyduck and decides to capture it. Sending out her Charmander, Lazuli orders him to use Scratch, but Psyduck dodges and uses Water Gun, but Charmander narrowly dodges.

Then, Lazuli orders Ember, which Psyduck counters with Water Gun. As Lazuli orders another Ember, Psyduck stops Charmander with Disable, preventing Charmander from using the attack before hitting him with Confusion. Lazuli then notices Psyduck standing underneath a tree's branch and orders Charmander to use Growl on the branch, and the powerful sound waves cause the branch to fall directly onto Psyduck's head, fainting it and allowing Lazuli to capture it.

While passing through Viridian Forest, Lazuli is attacked by a horde of Spearow, who were attempting to steal her food, but Lazuli manages to outrun them before using the enviroment to her advantage; by hiding within bushes, Lazuli drew the Spearow in before using tree branches as catapults and sending numerous rocks at them, which causes the Spearow to separate. Then, Lazuli strikes one of the Spearow with a rock before using one of the tree branches as a weapon and slamming Spearow's head with it, allowing her to capture it.

Reaching Pewter City, Lazuli heads towards the Pewter Gym and challenges Brock to a Gym battle. Brock accepts her challenge and sends out his Geodude while Lazuli starts out with Charmander. Questioning her choice, Brock asks her why did she choose a Fire-type to battle against a Rock-type, and Lazuli claims that even if Charmander weren't able to win, battling against Geodude would give him experience nonetheless, which Brock agrees.

Charmander's Ember and Scratch attacks do next to nothing to Geodude who, to Lazuli's confusion, has yet to fight back. She decides to wait to see what Geodude may do, which proves to be a mistake, as Geodude's Tackle causes major damage. Lazuli withdraws Charmander and sends out Psyduck, who knocks out Geodude with Water Gun.

Brock withdraws Geodude, and sends out his second Pokémon, an Onix. Lazuli orders a Water Gun, and Brock calls for Bide. Lazuli orders another Water Gun, but it is not enough to knock out Onix. Onix then unleashes Bide, and knocks Psyduck out in one blow. Brock explains more about Bide, informing Lazuli that it allows Onix to deal twice the damage it has taken. Lazuli sends out Spearow, who outruns Onix by flying around Onix in high speed before hitting him multiple Fury Attacks, and every time Onix attacked, Spearow managed to dodge. Then, Lazuli orders Peck, and again, it hits Onix, but causes only little damage.

Brock then orders Iron Tail, but Spearow swiftly dodges by spinning around Onix's tail, before hitting Onix with Wing Attack. Realizing that Spearow was getting tired, Lazuli decides to decrease Onix's Defenses and subsequently orders multiple Leer attacks, and after many Leers, Spearow is finally defeated by Onix after being struck with Iron Tail, although Onix's Defense had drastically decreased.

Lazuli withdraws Spearow and sends Charmander back out, being her final remaining Pokémon. He orders Onix to use Tackle, and Lazuli tells Charmander to use Scratch. The two attacks clash, and both Pokémon suffer great damage; Onix due to its decreased Defense, and Charmander due to its difference in power compared to Onix. As both Pokémon pant, Lazuli tells Charmander to put all of his energy into one final attack and orders Ember.

As Charmander charges, Brock orders Onix to use its most powerful move, Skull Bash. Charmander charges so much power, that instead of launching Ember, Charmander surprises everyone by using Flamethrower, which strikes the charging Onix head-on and cancels its attack, fainting it in the process, and giving Lazuli the win.

After recalling Onix, Brock praises Lazuli's trust in her Pokémon and presents her with the Boulder Badge. Seeing this, Brock tells Lazuli that she reminded him of another challenger who recently defeated him with his Pikachu, and Lazuli wonders, and asks Brock the challenger's name, which Brock revealed to be none other than Millicas.

Lazuli becomes surprised at not only her brother defeating a Gym Leader, but also doing it with a type disadvantage, and Brock tells Lazuli that her brother proved himself a formidable Trainer, and said that he was destined for great things in the future, and Lazuli becomes rather happy to hear Brock's words before leaving the Gym.

After leaving Pewter City, Lazuli travels through Route 3, and encounters a wild Ekans, who Lazuli decides to capture. Sending out her Psyduck, Lazuli orders Water Gun, but Ekans dodges and uses Poison Sting, which Psyduck manages to dodge. Ekans then uses Toxic, and Psyduck uses Water Gun on the floor to bounce away from the area and avoid the attack before using Disable, preventing Ekans from using Toxic again.

Then, Lazuli orders Confusion, and Ekans uses Poison Tail, which proves to be a mistake as Psyduck's Confusion catches Ekans's attack and swings its own tail against it, and sends it flying. Psyduck then slams Ekans around the field with Confusion before defeating it with Water Gun, and allowing Lazuli to capture it.

An injured girl is being attacked by an enraged Gyarados, with her Staryu defending her. Staryu nearly faints as Lazuli appears. Lazuli decides to help with her Ekans. Ekans swiftly dodges Gyarados's Hydro Pump by swinging around the water beam and poisons Gyarados with Toxic. This gives Staryu time to recover, and with Ekans's Poison Sting and Staryu's Bubble Beam, Lazuli defeats Gyarados and the girl returns it to its Poké Ball.

Lazuli wonders why a Water-type Pokémon would be in that area, so the girl tells her that the Gyarados belonged to her. She explains to Lazuli that while she was training the Gyarados last week, someone stole it. When she found it again, it was enraged. They wonder who could have been able to do something like that, and Lazuli decides that they should call Professor Oak from the Pokémon Center to get his opinion.

When they call him, Professor Oak believes that the atrocity was the work of Team Rocket. He also says that the Moon Stone had been found in Mt. Moon and that must be what Team Rocket is after. Lazuli and the girl decide to work together in order to get revenge on Team Rocket. She explains that Mt. Moon is on the way back to her hometown, Cerulean City, and she introduces herself as Misty as they run off toward Mt. Moon.

Lazuli and Misty are at the entrance to Mt. Moon hiding in some bushes from the Team Rocket Grunts. They all have the same purpose, to find the Moon Stone. They enter the cave, but it is too dark to see anything. Lazuli sends out Psyduck to illuminate the cave with Flash, and the darkness is no longer a problem. Suddenly, Lazuli collides with a Rhyhorn, which turns out to belong to Team Rocket. The Grunts, along with Koga, surround them, and Lazuli challenges Koga to a battle.

Rhyhorn begins with Rock Throw, managing to bury Psyduck, only for Psyduck to recover and use Confusion to lift the debris away from himself and towards Rhyhorn. The attack successfully knocks out Rhyhorn, but then Koga injects a liquid that forces Rhyhorn to evolve into Rhydon. Misty realizes that her Gyarados was similarly abused, and furious at Koga's nonchalant attitude she attacks the newly evolved Rhydon with her Staryu. Unfortunately, the attack is returned by Horn Drill, pushing Misty against the cave wall and causing her to faint.

Rhydon stomps on Psyduck before moving in to finish Psyduck, but Psyduck slides out from underneath Rhydon. Using its Water Gun, Psyduck cuts off a huge portion off the cave roof, blocking the cave and allowing Lazuli a chance to escape with the others. Outside the cave, Misty regains consciousness, while Lazuli reveals that she pocketed the Moon Stone after Psyduck collapsed the cave.

Arriving at a huge mansion, Lazuli is in disbelief that Misty actually lives there. Later, before they eat, Misty appears completely dressed up in fancy clothes and joins Lazuli and her maids to eat at the salon table. Lazuli re-tells the events of Mt. Moon to the maids, but Misty informs him that they need serious training to prepare for future opponents from Team Rocket. Lazuli doesn't take the idea seriously and accidentally mocks Misty for underestimating him, after not being able to see her in action due to fainting herself. Offended, she storms from the salon.

Later that night, Lazuli is in his room when he is attacked by a mysterious wind. However, Charmander saves her and she finds a Gyarados scale in the chaos. The next day, while pondering over the assault from the previous night, she tells the maids that she will defeat the Cerulean Gym Leader that same day. The maids begin to laugh at the idea. In the middle of the laughter, Misty says that she can take her to the Leader. When they arrive at the Gym, Misty reveals that she's the real Gym Leader and attacks Lazuli with her Starmie. Lazuli is caught by surprise, while Misty taunts him and reveals that she was the one who attacked her the night before. Furious, Lazuli chooses Psyduck, but he is easily defeated by Starmie's Bubble Beam.

Lazuli is bewildered by Misty's actions, but the Gym Leader is visibly shaken at Lazuli's carefree attitude. Misty points out how Starmie wasn't strong enough at Mt. Moon, but cleanly knocked Lazuli over. Misty desperately pleads to Lazuli how they need to train to get stronger together, or else Team Rocket would flatten them. Realizing the importance of the matter, Lazuli finally accepts Misty's offer, much to her joyous relief.

After a few days of intense training, learning each other's skills, the two separate to hone their skills individually. Hoping to see each other sometime soon, Lazuli leaves after Misty presents her with the Cascade Badge as a reward for saving her life back in Mt. Moon.

Three days later, Lazuli arrives in Vermilion City and finds the city under major construction, and many police officers all over the city. Curious, Lazuli asks Nurse Joy at the Pokémon Center, and Joy explains that a few days earlier, many Pokémon were being abducted, and supposedly being held at the S.S. Anne by Team Rocket. Furious, Lazuli prepares to head off, but Joy stops her, saying that Team Rocket's plans were already foiled by a Trainer and his Wartortle. Remembering that Millicas's first Pokémon was Squirtle, Lazuli shows Joy a picture of Millicas and Joy remarks that it was the same boy who single-handedly stopped Team Rocket's plans, and Lazuli is incredibly shocked at Millicas's courage, but feels proud nonetheless.

After arriving in Lavender Town and healing her Pokémon at the Pokémon Center, Lazuli overhears two people saying that the Pokémon Tower, the town's Pokémon graveyard, is haunted. Lazuli asks if this is true; they insist it is. One of the people, a woman, asks Lazuli if she believes in ghosts; she says that she does not think they exist. The woman says that the white hand on his shoulder must be fake too, then; Lazuli turns around and sees nothing; when she turns back around, she finds that both people are gone without a trace.

Nurse Joy asks Lazuli if she plans to visit the Pokémon Tower; he says yes, and she says that he should go to the Pokémon House first. When Lazuli arrives at the house, she is greeted by one of the volunteers there, Reina. She shows her around, and she explains that the house was founded by an elderly man named Mr. Fuji and takes in orphaned and abandoned Pokémon to take care of them; Lazuli comments that all of the Pokémon in the house look happy - all except an angry baby Cubone. Reina explains that the Cubone only gets along with Mr. Fuji but is hostile toward anyone else. Lazuli asks why, to which Reina responds it is Team Rocket's fault.

She explains Cubone's story to Lazuli: A trio of Team Rocket Grunts was poaching Pokémon near town, and captured a Mankey, a Raticate, a Sandshrew, and a Sandslash. One Grunt noticed Cubone attempting to run away, and the others almost netted it, in hopes of selling it for a high price; however, an unknown Pokémon tackled them to protect it. The Pokémon was soon revealed to be Cubone's mother, a Marowak, who told her child to run. Cubone was hesitant at first, but soon ran off. One of the Grunts, infuriated by Marowak's intervention, pulled out a stun baton and beat her to death. The orphaned Cubone was found by Mr. Fuji and given a loving home.

Lazuli soon finds out that Team Rocket has taken over the Pokémon Tower and made it their base. Mr. Fuji had gone to the tower to tell them to leave days ago, but had not returned. Lazuli volunteers to find him, and says that she is more than capable after Reina express doubt over Lazuli's abilities.

That night, Team Rocket is in the tower. One of the Grunts says that there are rumors of the tower being haunted. Another hopefully says that they are just Ghost-type Pokémon. The Grunt says that the weird part is that they are actually real ghosts. The other is worried; the same Grunt who killed Marowak tells him to stop being a baby as they have the Silph Scope, which can identify ghosts.

Entering the tower, Lazuli encounters a young woman, who was paying respects to her deceased Nidorina, and says that just a few weeks ago, people feared to enter the tower because of the ghosts, but one boy bravely entered the tower and stopped the crisis, revealing to everyone that Team Rocket was behind all of it, and Lazuli quickly assumes that it was Millicas after the woman mentions the boy's Wartortle, and Lazuli is visibly surprised at the recent heroic actions of her younger brother.

Meanwhile, Cubone is trying to break out of its playpen at the Pokémon House. Reina goes to check on it, but as soon as she unlatches the gate, Cubone runs toward the Pokémon Tower. Reina, worried about the little Pokémon, chases after it. It runs up the stairs in the tower, apparently curious about something, with Reina still trying to catch up to it.

As the Grunts begin to become scared of the tower, Lazuli uses the enviroment to her advantage, creating numerous noises around them while remaining hidden to scare them, before tackling one of the Grunts down and stealing the Silph Scope, and quickly disappears out of sight, without any of the Grunts seeing her. Then, Lazuli begins hearing some grunts from an unknown location, and the Grunts flee out of fear.

Lazuli, wondering what it is, puts it on. The ghost is unmasked and revealed to be a Marowak. Lazuli realizes that this is the same Marowak that was killed by Team Rocket. She warns Lazuli not to go further, as Team Rocket is up the stairs. Cubone suddenly runs in, yelling for its mother, with Reina coming in soon after. Cubone hugs the ghost, causing Lazuli to decide not to continue fighting. Marowak, realizing her son is safe, can finally rest in peace, and moves onto the afterlife.

Up the stairs, Team Rocket is confused as to what happened to the Silph Scope. Lazuli, realizing that the Scope is what they were after, throws it to them and tells them to get out. They refuse, and one of the Grunts sends out his Koffing. Lazuli sends out her Charmander and battles the Grunt. Koffing covers the field with Smog, causing trouble for Charmander. However, Cubone then uses Bonemerang to clear the Smog, giving Charmander the opportunity to defeat Koffing with Flamethrower. Team Rocket then leaves, while Lazuli and Reina advance to the top floor. There, they find Mr. Fuji tied up. He is relieved to see that Reina and Cubone are alright and quickly becomes acquainted with Lazuli. Mr. Fuji soon realizes that Marowak can rest in peace because Cubone is okay.

Back at the Pokémon House, Lazuli shows Mr. Fuji a picture of Millicas, and Mr. Fuji recalls meeting Millicas, and tells Lazuli that her brother was an incredible person, and couldn't thank him enough for allowing his deceased Doduo rest in piece at the tower, and bring peace back to the then-troubled Lavender Town. Cubone is now friendly towards humans and makes fast friends with Reina and Lazuli. As Lazuli leaves Lavender Town, everyone says goodbye, and Mr. Fuji says that she is welcome back anytime.

Reaching Celadon City, Lazuli finds the citizens running towards a specified location, and when Lazuli follows them, she discovers the Celadon Gym up in flames, and overhears some citizens talking about the Gym Leader Erika being trapped inside. Lazuli then calls out her Charmander and blasts through the door with Scratch, and looks for Erika.

Running through the burning Gym, Lazuli finds Erika and her Gloom surrounded by flames. Lazuli calls out her Psyduck to put out the flames with Water Gun, but the fire is too strong. Seeing this, Charmander begins and shaking and evolves into Charmeleon, much to Lazuli's shock. Charmeleon then jumps onto the fire surrounding Erika and Gloom and absorbs the fire with his tail, adding it to his own fire, and subsequently increasing his strength in the process.

As Lazuli retrieves Erika and Gloom, she runs towards the exit with Charmeleon and Psyduck. However, the exit gets blocked with falling debris caused by the fire. Psyduck attempts to put out the fire with Water Gun, but the fire still proves to be too strong. As Lazuli begins to cough due to the fire, Psyduck notices this and forces himself to evolve into Golduck, and learns Water Pulse, allowing him to put out the fire and help the others escape.

Afterwards, Golduck single-handedly begins launching Water Pulse attacks all over the Gym and successfully puts out the fire, although the Gym still suffers major damage. Erika thanks Lazuli for her kindness and asks her if she was looking to challenge her, and Lazuli admits that despite wanting to battle her, she couldn't ask for the battle now as Erika needed to rest. Erika tells Lazuli not to worry and presents her with the Rainbow Badge for her actions, and says that the fire wasn't natural, and it was caused by Team Rocket.

As Lazuli expresses anger for Team Rocket again causing trouble, Erika says that Lazuli reminds her of another Trainer who proved himself a kind soul, and Lazuli simply asks if the Trainer's name was Millicas, to which Erika nods in positive, and asks if Lazuli knew him, to which Lazuli reveals to Erika that Millicas was her brother. Erika smiles at this, and tells Lazuli that her brother was truly someone wonderful, and Lazuli agrees, but tells her that Millicas was rather reckless, but Erika tells her that Millicas's recklessness might just pay off against Team Rocket, but Lazuli's worries do not waver.

Arriving in Fuchsia City, Lazuli discovers the city being overtaken by a large gang of Shellder and Cloyster. At the entrance of the Safari Zone, Lazuli finds Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy, and the city's Gym Leader Janine fighting two Shellder and a Cloyster, and Lazuli asks if there was anything she could do to help. Janine responds by saying the gang were probably being led by another Pokémon and told her to search for any Pokémon seemingly giving orders, to which Lazuli accepts.

After searching all over town, Lazuli eventually ends up at the Pokémon Center, where she finds a different-colored Cloyster at the balcony, and quickly assumes it was the leader of the gang and engages it into battle. Lazuli sends out her Ekans and orders Ekans to use Poison Sting, but the Shiny Cloyster dodges and uses Ice Beam, which Ekans dodges and uses Poison Tail, hitting the Shiny Cloyster.

The Shiny Cloyster quickly uses Ice Beam, and when Lazuli orders Ekans to dodge, Ekans remains still and takes the attack head-on. Asking Ekans why she didn't obeyed her orders, Ekans's body begins to glow and she evolves into Arbok. As the Shiny Cloyster panics, Arbok paralyses Cloyster with Glare before defeating it with Crunch.

As the leader was defeated, the other Shellder and Cloyster quickly flee away from Fuchsia City. Janine meets up with Lazuli and thanks her for her help, and asks if she was looking for a Gym battle, to which Lazuli confirms. Heading towards the Fuchsia Gym, Janine explains they could each use two Pokémon, and sends out her Venonat.

Lazuli decides to choose Spearow, but before either Pokémon could move, Venonat evolves into Venomoth, with Janine explaining that her Venonat was much more experienced than Lazuli believed. The battle begins with Janine ordering Venomoth to use Stun Spore. Lazuli responds to this by ordering Spearow to use Whirlwind. However, Stun Spore wins out and paralyzes Spearow. Venomoth then follows up with Sleep Powder, prompting Lazuli to recall Spearow and send out Charmeleon. Venomoth uses Stun Spore again, but Charmeleon blocks it with Flamethrower.

Janine then orders Venomoth to use Psybeam, and Charmeleon counters by using Fire Spin onto the ground to bounce up before defeating Venomoth with a mid-air Flamethrower attack. Janine recalls Venomoth and sends out her Golbat. Janine orders Golbat to use Supersonic, but Lazuli orders Charmeleon to cover his ears to prevent being affected before ordering Charmeleon to use Growl, and its sound waves affect Golbat and make him lose balance, before striking Golbat with Fire Spin.

Janine then orders Golbat to use Razor Wind, which hits Charmeleon, who quickly recovers and as Golbat charges with another Razor Wind, Charmeleon outmatches him and hits a vicious Flamethrower before Golbat can launch the attack, which faints it and earns Lazuli the victory.

After the battle, Janine congratulates Lazuli on her victory, and presents her with the Soul Badge. As Janine expresses her desire to rival her father's strength, Lazuli becomes shocked to find out that Janine was the daughter of Koga, a member of the Elite Four, and unbeknownst to Janine, a member of Team Rocket. Lazuli decides not to inform Janine of this, not wanting to crush her spirit, and thanks her for the Badge before leaving, before muttering to herself that despite knowing this, she wouldn't hold back against Koga.

As Lazuli nears the Safari Zone, she sees a herd of Tauros. Wanting to catch one (believing she is in the Safari Zone), Lazuli tries to have Charmeleon face down the stampede, it is immediately pinned by a Growlithe. After a brief trade of Flamethrowers by the two Fire Pokémon, Lazuli is introduced to Lara Laramie, of the Laramie Ranch, a ranch that preserves and raises wild Pokémon.

After Lazuli realizes that she is not in the Safari Zone, Lara invites her to a local festival, as a Pokémon race will be held the next day. Lara intends to race with her Ponyta, a Pokémon whose mane will burn anyone it does not trust. When Lazuli tries to touch Ponyta, her hand is burned, and she has Golduck put out the flames. Lara's main opposition is Dario, a Dodrio Trainer. Lara explains that the winning team of Pokémon and Trainer will be named as an honorary member of the Laramie clan.

At the festival, while many are cheering Lara on, Dario arrives to tell Lara that her Tauros have suddenly begun attacking each other over a bout of confusion. After they arrive on the scene, Lara tells Growlithe to tame the Tauros, but during all this Ponyta is spooked, causing Lara to be thrown off, injuring her arm. As Lazuli tries to rein in Ponyta, they learns that Dario is behind spooking the Tauros and incapacitating Lara: Dario intends to win the competition by any means necessary.

With her injured arm, Lara would not be able to ride Ponyta, but after seeing Lazuli try to rein in Ponyta, she tries to convince Lazuli to take her place. At first, neither Lazuli nor Ponyta feel right about it (Ponyta showing its reluctance by burning Lazuli again), but Lara insists that both stand to gain from winning (Lazuli from her Trainer skills, Ponyta from its upbringing). Lazuli and Ponyta use the entire night to prepare for the race.

At the race, many pairs have entered: along with local farmhands and their Pokémon, Dario and Dodrio, Lazuli and Ponyta, all enter the race. When the race starts, Dario and Dodrio quickly take the lead, while Pikachu and Squirtle quickly fall to the back of the pack , though they do eventually catch up. At the same time, Dario has already begun eliminating the opposition - two well-aimed slingshot shots from his friends manage to spook a Tauros, and he runs into a Nidorina, and they take their frustrations out on each other.

Then, the racers come upon a downhill section where another violent accident occurs: an Electrode and its Trainer roll down the hill uncontrollably, and a pitfall trap dug up by Dario's friends manages to take out the Electrode and its Trainer as they were rolling downhill with increasing speed. This gives Dario a significant lead, while Electrode's Explosion attack manages to incapacitate a Sandslash, Raticate, but most importantly, Lazuli and Ponyta. Lazuli and Ponyta, however, are able to continue.

Farther up ahead is a stepping-stone portion, which Dario and Dodrio cross with ease. However, this does not bode well for the closest chaser: A farmhand with his Rhyhorn - when Rhyhorn attempts to jump on a stone, it sinks. This forces them out of the race. This leaves only four teams still racing. At the next portion, teams must make a stop and allow their Pokémon to eat an entire plate of Pokémon food before sprinting to the finish. Dario and Dodrio are the first to arrive, but the other racers catch up due to Dodrio's three heads fighting over who gets to eat first. Desperate to eliminate the other three teams, Dario is forced to use his friends's assistance once more. His friends blindsight the other participants with a Smokescreen from their Koffing, allowing Dario to take the lead.

As Lara implores Lazuli and Ponyta to keep going (leaving Dario's friends to herself), Dario's friends cause Ponyta to literally get fired up, shocking them. Koffing tries to attack Ponyta despite its Trainer telling it not to use gas, but Ponyta's flames ignite Koffing's Smog, and it explodes, sending Dario's friends flying. Now desperate to make up ground, Lazuli and Ponyta race towards the finish line. When Lazuli and Ponyta catch up, Dario then orders one of Dodrio's heads to Peck Ponyta, slowing it down.

Everyone is then startled when Ponyta evolves through sheer will to win into the much-faster Rapidash, and soon Lazuli and Rapidash manage to overtake Dario and claim the victory in a photo finish. Believing that he had been cheated, Dario orders Dodrio to attack Rapidash, but is sent flying by a kick from its powerful hooves.

As the festivities wrap up, Lara thanks Lazuli for ther assistance and names her an honorary member of the Laramie clan, and says that if she ever needed help, she just needed to call, to which Lazuli thanks her for. Lazuli bids Lara and her family farewell as she continues on her journey.

Lazuli excitedly enters the Safari Zone, where she encounters her two guides, Pidgebots 1 and 2. Under Safari Zone rules, she leaves her Pokémon for safekeeping and hops on board a raft which will take her through the Safari Zone via a selection of waterways. Lazuli is excited to see the variety of Pokémon living in the Safari Zone, and eventually the raft soon comes across two Nidoking in the middle of a raging battle over a Nidoqueen. The violence has Lazuli worrying about the danger, and from the Safari Zone's control room the warden is pleased with how the guest, Lazuli, is receiving a thrill. The personnel chime in, saying that the Pidgebot security system is foolproof and will ensure the customer's safety in any scenario.

As she watches on, Lazuli wonders how the battle will end. Then, Lazuli shouts to the Nidoking to stop battling, but this only angers the two, who charge towards her and smash the raft into pieces.

Sometime later, Lazuli wakes to find a furious Pidgebot 1 berating her for her carelessness, and informing her that they'll have no choice but to walk to the exit, since the Nidoking will probably be looking for her. Seconds later, the Nidoking appears and charges at her, and Lazuli attempts to capture it with the Safari Ball, but the enraged Nidoking simply bats it away, tearing at Lazuli with claw attacks and corrosive acid from its claws. Lazuli flings a rock at Nidoking to weaken it, but instead only angers it further and forces Lazuli to escape deeper into the Zone with the Pidgebot 1. Elsewhere, the Safari Zone staff have failed to locate Lazuli, only succeeding in recovering the broken Pidgebot 2, while Lazuli's Pokémon look on worriedly.

Still running from the Nidoking, Lazuli is struck by a spurt of acid on her leg, and Pidgebot 1 bravely dives in to defend her, getting badly damaged in the process. In return, Lazuli lures Nidoking away from Pidgebot 1, throwing a sharp rock at Nidoking, poking its eye out, and allowing him flee into the Zone with Pidgebot 1. As night falls, Pidgebot 1 warns Lazuli that Nidoking has now marked her as an enemy, to which Lazuli expresses concern for the Pidgebot. Embarrassed, Pidgebot 1 reminds him that it's just a robot, programmed to make sure that she reaches the exit safely, and she should be thinking more about her own safety than that of a robotic guide. Noting that the Safari Zone would only get more dangerous as they continue, Pidgebot 1 suggests they form a strategy as opposed to blindly forcing their way, but Lazuli is quickly captured by a Victreebel.

Elsewhere in the Safari Zone, the Safari Zone personnel have mounted a search party for Lazuli, but have not yet succeeded in finding him. Worriedly, Charmeleon runs out of the station and bravely storms into the Safari Zone.

As the Victreebel that captured Lazuli moves deeper into the Safari Zone, it is revealed that Lazuli had not been swallowed, but simply bound by Victreebel's tendril. Lazuli is shocked to discover a whole group of Bellsprout, Weepinbell, and Victreebel, just before she is lined alongside a gathered group of other victims of Victreebel. Perching next to her, Pidgebot 1 explains to Lazuli that she was captured for the Flycatchers's evolution ritual, and she was needed as nourishment for the Pokémon, so she wasn't immediately eaten. Lazuli futilely tries to break free; a gesture that the Pidgebot admonishes, prompting Lazuli to agree to a strategic approach. As Lazuli pores through her inventory, Pidgebot 1 comes up with an idea.

As the evolution ritual begins, and the Victreebel begin to drain their victims for nutrients, Pidgebot 1 flies off with Lazuli's Poké Flute and blows it, waking up the entire group of Flycatcher Pokémon. At the same moment, Lazuli flings her Poké Doll, successfully distracting the Victreebel enough to make her getaway. Reviewing their strategy, Pidgebot 1 indicates concern that the Flute might have awoken other wild Pokémon, and sure enough the two Nidoking Lazuli earlier encountered make their appearance. Quickly, Lazuli heads back to the tribe of Victreebel, causing the two groups to clash over Lazuli, and in the ensuing fight, Lazulli reveals her strategy of getting Nidoking to weaken Victreebel.

Just as Nidoking defeats Victreebel, Lazuli becomes concerned as Nidoking seems healthy instead of tired, and charges towards Lazuli. Just then, Charmeleon appears and strikes Nidoking with Flamethrower, and Lazuli becomes happy at Charmeleon's rescue. However, Nidoking seems angrier than ever before and charges a Hyper Beam while Charmeleon charges Flamethrower. The two attacks clash and in the issuing clash, Nidoking's Hyper Beam slowly begins to overpower Charmeleon's Flamethrower.

Just before Nidoking's attack could connect with Charmeleon, Charmeleon begins to glow and subsequently evolves into Charizard, and with its evolution, becomes able to overpower Nidoking's attack and strike it head-on. However, Nidoking remains able to continue battling, and Charizard then unleashes a Dragon Rage attack, followed by Slash, which finally defeats the powerful Nidoking. Then, a wild Machoke appears and charges towards Charizard with Karate Chop, but Charizard blocks the attack with its hands before hitting Machoke with a close-range Fire Spin, and Lazuli subsequently captures Machoke.

The next day, the search party find their way into Victreebel territory. To their surprise, Lazuli appears atop of a mount of several fainted Pokémon, proclaiming that she and Charizard defeated them all throughout the night. After reaching the exit, Lazuli congratulates her Charizard on his evolution and thanks the Zone's staff for looking for her before continuing on her journey.

Outside Saffron City, both Green and Lazuli are refused entry from all four entrances. Resorting to an aerial approach by means of Charizard and Jigglypuff, the two Trainers come across each other for the first time (much to Green's delight and Lazuli's annoyance), and also discover the city is sealed up by a large, impenetrable barrier. Lazuli eventually decides to return to Pallet Town for advice from Professor Oak.

Arriving via flight with Charizard, Lazuli discovers Pallet Town being completely empty and finds Professor Oak's Laboratory in ruins. Once inside the lab, Lazuli encounters Millicas for the first time in months, and Millicas becomes surprised, and scared, of Lazuli's arrival.

At first, Millicas panics, remembering that Lazuli had been searching for him, but Lazuli dismisses his worries, strictly telling him that she would deal with him later, and shares an aerial photograph of Saffron City with him, and indicates the presence of Team Rocket in the city, confirming Saffron as Team Rocket's headquarters.

Lazuli confirms Saffron City is the battleground between them and Team Rocket. Millicas then says that he would defeat Team Rocket, save their hometown, and finally earn the respect he deserves. Lazuli accuses Millicas of playing the hero and thus jeopardizing the town because of his actions against Team Rocket, before declaring her own resolve for going after Team Rocket: to protect Pallet Town from being tainted by Team's Rocket's operations; the pristine, unspoiled land being the reason why Oak had his laboratory here. Warning Millicas to stay out of the battle, Lazuli departs on her Charizard, but Millicas defiantly follows on Aerodactyl, determined to defend Pallet Town as well.

Much to the siblings's irritation, not only has Green shown up, but the barrier over Saffron City proves itself to be completely impenetrable regardless of where they attack it. As Green watches them, Lazuli uses Golduck to transmit visuals to her Pokédex by scanning the city psychically. She eventually identifies the barrier as a Light Screen created by a Mr. Mime outside Silph Co. headquarters. Millicas attempts to one-up Lazuli by having his Pikachu use Substitute, sending in an energy clone past the barrier, but neither Trainer is able to continue. The standstill ends as Green teases the two, suggesting that they cooperate instead of compete with each other, a suggestion they concede to.

As Golduck scans the city, Lazuli instructs the Duck Pokémon to pass its information onto Pikachu's Substitute, and despite Mr. Mime's evasive attempts, a coordinated Thunder Shock from Pikachu successfully faints the Barrier Pokémon. The barrier lifts, allowing Lazuli to rush into the city with Millicas in tow, while Green gloats to herself on how she managed to get what she wanted with the two doing the work for her.

Charging along the streets, Lazuli demands for his opponent to show themselves, while Lt. Surge watches them from the Silph Co. building. Inside Silph Co., Millicas barely catches up to Lazuli, but before they can do anything else, a trapdoor opens underneath Edmund. Lazuli attempts to catch Millicas, but is stopped by a shuriken from Koga. In retaliation, Lazuli releases Arbok to strike Koga with Poison Tail, but Koga's ninja armor, revealed to be a Grimer, quickly envelops the both of them, preventing further action from Lazuli.

Using the Golbat on his arm, Koga displays the visual of Millicas suffering at the hands of Lt. Surge. Lazuli is greatly concerned about her brother, but is completely unable to do anything. Koga then has Grimer loosen its grip on Lazuli slightly, and Koga offers Lazuli a deal: she can either convince the kidnapped researcher to cooperate with Team Rocket, or die. A resolute nod from Arbok confirms Lazuli's refusal to comply. Arbok manages to get free from Grimer's grasp, but is promptly subdued by Koga's Ekans. Koga then has Golbat deliver a Razor Wind at Lazuli's chest, seemingly delivering a fatal blow as Lazuli collapses.

With Millicas and Lazuli facing off against Lt. Surge and Koga, respectively, Green is free to enter the Silph Co. building unfettered to accomplish her own objectives. However, when she enters a room on the third floor, she finds herself apparently outside where a large tower stands in the background. The scenario is revealed by Sabrina to be an illusion generated by her Psychic Pokémon, forcing Green to live her deepest fears. In retaliation, Green releases her Venusaur to battle, but Sabrina's Kadabra outmaneuvers with Teleport before knocking it down with Psychic. Sneering at Green for immediately using her strongest Pokémon, Sabrina has Kadabra hold Venusaur in a Disable before delivering a blow that causes critical damage.

However, Green promptly sends out another Poké Ball, surprising Sabrina when its contents are revealed to be the real Venusaur, who strikes Kadabra down with a Double-Edge. The other Blastoise reveals itself as Green's Ditto. Using her Horsea to release Smokescreen and wearing her modified Silph Scope, Green starts to taunt Sabrina in the dark as she prepares her counterattack.

Back on the first floor, Lt. Surge continues to torment Millicas with his electric blasts and manages to defeat Pikachu. Millicas's attempt to fight back with Wartortle seems equally hopeless, until Millicas has his Wartortle redirect its Rapid Spin at Lt. Surge and Zapdos. The attack not only severs the wires directing Zapdos's electric power away from Lt. Surge, but also ruptures the Gym Leader's insulated suit, giving him a crippling dose of Zapdos's electricity that promptly knocks him out cold.

Millicas congratulates Wartortle on a job well done and then pockets the Thunder Badge and Lt. Surge's electric-proof gloves, leaving the defeated elite agent with a warning on the undefeatable strength of a bond between a Trainer and his Pokémon.

On the second floor of Silph Co., Millicas sees Lazuli on the verge of taking another blow from Koga. Millicas sends out Meowth to intervene, but Koga is quick to send them both flying with his Golbat. Ordering Grimer off Lazuli to immobilize Millicas, Koga declares that Lazuli was killed by a Razor Wind to the heart and prepares to behead the boy with his Golbat. However, Lazuli surprises Koga by releasing Fearow, who strikes Koga in the chest at the last moment. When Koga wonders how Lazuli survived the Razor Wind to the chest, Lazuli reveals that she was protected by the reflective properties of the pendant she wears.

Recovering from shock, Koga summons Articuno and surrounds Lazuli in a Blizzard, threatening the girl to back off or he will decapitate Millicas instead. Gloating, Koga proceeds to explain to Millicas that back on the Seafoam Islands, Articuno defended Millicas from the relentless attacks of Team Rocket, weakening its strength and allowing them to capture it. As Millicas looks on in guilt, Koga continues to have Articuno attack the siblings with its Ice moves. Lazuli then notices Koga wielding the Soul Badge, prompting Koga to remind them of the Badges' ability to control Pokémon at will.

Stating Articuno to be under the control of the three Badges of the elite agents, and the Badge held by their unseen leader, Koga gloats about the power they wield before freezing Millicas by his feet. Articuno then traps Lazuli by blasting the wall with enough strength to shatter it, trapping Lazuli's feet in ice. Having Articuno unleash its full power, Koga has the Freeze Pokémon completely encase Millicas, Lazuli, and Fearow in ice, before turning to leave. Remarking on a sudden temperature spike, however, Koga is promptly stunned by an attack from behind, and as he turns back he finds to his horror that the two have freed themselves.

As Charizard blasts the room from the outside with its fire, the siblings have Fearow and Pikachu launch a combined attack on Koga, knocking him out. Lazuli criticizes Koga for failing to think sufficiently ahead, while Millicas admonishes his sister for scorching the room. Failing to receive a visual from her Golduck, Lazuli consults Koga's defeated Golbat, who shows Professor Oak being held in the basement. Upon hearing a scream from Green on the third floor, the two split up, but not before Lazuli hands Millicas the Soul Badge she got off Koga.

Deep within the Smokescreen from Green's Horsea on the third floor of Silph Co., Sabrina proves herself a powerful wielder of Psychic powers as she surprises the girl by having her Kadabra deliver a successful attack. With Kadabra's Psychic, Sabrina clears up the smoke cloaking her illusion, and with then has Kadabra use Disable to prevent Green from moving.

However, as Sabrina prepares to deal the finishing blow, Green mocks her for ignoring her looks, as if to prove Green's superiority in appearances the girl's bust appears to jiggle. Angered, Sabrina has Kadabra use its spoon to slash across Green's chest, but as her dress tears, Green reveals the two Poké Balls she had secretly hidden on her chest. Releasing Clefairy and Jigglypuff, Green has her Pokémon attack Sabrina with Growl and Sing, respectively, disrupting Sabrina's psychic focus with the sound-based attacks. As the illusion vanishes, Green decides that she can't fight the Gym Leader and her powers, and leaves the room with Sabrina's Marsh Badge.

Meanwhile in the first level of the basement, Lazuli succeeds in locating Professor Oak with Koga's Golbat and unties him. As Lazuli tries to untie him, the Professor tells her to rescue the townspeople that are being held in a battling facility below on the second level of the basement. As the two leave, the Professor reveals he was called on by Team Rocket to replace an escaped scientist, who had abandoned a horrific experiment he was working on.

At Millicas's locations, Green reveals to Millicas her possession of the Marsh Badge. With the other Badges on him, Millicas asks Green for the Badge, but Green offers him a trade as the only option: the Marsh Badge for the Moon Stone Green knows Millicas has. Unable to convince Green with another compromise, Millicas makes the swap. Millicas is content with having the Badge, while Green is elated at achieving another step of her ulterior motive. As an apparent act of goodwill, Green informs Millicas that the Amplifier is supposed to greatly increase the power of a Pokémon when activated by the seven Gym Badges, but secretly notes that the Amplifier is the key to creating a new Pokémon: her objective from the very beginning.

Suddenly, they are interrupted by the appearance of the real Sabrina, and as Millicas places all his Badges into the Amplifier, he is stunned when nothing happens to Pikachu. As Green snatches the Amplifier from Millicas, she admits that the Badges she'd returned to him were nothing more than fakes, before leaving an incensed Millicas to deal with Sabrina. Mocking their infighting, Sabrina releases Moltres, and has Kadabra call on Articuno and Zapdos, surrounding Millicas with the three Legendary birds.

Some distance away, Green gleefully replaces the fake Badges with Millicas's real ones, but is dismayed when the pulse of energy released from the machine flies off. As the energy pulse flies back into the room where Millicas and Sabrina stand, Millicas is confused while Sabrina cracks a sinister, knowing smile.

As the Silph Co. building blazes with the fire set off by Lazuli's Charizard, the members of Team Rocket begin to evacuate the premises in an attempt to escape. However, they find themselves surrounded by Brock, Misty, Erika, and the citizens of Celadon City, who had planned the siege from the very beginning with Millicas and Lazuli as their unknowing allies. Looking towards Silph Co., Erika wishes them luck.

Inside the Silph Co. building, Millicas watches in horror as the energy from the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier combine Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres into a monstruous hybrid. From nearby, Green enters the room only to scream at the sight of the fusion and faints from sheer terror. As she directs a combined elemental blast that Millicas barely manages to dodge, Sabrina reveals that Team Rocket had experimented on Erika's Eevee to attain their greatest scientific achievement. Sabrina then callously discards Eevee, since they have no use for it as an experimental creature. Continuing to attack Millicas, Sabrina reveals Team Rocket's plan to have Millicas and Lazuli collect the Badges from the good Gym Leaders for them, before they had the two destroyed, leaving no one to oppose their takeover and subsequent exploitation of Pallet Town.

The threat to Pallet Town jolts Millicas into pressing on; a sentiment shared by Lazuli as she reappears on her Charizard, having ensured the safety of Professor Oak and the townsfolk. However, Sabrina and the fusion still prove too strong for them. In inspiration, Millicas realizes that Green must have wanted his Moon Stone for a plan, and uses the item on her Clefairy, evolving it into Clefable. To Sabrina's shock, Clefable promptly launches several attacks in quick succession; Lazuli explains the phenomena as a result of its Metronome. Millicas attempts an escape with the others as Clefable distracts the bird fusion, but Sabrina is quick to respond with a combined Sky Attack, sending the three Trainers plummeting to their doom.

Looking down, Sabrina expects her adversaries to not survive the fall, but Millicas surprises her once again with a web constructed from Green's Venusaur's Vine Whip, catching him, Lazuli, and the revived Green. As Sabrina calls on another attack, Millicas, Lazuli, and Green counter with Venusaur's Vine Whip, Charizard's Flamethrower, and Wartortle's Hydro Pump, respectively, and in the process, Wartortle evolves into Blastoise. Amidst the collapse of Silph Co.'s building, the combined attacks finally defeat Sabrina, and also separates the conjoined Legendary Birds. The three Trainers immediately evacuate.

The next day dawns, with the citizens of Pallet Town safe, the members of Team Rocket apprehended, its elite agents underneath the collapsed Silph Co. building, and the Pokémon they used all confiscated. Then, Lazuli confronts Millicas, telling him he almost killed her and their parents with worry, and says that he acted selfishly by running away from home, but Millicas refuses to feel sympathy, saying that she and their parents always "locked" him away from everything and he deserved freedom, but Lazuli continues to demand him to return home, but Millicas bluntly refuses, saying that he traveling across Kanto was the greatest experience of his entire life.

As the two siblings had a tense staredown, Professor Oak approaches them, and tells Lazuli that despite Millicas's actions being rather selfish, he truly proved himself a capable Trainer, and without him, Team Rocket problably would've prevailed. Lazuli seems to take Oak's words at heart, and lets out a sigh before telling Millicas that they would meet at the Pokémon League and offers a deal: if Millicas weren't able to win the tournament, he would return home with her, but if he managed to win, he would be free to do whatever he wanted, and Millicas accepts the terms.

As Millicas leaves, Lazuli is approached by Professor Oak, who shows her the Badges that were dropped after the Badge Energy Amplifier was shut down, and gives them to Lazuli, and Lazuli obtains all the Badges necessary to participate in the Pokémon League as a result.

Arriving at Viridian City, Lazuli begins training to prepare for the tournament and enters Viridian Forest, where the wild Pokémon were reportedly acting aggressively and rampaging for unknown reasons. Deep within the forest, Lazuli and her Machoke were confronted by a wild Golem, whom Lazuli seemed not to afraid of.

Golem starts the battle by using Rollout, but Machoke stops the attack with his bare hands before using Dynamic Punch, sending Golem rolling back towards a tree. Then, Golem grows angrier and uses Rock Blast, but Machoke uses Karate Chop to cut the rocks in half to protect himself. Golem then uses Magnitude, which affects Machoke, before being sent flying by Golem's Stone Edge.

However, Machoke manages to withstand the attack and taunts Golem, prompting Golem to charge at Machoke with Rollout. Machoke begins charging its Brick Break attack, which hits Golem and causes severe damage. As Golem feels the effects of the Brick Break attack, Machoke finishes Golem off with Dynamic Punch, allowing Lazuli to capture Golem and she celebrates at finally obtaining a full party of six Pokémon, before running off with Machoke after more rampaging Pokémon appear.

The long-awaited Indigo Plateau Conference has begun at the Indigo Plateau, and the Pokémon Fan Club Chairman makes his excited appearance as a fan. Spotting a Spearow, the Chairman wonders who the Trainer is before Spearow's owner kindly requests the return of it, startling the man with his intimidating appearance. The mysterious man moves over to the counter to register himself in the tournament; noticing that Millicas, Lazuli, and Green have all signed up as well, the man expresses his pleased sentiments.

After registering, Lazuli learns that he must first pass through four preliminary battles on four unique battlefields (Grass, Water, Ice, and Rock) to qualify for battling inside Indigo Stadium. The lady at the registry has Millicas go through a random selection, and she is assigned to battle on the Ice field later that day against a Trainer named Pete Pebbleman.

When the battle starts, Lazuli starts the battle with Machoke while Pete starts with Cloyster. Lazuli begins by ordering Machoke to use Brick Break, while Pete orders Cloyster to use Withdraw. Lazuli encourages Machoke to keep going, because Cloyster is still losing health despite the defense boost. Machoke keeps hitting Cloyster with its Brick Break until Cloyster's shell finally cracks, knocking it out. Pete recalls Cloyster and sends out Arcanine.

Machoke attempts to use Dynamic Punch, but Arcanine dodges and uses Fire Blast. Because of the ice field, Machoke can't properly move and is struck by the attack and cornered onto an ice pillar. Pete orders a Dragon Rage attack, and Machoke can't dodge the attack. Lazuli instead orders Machoke to block the attack with its hands, which Machoke does so, but struggles. As Machoke forces the attack back with its hands, Machoke lets out a roar and evolves into Machamp, and with its newfound strength, and two extra arms, manages to launch the attack back towards Arcanine before closing in and finishing it off with Submission.

Pete recalls Arcanine and sends out his final Pokémon, Pidgeot. Lazuli orders Machamp to use Dynamic Punch, but Pidgeot flies up to dodge the attack before using Aerial Ace. However, Machamp uses all of its four arms to hold Pidgeot and block the attack. However, Pete was expecting this and orders Pidgeot to use Feather Dance, which harshly lowers Machamp's Attack stat and allows Pidgeot to overpower him and connect with Aerial Ace, knocking Machamp out of battle.

Lazuli then chooses Fearow as her second Pokémon, and orders a Drill Peck attack, but Pidgeot avoids and uses Hurricane. However, Fearow forces through Hurricane with Sky Attack and connects with Pidgeot, but Pidgeot remains in the battle. Then, Fearow orders Fury Attack, but Pidgeot dodges and uses Wing Attack, sending Fearow crashing onto the ice pillars. Pete then orders an Aerial Ace while Lazuli orders Sky Attack, and the two attacks collide and cause an explosion. When the smoke clears, both Pokémon are knocked out of battle, but since all three of Pete's Pokémon were defeated, Lazuli is declared the winner.

After winning her next two matches, Lazuli's fourth match begins, and her opponent is a Trainer named Ritchie. Ritchie starts the battle with his Butterfree while Lazuli begins the battle with her Golem. Butterfree starts with Sleep Powder, but Golem dodges and hits Butterfree with Rock Blast, causing critical damage. Ritchie then orders Gust, but Golem pushes through the attack with Rollout and defeats Butterfree.

Ritchie recalls his Butterfree and sends out his Charmander. Charmander uses multiple Flamethrowers, which Golem withstands without much effort and defeats Charmander with a single Magnitude attack. Ritchie sends out his final Pokémon, Pikachu, who uses Thunderbolt, but it has no effect on Golem due to its Ground-type status.

Ritchie instead orders a Quick Attack, but Golem simply kicks Pikachu away without effort, and as Pikachu tries again, Golem bats Pikachu away with a backhand. As Pikachu gets back up, Lazuli orders Golem to end the battle with Stone Edge, which successfully connects and Pikachu is rendered unable to continue, giving Lazuli a clean sweep victory.

Soon afterwards, Lazuli discovers that she would face off against her brother Millicas in the semi-finals, which slightly upsets her since she wanted to battle him in the finals, but nonetheless becomes determined to defeat him and bring him back home.

As they join the spectators, Lazuli, Millicas, and Bill watch Green face off the mysterious "Dr. O". Green releases Jigglypuff, while Dr. O reveals his Spearow; both Pokémon selections draw remarks of confusion from the crowd. Millicas himself is familiar with Green's tactics, but Dr. O's selection of Spearow befuddles him. Confidently, Green accuses her foe of underestimating her as she calls a Tri Attack from Jigglypuff, gleefully declaring to have won all her League matches with the first hit. To her surprise, not only has Spearow not fainted, it retaliates with a Fury Attack puffthat corners Green and Jigglypuff. Hurriedly Green switches to Sing, instantly inducing drowsiness in the audience except for Lazuli, who points out that Spearow's flight and distance in between have caused Sing to fail.

Annoyed, Green has Jigglypuff attack Spearow relentlessly, and as Spearow dodges every single one, Millicas calls at Green to switch to aerial tactics. To his surprise, Green retorts that she has no Flying Pokémon, and Dr. O muses that perhaps Green had underestimated him, revealing his team of Pidgeot and Dodrio. Realizing Dr. O must know Green's weakness, the mysterious Trainer goes behind Green as she cringes, whispering a warning: "No matter what your reasons, stealing will never pay." Green is momentarily stunned by Dr. O's comment, before seizing the chance for Jigglypuff to lock Dr. O in Disable, letting her switch to Venusaur. Much to everyone's amazement, Green has Venusaur launch Solar Beam, and Dr. O simply allows the attack to charge, and when Solar Beam is launched, Dr. O orders Spearow to use Mirror Move, and the attack is bounced back towards Venusaur, heavily damaging it.

Once again cornered by Spearow, Green screams in terror at the Tiny Bird Pokémon, much to the confusion of everyone present. Confirming Green's phobia of birds, Dr. O explains that six years earlier, a girl was kidnapped by a giant bird Pokémon. As he had a grandson of the same age, he had helped in the extensive search and knows what the girl looks like, and in fact the very same girl had been caught on his security cameras stealing a Bulbasaur. Both Millicas and Bill realize with a shock Dr. O's true identity, and as he reveals himself as none other than Professor Oak, he comforts Green on her traumatic experience. Trembling, Green orders a last-ditch Razor Leaf from Venusaur, but the attack is returned by Mirror Move. With Venusuar's defeat, Green loses the semi-final match to her dismay, as the Professor asks her to explain her motivations for the theft.

Confirming her abduction at a young age and her childhood with no home or family, Green states that the only link to her past was her birthplace of Pallet Town. When she had finally returned she heard that the Professor granted young Trainers a Pokémon for them to go on journeys, something she had yearned for dearly. As she tears up, Professor Oak gently admonishes her for stealing, before giving her a Pokédex and officially recognizing her as a Trainer from Pallet Town. Green finally breaks down as the Professor consoles her. Elsewhere, Bill, having shared similar experiences of being snatched away by a bird Pokémon, bursts into tears as well.

In the locker room, Lazuli meets the Professor as the latter catches his breath. Lazuli remarks that either her or Millicas would have to fight the Professor, but Oak reveals having won an earlier tournament, and declares his decision to withdraw from the competition. With Green ineligible to participate due to her loss, the battle between Millicas and Lazuli is announced to be the final battle, much to Millicas's elation.

Millicas and Lazuli begin their heavily anticipated match to decide the winner for the year's competition, with Bill, Green, and Professor Oak among the excited audience. A simultaneous drop of their Poké Balls reveals Charizard and Millicas's Blastoise. Lazuli orders a Fire Spin that Blastoise barely dodges, but as Charizard lunges in for a follow-up attack, Blastoise surprises it with a burst of Rapid Spin. Millicas follows with a Hydro Pump that Lazuli is forced to assist her addled Charizard in dodging, before Millicas switches for Aerodactyl.

However, Lazuli is quick to respond with her Machamp, and through its four arms, it blocks Aerodactyl's Hyper Beam and prevents him from keep attacking. At Lazuli's invitation, a show of physical strength begins on the battlefield. Eventually, Machamp easily lifts Aerodactyl with its four arms, before spinning it about to render Aerodactyl dizzy and slamming it onto the floor. Lazuli surprises everyone by having Machamp Karate Chop the floor, using the shattered debris as a lever to catapult Aerodacyl into the air and out of the battlefield. Professor Oak muses at Lazuli learning to be flexible like her brother in her battle strategies.

Just as Aerodactyl is about to be disqualified for going out of bounds, however, it plummets from mid-air and strikes Machamp with a Hyper Beam as the spectators scramble in fright. Millicas calls to Lazuli, teasing her for underestimating Aerodactyl's maneuverability, while the Professor notices that Millicas has learned to apply knowledge to his instinctive tactics.

Noting Machamp to be down to a third of its health, Lazuli switches in Arbok. Realizing Aerodactyl to have taken heavy damage himself, Millicas retrieves him as the siblings exchange friendly banter; Professor Oak chuckles at how the two have not only learned each other's skills, but also emulated their respective traits. As Millicas mulls over his next choice, a shadowed foursome watch the two silently, seemingly evaluating to themselves the better of the two.

Eventually, Millicas's apparent indecision forces Lazuli to launch her attack; dodging the attack as Millicas releases Persian. Using Gunk Shot, Lazuli surrounds Millicas and Persian in the formation of trash bags, and also sends Persian crashing into the ceiling on a current of air. A substitution to Raichu ends similarly, and to keep up the attacks, Lazuli brings Charizard back into the fray.

Millicas makes a switch back to Blastoise. Mocking the sentimentality of Millicas to finish the match with the Pokémon they received from Professor Oak, Lazuli sends in Charizard for the kill when a Rapid Spin allows Blastoise to move in closer and securely bind Charizard. Lazuli is surprised at the presence of a cloud in the arena, to which Millicas explains that Raichu had formed the lightning cloud when he was flung up to the ceiling. Charizard is trapped and defenseless as Blastoise aims its cannons towards it and Millicas orders a Hydro Cannon, which strikes Charizard head-on and sends it crashing onto the wall. Charizard struggles to get back up, using all its strength to get back to his feet, and successfully does. As the two starters stare each other down, Charizard smirks before falling back down, defeated, and Millicas is declared the winner of the battle.

The crowd roars for Millicas, as Lazuli reachers over to Charizard and pets its head while congratulating him on its performance, and recalls him for a well-earned rest. Lazuli then looks over to Millicas, who is overjoyed at his victory, and Lazuli smiles and walks away from the arena. Shortly after, the award ceremony is held for the three Trainers, with Green being considered in third place since Professor Oak withdrew from the competition. As the trio head home, the Mythical Pokémon Mew, who had been watching all the while outside the stadium, flies away.

Two days later, Millicas, Green, and Lazuli are at Pallet Town, where a huge party was being held for the trio, and Millicas finally re-encounters his parents, who scold him for running away from home. As Millicas tries to explain, they refuse to hear his excuseand demand him to remain at home for his own safety, but they are stopped by Lazuli, who claims that she feels like Millicas's actions were selfish, but also realized that they were also being selfish for binding him at home, and Millicas proved himself more than capable of taking care of himself.

Their parents are still worried, but Lazuli says that in order for Millicas to grow up, they needed to let him face his own problems alone, and learn from them, and even if the world was dangerous, Millicas needed to understand it and mature from it. Hearing their daughter's words, Justin and Clementine finally seem to allow Millicas to have his freedom, and the family happily embrace as they finally reconcile.

Two Years Later

An old woman is standing outside the ruins of the collapsed Silph Co. building. Shifting through the remains with her staff, she smiles to herself as she finds the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier.

Two years after the Indigo Plateau Conference, Lazuli has left on another journey, determined to find her own path after her initial journey was to simply search for her brother. In an unknown barren location, Lazuli is waiting just as her Fearow returns with a message in its talons. Thanking her Pokémon, Lazuli opens the letter from Professor Oak, and silently pores over its contents, shedding tears, before putting on determined eyes; her brother Millicas had disappeared.

Later, when the "good" Gym Leaders, composed of Misty, Brock, Erika and Blaine defeated Super Nerd Miles, and witnessed him being lifted into the air due to an unknown fog, a sinister figure sneers from a nearby skyscraper. Brock sends out his Graveler while Misty sends out Omanyte, and the two Pokémon try to pull Miles down as Yellow comes to. The dark fog reveals its true form as a Gastly, and Blaine orders a Fire Blast from his Growlithe to blow Gastly away. However, Erika notices a wild Caterpie in the way of the attack, and Yellow valiantly sends Millicas's Raichu, whom Yellow had formed a friendship with, to rescue it by means of his fishing rod, despite his injuries. The Gym Leaders marvel at Yellow's bravery and formally introduce themselves, as Erika expresses concern on why Miles was nearly kidnapped.

Deducing that Miles's employer must have tried to silence the only clue to Millicas's whereabouts, the leaders make plans as the Gastly reappears, releasing thick fog to trap the group. Out of nowhere, an attack pierces through Gastly and faints it; the savior reveals herself to be Lazuli and her Charizard. Remarking on attacking Gastly by its core as opposed to blasting it away, Lazuli explains her appearance: she had been investigating Millicas's disappearance, and has come to the conclusion that the Elite Four was responsible.

In particular, the Gastly's attack pattern was signature to Agatha, the Elite Four's Ghost-type specialist. The leaders mull about the Elite Four's strength and their unknown motives, as Lazuli warns Yellow about his show of compassion and how it led to Gastly's reappearance. Misty shouts at Lazuli for insinuating that Yellow's kindness was a mistake, to which Lazuli calmly replies that Millicas would have found a way to save Caterpie, and defeat Gastly completely. She finishes by telling Yellow to train hard, in order to stand a chance at rescuing Millicas.

As Lazuli turns to leave, Yellow requests that Lazuli train him in order to save Millicas, and Lazuli nonchalantly agrees. Brock and Misty give Yellow their Graveler and Omanyte for Yellow's protection, and the two Trainers leave on Charizard. Lazuli begins to tell Yellow what she was doing after receiving the news of Millicas's disappearance.

In a flashback, Lazuli is surfing across the sea on her Golduck, when she gets attacked by a wild Lapras. After a short battle, Lazuli catches the Lapras and heads to shore to check its Pokédex entry. As she does so, she is approached by a young boy who tells her to give his Lapras back. Lazuli comments that she shouldn't have been able to catch it if it belonged to another Trainer, to which the boy responds that he'd been tracking it for weeks. Lazuli points out that doesn't make it the boy's and begins to walk off, at which point the boy begs her for help.

Later at a Pokémon Center, Lazuli contacts Professor Oak for advice, and is told that what the boy is saying is true. There are shadows that have been floating out of the abandoned Power Plant, attracting Ghost-type Pokémon inside. Lazuli than says that she will accompany the boy to the Power Plant to get his Haunter back, and heads towards the site, where a wild Magnemite floats around and an old lady stands, with Ghost Pokémon by her side.

Continuing into Lazuli's memories, she arrives at the Power Plant with Evan. They find most of the Power Plant empty, but realize that it is still in use. They start walking through it, when they are attacked by Magnemite and Magneton. Lazuli sends out her Machamp, and has Machamp use a finger to defeat the Magneton.

As they continue through the Power Plant, Lazuli questions Evan on why his Haunter would be drawn to the Power Plant in the first place. All of a sudden, they come across gas, and a weird voice coming from it. Lazuli brings out her Pokédex to check it, and the voice mentions that she must be a trainer from Pallet Town. Much to Lazuli's horror, Evan announces that she is indeed a trainer from Pallet Town and that her name is Lazuli.

The voice reveals that she has been waiting a long time to pay back Professor Oak, and in comes one of his trusted friends. They are then attacked by the voice's Gengar. Lazuli sends out her Golduck and uses Hydro Pump as a wall. The voice commands the Gengar to use Hypnosis, and Lazuli is caught and starts floating toward the fog. Her Pokédex falls out of her pocket on the way. It is revealed that Gengar is using Dream Eater on Lazuli, who is asleep. Evan then tries to figure out what to do.

Agatha says to Evan, "Look around a monument of human folly and selfishness." Evan questions this, and she begins to explain to him that the Power Plant they stand in was once intended to be a center of a major industrial development, but was abandoned halfway through. However, it caused hundreds of Pokémon to leave their homes for the convenience of humans. Large amounts of industrial waste were left behind from the Power Plant, which served as fuel for Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. Agatha then reveals her identity to him as one of the Elite Four of Kanto. Lazuli begins to struggle inside the floating coffin, and Agatha laughs, stating that it is impossible to break free of the Dream Eater from the inside. She then commands her Gengar to drain all the life force from her.

Suddenly, Lazuli wakes up, realizing she's under a Dream Eater attack by Gengar, saying that the shock of the life force drain caused her to wake up. She tries to think of a way to escape. Agatha smiles to herself as she enjoys Lazuli's pain, and exclaims that it was Evan's own bad luck to have come with Lazuli. Evan then yells in pain from an attack. He falls to the ground by the Pokédex. He looks at the Pokédex and realizes that Lazuli was talking to him through it. Lazuli warns Evan not to let Agatha know about Lazuli talking through the Pokédex and explains that Golduck is psychically channeling Lazuli's thoughts into the Pokédex. Lazuli tells Evan to go to the pile of Poké Balls and release his Haunter to attack Agatha's Gengar by surprise.

Evan then cries out that he is unable to do it, being too scared. Lazuli then tells Evan that sometimes a Trainer must have the courage himself to take action. Agatha then reappears behind Evan as he closes the Pokédex, asking if he had any final words to say. She says that she knows about the trick with the Pokédex, even though she doesn't know what the two talked about. Then, Agatha orders her Gengar to use Confuse Ray on Lazuli. Evan gasps and thinks to himself that it was all his fault, and musters determination within himself, clenching his fists. He begins to run at the pile of Poké Balls behind Agatha. Agatha takes this as an attack against her, and asks him if he was getting desperate. She then sends out Golbat and Arbok. Arbok manages to fling Evan to the pile of Poké Balls. Evan starts to look frantically for his Haunter, and finds it. He releases his Haunter to attack Gengar, and Agatha sneers, asking what a puny attack can do. She orders a Counter from Gengar.

Gengar and Haunter rush at each other to attack. Agatha chuckles and tells Gengar to use his full power to annihilate the Haunter and Evan screams encouragement to Haunter. Agatha wonders how long Evan will last. Suddenly the levitating coffin containing Lazuli begins to break and she begins to fall to the ground. Agatha wonders how the Dream Eater attack was weakened, and then recomposes herself, saying that Lazuli's Machamp's physical attack were no use against formless Pokémon. Lazuli remarks that even though there's no form, you can still slice through an enemy without form so long as you grasp the essence of the foe.

Lazuli calls for a Karate Chop from Machamp, slicing Gengar and Gastly to pieces, and Evan rejoices. Agatha reappears from the mist, and says that indeed Lazuli is a phenomenal Trainer. Lazuli then asks what Agatha was to Professor Oak, but she disappears in a swirl of mist. Lazuli grunts in frustration from her disappearance and lack of answers. Evan then spots Lazuli walking out and catches up to her. Lazuli thanks Evan for his help and presents him with the Lapras she'd captured earlier, telling Evan he deserved it, and says goodbye to Evan before leaving. With this, Lazuli finishes the story to Yellow, and Yellow marvels in admiration.

Sometime later, Lazuli arrives at Cerise Island, and meets up with Blaine, asking about Yellow, whom Lazuli had separated a few weeks earlier, and Blaine assures her that Yellow would arrive soon. Lazuli then shushes him, and they hear someone talking in the cave, the voice is talking about how all the Gym Leaders are occupied so it and Yellow will be able to fight. Blaine shouts out to see if anyone is there, then he confronts them calling them "The Elite Four", someone replies, finding it offensive and funny that Blaine would compare them the Elite Four. Blaine then sees three Pokémon: Electabuzz, Muk, and Alakazam. He then sees their Trainers: Koga, Sabrina, and Lt. Surge.

Green, Bill, and Yellow arrive and meet up with Lazuli, Blaine, Lt. Surge, Koga, and Sabrina inside Cerise Island. When Yellow, Green, Bill, Lazuli, and Blaine, wonder why Team Rocket is there, they respond by saying to defeat the Elite Four. Lazuli confesses that she only came to defeat Agatha. Sabrina's Alakazam then hands out Spoons of Destiny to pick battle partners. The battle plan is to face each of the Elite Four in groups of two. The first pair is Yellow and Blaine, the second is Koga and Lazuli, the third pair is Sabrina and Green, and the fourth pair, both with unmoving Spoons of Destiny, is Lt. Surge and Bill. Afterwards, the groups split up.

Koga tells his Golbat to use Supersonic to find their enemy. With the enemy's location known, Koga draws the Arbok out of hiding and sends out his Arbok. The battle is now Arbok vs. Arbok. Agatha's Arbok starts with a Leer, lowering Koga's Arbok's defenses, but Koga's Golbat undoes Leer with a thick Haze. Agatha's Arbok lets loose with a Rock Slide that rains stalactites, which makes that part of the cave a stalactite maze, and separates Koga and Lazuli. Agatha's Gengar uses a quick Lick that paralyzes Lazuli's eyes shut. So Lazuli tries having Koga's Golbat use Supersonic to find Agatha and Koga. But Supersonic fails when another Golbat destroys their sound wave with its own Supersonic. And this Golbat is quick to attack.

Agatha appears in front of Koga and wants to show him that her battle skills are better than his. First she uses mist to change the pattern on her Arbok's skin and explains that each pattern brings a rare trait. Its current pattern gives it a great speed boost. Agatha then changes the pattern to one that multiplies Arbok's attack power, and it wraps around Koga and his Arbok, making them helplessly immobilized.

Lazuli has her eyes paralyzed shut, and Koga has an Arbok wrapped around him, immobilizing him in his battle against Agatha: Arbok vs. Arbok. Koga's Arbok tries to attack with a Glare attack, which fails. Agatha's Arbok gives Koga's Arbok a hard Body Slam. Then it releases Koga's Arbok and bites its tail off, apparently knocking Arbok out.

Enraged, Koga sends out Weezing and Muk and tells them to use Poison Gas and Smog, which are repelled by a new invulnerability pattern of Arbok's. It then attacks Muk and Weezing, knocking them out. Koga throws five ninja stars at Agatha, which miss. Then, to Agatha's surprise, Koga's Arbok grows a new tail. Agatha sneers at Koga for thinking that that will make him win, and then, Golbat returns. However, it is Koga's Golbat, not Agatha's.

Lazuli then appears with her eyes open. The ninja stars Koga threw were Poké Ball ninja stars, and the Pokémon inside were holding paralyze healing medicine. Koga's Golbat then uses Leech Life on Koga. It then spits Koga's blood at Agatha's Arbok's pattern, covering and destroying the effects of the pattern. Agatha's Arbok tries a Bind attack, but Lazuli's Golduck uses Confusion, defeating Agatha's Arbok and Agatha. Afterwards, Koga and Lazuli leave and continue though Cerise Island.

They find themselves lost in the maze created by the Agatha's Arbok. Koga finds the broken tail of his own Arbok that got cut by Agatha's Pokémon earlier. They immediately figure out that they have been going in circles and try to figure out a way to get out. Koga starts to faint, and says it is not normal for him to lose so much strength simply from a Leech Life from Golbat. He thinks that something else is draining away his energy, and Lazuli tells him to take it easy. Lazuli hears a sound from behind and looks down and notices her own shadow lengthening; she releases Golduck to get ready. Koga calls his Koffing, but Gengar shoots from Golduck's shadow without warning and knocks down both Golduck and Koffing.

Lazuli sends out Charizard, Golem, and Arbok to attack Gengar, but it escapes into Lazuli's shadow and attacks Lazuli's Pokémon. Lazuli realizes that the more Pokémon she sends out, the more shadows Gengar can escape in, so she calls back her fainted Pokémon. Koga discovers her theory was right, that Gengar is stealing energy from himself, and Lazuli tells him to stay where he's sitting. Lazuli wonders if there's a way to bring Gengar out of the shadows.

She eventually deduces that without Agatha to give Gengar orders, Gengar is attacking them from the shadows and makes its move whenever it detects sound. Some distance away, Koga manages to silently send Lazuli a message via Koffing's smoke; Lazuli understands the plan and makes her move. Gengar emerges from the shadows to attack, only to hit the discarded tail from Koga's Arbok. Lazuli takes this chance and faints Gengar with her Charizard's Flamethrower, then has Koga's Golbat use Confuse Ray to light up the cave, forcing Agatha out from the shadows.

Agatha compliments Lazuli on seeing through her attacks, and Lazuli chastises her for having criticized her defending Koga's Golbat earlier; the same Golbat now preventing her escape. Agatha remarks on Lazuli's similarity with Professor Oak, though she still insists that the Pokédex was a waste of his talents. She snidely points out, however, that the Confuse Ray blocked everyone's view of Misty's message in the sky: a warning that the Elite Four were gathering Badges to make use of their energy for their plans.

Agatha proceeds to explain that through her research, she discovered ways to manipulate Pokémon via simple mind-control: she could control entire armies of Pokémon and assign them simple orders, having mobilized them to attack cities in Kanto and look for one Badge that the Elite Four had yet to obtain to complete their plans. She also reveals that special collars latched on her Pokémon give her greater control over them; Bruno wears the same collars on his wrists and had been coerced into the Elite Four's plans without him knowing. Without any Pokémon on hand, Agatha escapes in a swirl of fog as the chamber starts to collapse; Koga makes his own escape with the help of his Muk while Lazuli goes off in search of Millicas, sensing his presence via her Pokédex.

Lazuli eventually meets up with Millicas, Bill and Green. She immediately hugs her brother and tells him that she was worried sick. However, Millicas gently pushes her away, telling her that they could catch up later, and tells them that Yellow needed their help as she was fighting against Lance by herself.

Seeing Yellow fight Lance, Millicas catches Yellow's discarded String Shot and commands all their starter Pokémon to release energy up the thread, which reaches Yellow. Having an epiphany, Yellow orders Raichu to focus the energy into an ultimate attack: MegaVolt, sending a massive blast of electricity into Lance. Lance has a brief flashback where he, as a child, witnessed the death of Pokémon as a result of human industrialization and swore revenge, before he is overwhelmed by the attack and blasted off.

Giovanni, watching from elsewhere, realizes that Yellow's attack turned Lugia's destructive power into healing power, rejuvenating the island as plants begin to sprout all over. He meets with Sabrina and Lt. Surge who swear allegiance to him, but berates them for having relied on children to help them out. Informing the two that Team Rocket cannot yet be revived, he orders them to resume their Gym duties and leaves. Yellow thanks the Legendary Pokémon before passing out from exhaustion.

Waking from a dream where she enjoyed a nap with Raichu and her unevolved Pokémon, Yellow is surprised to find Millicas and the others, making their way across the sea. Millicas confirms that Lance disappeared along with the Legendary Pokémon, and Lazuli adds that the armies of Pokémon invading Kanto have been defeated. Blaine remarks on the miraculous evolutions of Yellow's Pokémon, while Bill questions Green over Millicas being the only one unaware that Yellow is a girl. Green, much to Bill and Lazuli's annoyance, declares that it's much more entertaining for Millicas to be in the dark, and Yellow nearly faints when Millicas suggests that they live together since Yellow has also become Raichu's Trainer.

Then, Millicas helps Yellow up and as Yellow's hat falls off, Millicas becomes incredibly shocked to find out that Yellow was a girl, and after recalling asking for her to live with him, Millicas's face turns completely red and comically faints from the shock, while the others laugh at seeing both Yellow and Millicas "out of battle".


After the crisis involving the Elite Four was dealt with, Lazuli remained in Pallet Town after Millicas decided to travel to the Johto region.

Sometime later, Lazuli traveled to Viridian City, where she takes the aptitude test in order to become the Viridian Gym Leader. Lazuli stands in the stadium, with all six of her Pokémon out, and the crowd cheering. The announcer explains the rules briefly, then announces the start of the test. Lazuli's first opponent is a Pineco, which Golduck swiftly knocks out, as well as it's next two opponents, a Forretress and another Pineco. However, the fourth opponent, another Forretress, resorts to its Spikes and is putting up a fair fight against Golduck. Lazuli promptly switches it out for Fearow, and because of its Flying-type advantage, Fearow isn't affected by Spikes. Then, Fearow uses Leer to lower Forrestress's Defense before knocking it out with Sky Attack.

Lazuli's next opponent is an Azumarill, who promptly uses Whirlpool, surrounding Lazuli and Fearow. Then, Lazuli recalls Fearow and sends out her Golem, much to the crowd's confusion as Golem was weak against Water-type attacks. However, Lazuli surprises everyone by ordering Golem to use Rollout within the Whirlpool and Golem rolls around the Whirlpool, while slowly and steadily making its way down towards its source, Azumarill, before ultimately crashing-landing atop of Azumarill with Rollout, knocking it out.

Lazuli's last opponent is a Porygon2. Lazuli recalls Golem and sends out her Charizard. Lazuli and Charizard are seen briefly in Porygon2's field of vision as it targets them and fires a Zap Cannon. However, Lazuli orders Charizard to use its newly-learned move, Mega Punch, and successfully deflects the attack back towards Porygon2, reducing its health drastically, while also leaving it paralyzed. As Porygon2 can't move with its paralysis, Charizard easily knocks it out with Dragon Rage, and thus Lazuli wins the test and gains the position of Viridian Gym Leader.

Suddenly, the ground starts the shake violently, presumably because of an earthquake. Lazuli then runs off, with Yellow and Daisy Oak following her. Lazuli and the others quickly find the source of the earthquake; several wild Pokémon, such as Arcanine, Alakazam, Exeggutor and Rhydon. Wondering what the cause of their rampage was, Lazuli sees a Pokémon Association's van playing Pokémon March, the cause of the Pokémon's rampage.

As Yellow and Daisy Oak head towards the van to stop the sound, Lazuli deals with the rampaging Pokémon all by herself. Lazuli calls out Charizard. Lazuli orders Charizard to attack the Pokémon with Fire Spin, which catches their attention. Then, Lazuli draws them towards Viridian Forest, where she once again uses the enviroment to her advantage. Using the trees for cover, Lazuli orders Charizard to use Mega Punch and send a tree flying towards Exeggutor, sending Exeggutor flying. As Arcanine charges towards Lazuli with Fire Fang, Charizard jumps in front of the attack and hits Arcanine with a Mega Punch to the jaw.

Then, Alakazam jumps into the fray and uses Psychic to restrain Charizard, and Arcanine gains revenge by using multiple Extreme Speed attacks towards Charizard, who's floating in the air by Psychic's effects. Then, Lazuli tells Charizard to break out of it, and Charizard quickly breaks free and aims at Alakazam with Flamethrower. However, Arcanine jumps in front of the attack and absorbs the attack without damage, thanks to its Flash Fire Ability. Then, Arcanine uses Overheat, striking Charizard and causing significant damage due to Flash Fire enhancing Arcanine's Fire attacks.

As Charizard slowly gets back to its feet, Rhydon charges at it with Megahorn, but at the last second, Charizard grabs Rhydon's horn and holds him steady. Alakazam then tries to use Confusion, but Arcanine stops him with Aerial Ace, angrily barking at Alakazam for being willing to hurt a comrade to defeat the enemy. Lazuli took notice of this and became impressed with Arcanine's sense of honor and loyalty.

Lazuli orders Charizard to use Fire Spin, hitting Rhydon with close-range. Rhydon then uses Horn Attack, but Charizard flies out of the way and Rhydon pierces through a tree with its Horn Attack. Rhydon then notices Lazuli and charges at her, but Lazuli jumps out of the way with agility and performs a roundhouse kick onto Rhydon, although she hurts herself due to Rhydon's rock-hard body.

Charizard then hits Rhydon with Flamethrower onto the back of its head, causing significant damage. Then, Exeggutor returns to the battle and uses Seed Bomb towards Charizard, but misses as Charizard swiftly dodges before using Dragon Rage, hitting Exeggutor. As Charizard begins to pant due to his exhaustion, Lazuli decides to end the battle quickly.

Arcanine and its comrades charge towards Charizard together, with Arcanine using Overheat, Exeggutor using Egg Bomb, Alakazam using Confusion, and Rhydon using Rock Blast. However, Charizard flies up to dodge the attack and charges an overloaded Dragon Rage, whose power was so great, its range of attack was bigger than usual, and struck all of the Pokémon at once.

Out of all the four Pokémon, only Arcanine remained in the battle, while the other three were knocked out. As Arcanine looked over to its fallen comrades, Lazuli calls out to Arcanine and commends him for its loyalty and toughness, and declares her intention to capture him and his friends. Arcanine smirks before using Fire Fang, but Charizard lands the finishing blow by dodging and hitting Arcanine in the jaw with Mega Punch, sending him crashing onto a nearby lake, unconscious. Lazuli congratulates Charizard on battling against the four powerful Pokémon by himself before subsequently capturing them all.

When Lazuli returned to Viridian City, she informed the citizens that she captured all the rampaging Pokémon, and the townspeople celebrated her success, while remarking that she would become an amazing Gym Leader for the city. Lazuli then transfers her recently caught Pokémon from Professor Oak's Laboratory to the Viridian Gym. In addition, Lazuli also transfers Golem, Arbok, and Fearow from her party to the Gym, and also brings Rhydon and Arcanine to her party.

Shortly thereafter, Lazuli receives a call from her brother, Millicas, who informs her about his recent feeling of numbness in his wrists and legs. Lazuli, quickly aware of the cause behind it, informs Millicas about a hot spring at Mt. Silver, which would cure his numbness, caused by Lorelei's ice, and tells him to be careful, and contact her as soon as he left the hot springs.

Later, Lazuli and the other Kanto Gym Leaders travel to the Indigo Plateau to participate in a tournament against the Johto Gym Leaders, where both region's leaders would compete against each other in separate battles, and the team with most victories would be declared the winner. While there, Lazuli draws her opponent, and discovers she'll face off against Cianwood City's Gym Leader, Chuck.

After Chuck sends out his Machamp, Lazuli initially decides to choose her own Machamp to start the match, but changes her mind at the last second and chooses her recently-caught Rhydon. Rhydon is ordered forward by its Trainer but slammed to the ground by Machamp's Vital Throw. Machamp is switched for Hitmonlee who uses Mind Reader to dodge Rhydon's attacks. When Hitmonlee goes forward to attack, Rhydon uses Stomp. Chuck responds by commanding a Reversal to throw Rhydon off its balance.

Then, Chuck switches in for Hitmontop. It immediately launches a Triple Kick at Rhydon. Lazuli responds by having Rhydon use Earthquake. Hitmontop stops spinning, but immediately gets up to launch another Triple Kick, which leaves Rhydon in massive pain.

As Hitmontop spins up in the air again, Lazuli jumps on Rhydon's back. This shocks Mary, the match commentator, who fears for Lazuli if she gets hit. Rhydon's drill-like horn begins to spin. By closing her eyes, Lazuli feels the environment around him. Once Hitmontop closes in, Lazuli snaps her eyes open and gets Rhydon to focus on Hitmontop's head. To the audience's amazement, Rhydon's spinning horn strikes the tip of Hitmontop's head, and the opposite motion of Rhydon's spinning horn brings Hitmontop's spinning to a stop. Upon Lazuli's Horn Drill command, Rhydon brings its horn downwards to knock Hitmontop out, and Mary declares Lazuli as the winner.

As the tournament reaches it climax, Lazuli and everyone else's attention is drawed to the giant screen over the stadium, where Crystal's face appears. Crystal manages to warn the audience about Team Rocket's impending arrival and the Magnet Train being hacked, before the big screen is suddenly interrupted to show the Masked Man's battle with Ho-Oh, causing the audience to panic. Soon, the Magnet Train zooms into the stadium once again.

As the stadium audience evacuates, the Pokémon Association's Chairman, who has come down from the VIP room along with Bill and Daisy Oak, tries to call for the Magnet Train system to be fixed. At the next moment, the Magnet Train doors bolt open and numerous masked Team Rocket Grunts spill out. Lazuli calls the Gym Leaders into action. Blaine arrives back on stage just in time to join the fight against the grunts. When 15 of the 16 Gym Leaders are lured into the Magnet Train, however, its doors slam shut and the train speeds off into the distance, with Lazuli including amongst them.

On the three carriages of the Magnet Train that are accelerating towards a dead end, Chuck, Jasmine, Janine, Sabrina, and Clair continue to fend off Team Rocket Grunts. Lazuli, along with Erika and Brock, are in the driver's cab. They panic as they can do nothing about the out-of-control train.

Suddenly, someone appears on the tracks, sending out his Blastoise. Blastoise pushes against the train with all its might, sending it to an abrupt stop right at the dead end. The Gym Leaders look outside to see Millicas. Lazuli jumps off the train to join her brother, who is fully-healed. Millicas explains to Erika that he followed the direction of the spoon left to him by Sabrina. Erika tries to find Misty, only to realize she had been on the other half of the train which went back to the Indigo Plateau.

Lazuli suggests heading back there immediately. Chuck, peeking out from one of the train doors, tells Lazuli that he and the other Gym Leaders will also be at the Indigo Plateau once all remaining enemies in the train are eliminated. With that, he wishes Lazuli luck. Lazuli sends out Rhydon to burrow underground to reach their destination, because the enemy may still have laid traps above ground.

Rhydon starts spinning its drill to burrow underground. Just as it starts to burrow across, the spoon that Millicas is holding changes direction. Lazuli decides to follow the spoon's direction. As Rhydon continues to drill through, Millicas and Lazuli find that they are heading to the Ilex Forest in the Johto region. They then notice a presence behind them.

Millicas and Lazuli recognize the two figures as Koga and Bruno. They instinctively battle their two old enemies. Bruno surprises Millicas when his Tyrogue leaps past them to clear away some rocks. Bruno states that they can use Rock Smash to get to their destination quicker.

Koga and Bruno reveal to Millicas and Lazuli that, contrary to their belief that they were sent to fight the two Pallet Town Trainers, they actually came to help. Bruno also reveals that he saved Koga from the earthquake that hit Cerise Island a year ago, and the two have trained together ever since. While they help clear away more rocks, both Bruno and Koga thank their former opponents for teaching them how to work for themselves, instead of for other people. Bruno and Koga developed the same viewpoint after meeting each other, and continue to improve each other as well as themselves. They even claim to want to battle Millicas and Lazuli again, ideally at the Pokémon League, but due to the event being hijacked by evil forces, they would have to leave it to the boys to take care of things. Koga and Bruno hope that they would eventually meet in a rematch with Lazuli and Millicas respectively, after the current enemy is beaten.

Just before Koga and Bruno leave Millicas and Lazuli, Bruno asks if they have heard of Celebi. The two shake their heads. Bruno claims that Celebi originates from their destination and is said to be able to control time. Millicas and Lazuli thus urge Rhydon to hurry, and the drill Pokémon by then follows Millicas's spoon which points towards the surface. Millicas and Lazuli resurface right in front of a shrine in the middle of a forest. They hear their Pokédexes beep, which must mean Green is nearby. Though Millicas initially worried about Green as she would lose her means of high-speed flight, Green told Millicas she would find a way, and Lazuli understands what she means after looking above to see Green on one of the Legendary birds, facing off against Lugia and Ho-Oh.

Green notices Millicas and Lazuli below her, and orders Articuno and Zapdos to pick them up. With Millicas on Articuno and Lazuli on Zapdos, a combined blast from the Legendary birds is launched towards Ho-Oh, whose Sacred Fire struggles to contain it. Lugia delivers an Aeroblast to combine with Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire and fend off the Legendary birds' attacks. Green almost falls off Moltres, and Ho-Oh intercepts Millicas and Lazuli's attempt to help her.

Millicas and Lazuli eventually realize the significance of the shrine they resurfaced next to. Karen then jumps onto Moltres to face Green. She sends her Umbreon out to Green's Snubbull. Umbreon, charged with Moonlight, knocks Green and her Snubbull off Moltres. Meanwhile on Lugia, Will orders a Peck from his Xatu towards Silver, but his Sneasel blocks the attack with its claws. Will taunts Silver over the latter's time in the outside world; Silver retorts saying that life under the Masked Man will forever haunt him. Will, however, claims that he and Karen willingly became the Masked Man's accomplices. Knowing this as a direct contradiction to his belief that his former colleagues were also kidnapped, Silver no longer holds back. He pushes Will and Xatu off Lugia.

Xatu tries to catch Will's fall, but Silver's Pokémon pop out of their Poké Balls to beat up the bird. With new-found determination, Silver states that unlike Will, who merely sees their battle as a game, he sees his battle as one against his own destiny. With that, Feraligatr knocks Xatu out with Return. Will's response to the well-prepared Silver is to run away, thus he contacts Karen via Pokégear to urge her to do the same.

After the Masked Man's identity is revealed to be Pryce, Pryce travels within the Ilex Forest's shrine, with Millicas, Silver and Crystal in pursuit, while Lazuli and the other Pokédex holders continue battling outside.

The Pokédex holders continue to struggle against Pryce's ice prison. Lazuli quickly notes that despite their attempts to melt the ice, it only ends in the ice refreezing. However, the ice that was melted by Entei stayed the same. Yellow suggests spreading the flames over the ice, and Lazuli has her Charizard blast through the ice with Fire Spin, causing them to spread and melt all of the ice permanently. Now freed, Lazuli leads the others into helping their allies by charging at the shrine.

After a combination of the water from Mt. Silver and the powerful flames of Entei, Lazuli and the others are freed from their icy prison and use their powers to help Millicas, who has gone inside of the Ilex shrine to battle Pryce from inside. After Pryce is defeated, Lazuli attempts to arrest Silver for his previous thefts of Professor Oak's Pokédex and Professor Elm's Totodile. Before she can, Millicas suddenly reappears and shows a fake picture that he previously made and states that Silver is not the one on the picture and thus, isn't the one who had done those crimes.

Afterwards, Lazuli, Yellow and Green returned to Kanto, and watched Millicas's performance at the Silver Conference through the television.

Crisis of Deoxys

Two years later, in Pallet Town, a group of children try and capture a wild Nidorino. One boy throws a Poké Ball at the Nidorino, but it easily knocks the ball away. When the boy groans in frustration, another person approaches him and tells the boy that he should use the Gengar he has to battle it. The boy complies with the person and sends out his Gengar to battle the Nidorino and succeeds in facing it. The person who helped the boy is revealed to be Millicas, who had returned to Pallet Town with Lazuli.

As Millicas and Lazuli walk to Professor Oak's lab, they comment about how Pallet Town hasn't changed since they were last there. Upon entering the lab, Millicas and Lazuli notice that it is empty. They notice three devices with letters, that are addressed to Millicas, Lazuli, and Green, placed next to them. Upon checking the letters, they notice that the text on them mentions Vermilion City.

Before they can open the letters, Millicas and Lazuli hear a commotion outside. They check what's happening, only to find an invisible opponent is attacking their Pokémon. They try and find out what's attacking them, but the enemy is too fast for the Pokédex to scan. Red and Blue have their Pokémon attack the opponent, but it dodges the moves and flies off to escape.

Millicas decides that if Professor Oak is not there to meet them, then there must be a reason why he is not at the lab. Millicas prepares to go and find Professor Oak, but Lazuli decides to check out the Fame Checker that was included with the letters. Upon activating the Fame Checker, a recording of Professor Oak plays. Much to Millicas and Lazuli's shock, the recording reveals that Professor Oak intends to take the Pokédex away from them. A distraught Millicas states that no matter how many times he plays the Fame Checker, it only plays the same message. Lazuli just simply goes inside Professor Oak's lab and puts her Pokédex inside of a capsule. Lazuli gestures for her brother to do the same, and with some reluctance, Millicas hands his Pokédex over. The capsule begins glowing and after a bright flash of light, the Pokédexes disappear. The two Trainers decide that even though they don't know why Professor Oak told them this, they trust his decisions. Millicas sends out Skarmory as Lazuli hops onto her Charizard so that they can head off to Vermilion City. Millicas notices that the letter addressed to Green is still on the table, and Millicas picks it up.

In Vermilion City, Green talks to a Sailor in front of a Seagallop ferry. Green tells the Sailor that she is meeting her long-lost parents and asks him if she can board the ship despite being early. After presenting a Tri-Pass, the Sailor decides to let her on board. The Sailor goes to set up a ramp for Green, but she has her Venusaur reveal himself instead. With the power of Venusaur's Vine Whips, Green propels herself upward and onto the ship. After she lands, the Sailor realizes that Green is a Pokédex holder and the second runner-up of the Pokémon League. As she explores the ship, Green decides to send out the rest of her team to see the area better. Suddenly, her umbrella reveals itself to be a transformed Ditto and begins sensing something near them. Before she can react, an invisible opponent begins attacking her team.

Elsewhere, Millicas and Lazuli enter Vermilion City through the skies. After arriving at the port, they jump off of their Pokémon and land on the ground, surprising the Sailor. After noticing that they have Tri-Passes, the Sailor pushes Millicas and Lazuli onto the ship as it is about to depart. After pointing out how one passenger arrived too early while two more arrived late, the Sailor quickly realizes that Millicas and Lazuli are also Pokédex holders. The ship's announcer calls out that the Seagallop ferry is leaving and will be going to One Island.

As the ship leaves the port, Green continues battling her invisible opponent. She tries to find out her opponent with her Pokédex, only to realize that she had already given it to Professor Oak. Instead, she pulls out her Silph Scope, which she reveals has been modified to work on all types of Pokémon. The Silph Scope gives out a blurry image of a red humanoid Pokémon, but it knocks the goggles off of her face before she can react in time. The Pokémon lifts Green into the air and begins strangling her. Suddenly, a small vortex of darkness appears on the ground and sucks the Silph Scope into it.

On another part of the ship, Millicas and Lazuli wait as they ride the boat to One Island. Millicas wonders what kind of place it is, but Lazuli states that she has no clue. Suddenly, Raichu, who was re-joined Millicas's team in exchange for Mantine, bursts out of his Poké Ball and runs off. He approaches someone and begins tugging on their pants leg. The person is revealed to be Bill, who is surprised to see a familiar face. Raichu shocks Bill, confirming to him that it's Millicas's Raichu. Millicas and Lazuli arrive at the scene and are glad to meet up with Bill again. Bill reveals that he is also going to One Island so that he can help his friend, Celio, with the Pokémon Transfer System. Just then, Bill gets a call from Celio, who reveals that he can't get a connection for the Transfer System. Bill tells Celio to wait until he arrives so that he can get a look at it. The announcer for the ship announces that they have arrived at their destination.

Back at Green's location, she tries to call for help in order to prevent the Pokémon from exiting the island. She suddenly notices her parents on the dock, who notice her back. They run onto the ship and to their daughter, but Green unsuccessfully tries to get them to stop before they fall into the black hole. As they exit the ship, Millicas notices Green acting strange and goes to investigate. Green tries to call out to her parents and get them to stop, but they fall into the black hole. The black hole closes and the Pokémon releases its grip on Green. Green falls to the ground and screams out in horror while Millicas and Lazuli stand near her.

Horrified at what happened to her parents, Green staggers over the edge of the ship and faints, falling off in the process. To save her, Millicas jumps off the boat and dives underwater and rescues the unconscious Green and swims towards land while carrying Green on his back. Lazuli notices that the invisible Pokémon is still on the ship, but it disappears before Lazuli could even make a move. On land, Millicas tells Lazuli that they have to take Green to the hospital. Bill notices that Green's diary had fallen on the ground and sees that she had planned to meet her parents today. As Millicas, Lazuli, and Bill go to a hospital, a silhouette watches them from afar.

A few hours later, Green has been taken to the Pokémon Network Center and rests on a hospital bed. Although her injured team is being healed, Green's mental injuries will take much longer to recover. Millicas asks Bill if it's true that Green had come to meet her parents. Although guilty for reading her diary, Bill shows the book and answers Millicas's question. Millicas realizes that the two people who were sucked into the black hole were Green's parents.

When Millicas tries to figure out what is going on, Lazuli decides to get answers by reading Green's diary. As she reads, Lazuli finds out that Green had already gone to Pallet Town and returned her Pokédex to Professor Oak. The book goes on to state that Green was also attacked by an opponent after returning her Pokédex. Lazuli guesses that the attacks must not have been a coincidence and pulls out Green's broken Silph Scope to get more answers. Despite the damages the machine took, it is still able to use its replay function to show the battle.

By looking into the Silph Scope, they see the red humanoid Pokémon attacking Green's team. Bill screams in confusion as to what the Pokémon is and why it attacked Green. Millicas states that even though he doesn't know the exact details, what he does know is that he and Lazuli will fight the Pokémon and defeat it. Bill questions their motives, as he doesn't know anyone stronger than Millicas or Lazuli, and that if they were defeated by the Pokémon earlier, it will be hard to get stronger and beat it. Millicas agrees, but he states that they won't be able to stand for what happened to Green.

Lazuli wonders if there's a way for them to get stronger quickly, but a voice tells him that there is. The voice states that One Island is known as a place where destinies intertwine, and as such, it must be fate that they met there. The voice reveals itself to be an old woman who tells Millicas and Lazuli that they will inherit her Ultimate Moves. Confused, Millicas, Lazuli, and Bill turn around and ignore the woman's words. Angered at their indifference, the woman waves her staff and sends two rings in Millicas and Lazuli's direction. Millicas and Lazuli immediately send Blastoise and Charizard out, who knock the rings into the air with a cannon and tail, respectively. The rings fly into the air, but land perfectly on Millicas and Lazuli's wrists and lock tightly.

Lazuli tries to attack the old woman, but she blocks her punch with her staff. The old woman calms down and states she only did that because they were going to leave her behind. She sends out a Typhlosion and Meganium and has them fire attacks at Millicas and Lazuli. The Trainers and their Pokémon dodge the attacks, but see that the ship was greatly damaged. The Sailor enters the docks to prepare for the next trip, only to be shocked at the damage. Angered, he tells the old woman—now revealed to be named Ultima—that she is going to be sent back to her home on Two Island.

Hearing Ultima's name reminds Bill of a legend of a woman who was said to know several strong Pokémon moves. Pleased at the introduction, Ultima confirms Bill's suspicions by stating that she is the same person. Lazuli gets annoyed and tells Ultima to take the bangle off of his arm and unchain her to Millicas. Ultima refuses, so Lazuli decides to just leave, only to find out that the bangle forces her and Millicas to be unable to get more than 20 feet away from Ultima. Angered, Lazuli tells Ultima to stop messing with them, but Millicas stops her. Millicas tells Ultima that he has his doubts, but he will trust Ultima and asks her to teach them the Ultimate Skills. Ultima tells Millicas that she will teach them her techniques.

Later, the Seagallop Ferry sails to Two Island, but Lazuli tries to get the bangle off of his arm while Ultima sleeps. Lazuli questions Millicas's choice, as she believes that Ultima is not to be trusted. Millicas states that since Ultima is stronger than them, they'll be able to get strong quickly. Lazuli remains skeptical, as she points out that possibility that Ultima may be the master of the Pokémon that attacked them earlier. The boat arrives at Two Island, so Ultima wakes up and takes Millicas and Lazuli with her. As they walk, Green's Ditto reveals itself to have transformed into the pattern on Millicas's backpack.

After walking up a long set of stairs, Millicas, Lazuli, and Ultima arrive at a very long corridor. Ultima reveals that her house is at Cape Brink, which is at the end of the corridor. When Lazuli asks if this is where they will learn the Ultimate Skills, Ultima states that before she will teach them, they will need to develop their leg stamina. They arrive at an area called the Path of Jumping, where she has the two Trainers send out Blastoise and Charizard. Ultima hands a vine to Blastoise and Charizard and states that Millicas, Lazuli, and their Pokémon will have to run through a backwards-moving floor while jumping rope.

Ultima goes outside on her Dragonite and states that she will observe them as they progress. Lazuli asks Ultima when they will have to stop running, to which Ultima reveals will be when they reach the next area. She goes on to state that with each corridor they reach, the training will finish and a new one will begin. Annoyed, Lazuli mocks Millicas for his decision, but Millicas states that they should finish what they started. Eventually they manage to finish, and come across the second corridor, the Path of Catching. On the Path of Catching, Millicas and Lazuli are forced to ride a Dodrio each and catch the falling Berries whilst running on an even faster moving floor. After succeeding on the second path, they arrive at the final trial, the Path of Battling. When Lazuli asks who they will fight, Ultima reveals that Lazuli's opponent is right next to her. Much to their shock, Ultima states that she intends on teaching a skill to only one of them.

Ultima reveals that she only intends to pass her skills onto one person, causing Millicas and Lazuli look at each other in shock. Ultima sends them both to the Path of Battling and tells the Trainers that they will have a Double Battle and can switch out any of their Pokémon at any time. Millicas and Lazuli quickly notice the floor moving again, but point out that the floor on the Path of Skipping moved backward, while the one on the Path of Catching moved forward with twice the speed. Unlike the first two paths, the floors on each other's side move independently from the other. Ultima appears in the window and explains that if a Pokémon scores a hit, the floor will move forward, but if one takes a hit, then it will move backward. She tells them that whoever reaches the next section first will win and has them start the battle.

Millicas and Lazuli start their battle by sending out two Pokémon each; Chikorita and Sudowoodo for Millicas, and Arcanine and Golduck for Lazuli. Lazuli and Millicas express that neither expected to be battling each other here. Lazuli points out that neither of them really have to go all out, as she doesn't really care who learns the Ultimate Skill as long as it means the mysterious Pokémon will be defeated. Millicas agrees with her point, but wonders if Lazuli will be satisfied with a battle like that. Lazuli responds by having Golduck use Iron Tail and Arcanine use Overheat on Millicas's Pokémon. Lazuli states that while she can take the easy way out, if her opponent is Millicas, she doesn't have a choice but to go all out.

Millicas has Sudowoodo use Double-Edge on Arcanine, while having Chikorita attack Golduck with Vine Whip. Despite the damage he just delt to Lazuli's Pokémon, Millicas's floor begins to move backwards. Ultima points out that Lazuli's team's attacks was more powerful. Finally figuring out how the floor's movement works, Millicas has Sudowoodo use Wood Hammer on Golduck. Lazuli has Golduck take cover by going underground with Dig. Millicas counters by having Chikorita use Solar Beam, which goes through the tunnel caused by Golduck's Dig, and forces him out of the ground.

The attack does enough damage to faint Lazuli's Golduck and, causing Lazuli's floor to start moving backwards. Suddenly, Lazuli's Machamp jumps over Millicas's head. Lazuli commands Machamp to use Seismic Toss, so the Superpower Pokémon rolls around and tosses Sudowoodo onto the ground. Millicas points out that Sudowoodo is in trouble against Machamp. Lazuli commands Machamp to finish Sudowoodo off. Machamp rushes in front of Sudowoodo and moves to the side to perform a Low Kick, tripping Sudowoodo and sending him crashing into the ground, knocking him out.

Outside the building, Ultima rides on her Dragonite. She comments about how Lazuli knows how to make full use of her Pokémon during battles. Lazuli follows by having her Arcanine attack Chikorita with Fire Fang, knocking her out too. Millicas sends out Raichu and Skarmory as his last two Pokémon. Millicas has Skarmory use Sky Attack on Arcanine, which causes great damage. Skarmory quickly follows up with Flash Cannon and Lazuli switches Arcanine as a result. Seeing an opening, Millicas has Raichu use Thunder Shock on Machamp.

To Millicas's surprise, the attack is suddenly redirected. Lazuli smirks and reveals that she sent out her Rhydon, who has the Lightning Rod Ability, which causes all Electric-type moves to be redirected towards it. Lazuli points out that they both only have two Pokémon left, but the winner will be decided by whoever reaches the end first. Lazuli claims victory, but Millicas refuses to back down. Millicas decides that if Raichu's Electric attacks won't work, then a Water-typeE attack will work instead. Raichu then unleashes its Surf attack, which overwhelms both Machamp and Rhydon, and both Trainers reach the end at the same time.

Exhausted, Millicas and Lazuli collapse and attempt to catch their breath. Lazuli questions who got there first, but Millicas assumes they arrived at the same time. Lazuli calls out for Ultima to decide the winner, but gets no response. They go inside to find Ultima, only to see a large shadow looming from above. They look back to see Ultima being choked by the Pokémon that attacked Green earlier. Millicas and Lazuli send out Blastoise and Charizard, but the mystery Pokémon grabs them with its tentacles.

Millicas and Lazuli comment that their situation had to have happened while they were exhausted. The bangles on their arms begin glowing and strange characters appear on them. They quickly realize that Blastoise and Charizard are reacting. With no time to lose, Millicas commands Blastoise to use Hydro Cannon while Lazuli has Charizard use Blast Burn.

Meanwhile, a gang of Bikers arrive at Three Island. One of the members tells the leader that the island is also called "Kin Island", due to the "parent" island being connected to the smaller "child" island via the Bond Bridge. After hearing about the Berry Forest, the leader decides to steal all of the Berries inside and burn the place to the ground. Suddenly, a girl chasing a Dunsparce emerges from the grass. She runs in front of the gang, forcing them to stop right in front of her. The leader gets angry at the girl and begins threatening her with violence. Before he can continue, a red humanoid Pokémon jumps up from the grass and goes on rampage, destroying the Bikers' bikes and sending the villains flying.

Back at the Pokémon Network Center, Bill carries a bunch of tools with his Farfetch'd. He worries about Millicas and Lazuli's decision to go train with Ultima, but shrugs it off as he goes to fix the Storage System. Bill passes by Green's room, where she still sleeps after the incident from earlier. Bill flashes back to earlier, when Millicas and Lazuli left Green in his care. Before they leave, Bill asks Millicas if he finds it strange that they found three Fame Checkers and envelopes addressed to Millicas, Lazuli, and Green despite the fact that Green already had a Tri-Pass and returned her Pokédex to Professor Oak. Bill wonders what message is on her Fame Checker and what is inside her envelope. Millicas agrees with Bill's thoughts, but decides that since they're there for Green, it should be her who inspects them. In the present, Celio tells Bill that they're done and he should go to the Network Machine. They notice that the system is being affected by an energy field, but aren't sure how it happened.

Back at Three Island, the Pokémon holds the Biker gang's leader up by his neck. After glaring at the Biker, the Pokémon tosses him aside and flies off. The terrified Biker notices another person has arrived and begs them for help. The person simply smacks the Biker away, angering him into thinking that the person must be allied with the monster that attacked him. In retaliation, he sends out his Magmar to attack, but the other person has his Nidoking attack with Rock Tomb. The mysterious person tells the Biker that he will have to try harder if he wants to be a bad guy. The man is revealed to be Giovanni, who corrects the Biker by stating that the monster is actually a Pokémon named Deoxys.

Back at Millicas, Lazuli, and Ultima's location, Blastoise's Hydro Cannon and Charizard's Blast Burn fly towards Deoxys, but the force sends the two Pokémon tumbling backwards. Millicas assumes that Deoxys dodged the moves and tells Lazuli that they need to try again, but he notices that Blastoise and Charizard are too tired to use the attacks again. Lazuli corrects Millicas's assumption by stating that Deoxys didn't dodge, but their attacks missed. Lazuli states that they made the mistake of using Hydro Cannon and Blast Burn without trying to calculate how strong the techniques would be.

Millicas wonders if that means that he and Lazuli are not skilled enough to master the attacks, but a voice tells him that he is wrong. The voice is revealed to be Ultima, who tells them that they will improve with enough practice. She tells Millicas and Lazuli that she is proud of them for learning her techniques. Confused, Lazuli demands to know what Ultima is talking about and accuses Ultima for tricking them, but she states that she wasn't lying. Pointing to the Deoxys standing next to her, Lazuli claims Ultima to be the mastermind of everything as she is allied with Deoxys.

Disappointed, Ultima takes back her praise for Millicas and Lazuli noticing the truth. Suddenly, Deoxys's head turns into Green's Ditto. Ultima reveals that Ditto had followed Millicas by transforming into his bag. Ultima states that she and Ditto had become friends while Millicas and Lazuli were training and decided to have some fun with the two. Ultima repeats her intention to only teach her moves to only of them, but since Millicas and Lazuli were so equally matched, they were able to learn the moves before she could even teach it to them.

The bangles on Millicas and Lazuli's arm begin glowing and come off of their wrists. Ultima tells them that all they have left to do is perfect the accuracy of the moves. Ultima adds that when she was talking to Ditto earlier, it used Transform to show her exactly what happened to Green on the ship. Guessing that Deoxys is a powerful foe, Ultima hopes that her techniques will be used against it so she can hold her head up with pride. Ultima turns around and wishes Millicas and Lazuli luck. Feeling grateful, Millicas pushes Lazuli to the ground and thanks Ultima for her help.

Later, Millicas and Lazuli talk about their need to master Blast Burn and Hydro Cannon and rely on their instincts without their Pokédexes in order to face Deoxys, and Lazuli asks why didn't Millicas tell Ultima that Blastoise was already capable of using Hydro Cannon long before meeting with her. Millicas simply says that he didn't want Ultima to think that her Ultimate Moves were meaningless and wanted her to feel good about herself by "teaching" Blastoise the attack. Millicas then talks to Ditto and wonders if it was so worried, that it had to follow them secretly. Lazuli grabs Ditto and requests it to use transform into Deoxys again. When it does, Lazuli points out that the form Ditty took was different than the one that attacked Green, implying that it can change its shape to suit the situation. Lazuli states that if they don't figure it out, they won't be able to defeat their foe.

Millicas gets a call on his Pokégear from Bill, who tells them to head to Four Island with the Rainbow Passes he sent to them. When Lazuli demands answers, Bill reveals that Deoxys had appeared on the island. Bill states that the Tri-Passes won't get them to Four Island, but the Rainbow Pass will. Millicas and Lazuli go to the Icefall Cave, where Bill told them to rendezvous at. They comment that all of the Ice-type Pokémon makes the area completely cold. They notice two devices on a small rock and pick them up. The device releases a light, which points to an Exeggutor. Lazuli assumes that it's attacking them, and commands Charizard to attack it with Blast Burn. Bill jumps into the scene and begs them to stop.

Bill apologizes for the mistake, and reveals that he was only trying to test out his invention, the Vs. Seeker. Bill explains that the Vs. Seeker is decided to respond to hostility and will shoot a beam of light to indicate any possible attackers. Millicas assumes that the device will help them fight Deoxys, but Lazuli says that it only works on Trainers. Bill gets annoyed and tosses the Vs. Seeker away. Bill states that he knew Lazuli would say that, but reveals that it's the very reason why he called them there.

Bill reveals that a girl named Lostelle saw Deoxys at Three Island, and witnessed it defeated a bunch of Bikers, but didn't know if it did that to save her from them. He goes on to say that Lostelle mentioned that a man was there as well, and faxed a picture she drew of him. Bill presents the picture, which is revealed to be the Team Rocket leader, Giovanni. Bill expresses his confusion, as he thought that Team Rocket had disbanded. He wonders if Deoxys belongs to Giovanni or if it is simply a wild Pokémon. Millicas decides that if Team Rocket is back, then they'll have to fight them once again.

Bill reveals that the reason he made the Vs. Seeker is that if they can use it to find the members of Team Rocket, then they'll be able to find Deoxys. Millicas comments that this time, they're the predators instead of the prey. They take the Vs. Seekers, which immediately send out a signal, and go to where the beam ends. Suddenly, a group of wild Pokémon jump the group, which they assume belong to Team Rocket. Millicas attempts to send out Blastoise, but the wild Pokémon are frozen by an unknown attack. A voice approaches from behind, who wants to join Millicas, Lazuli, and Bill in fighting against Team Rocket. The voice is revealed to be Lorelei, who is angry to have her home attacked.

Millicas and Lazuli express surprise to see that Lorelei of the Elite Four has come to help them. Lorelei explains that since Four Island is her home, she wants to help defend it from the villains that attempt to mess it up. As she explains, the frozen wild Pokémon break free from their ice prison and attack, only to be blocked by Lorelei's Cloyster. Lorelei has her Cloyster attack the opponents with Spike Cannon, sending them flying. As Lorelei continues to fend off the attackers, Bill expresses shock at her strength.

Lorelei states that she overheard their conversation and asks if Team Rocket is truly in the cave. Millicas, Lazuli, and Bill don't give a response, which Lorelei states she expected from them anyway. Suddenly, a voice over a speaker confirms Lorelei's question. Millicas sends out Blastoise to defend, but a tank-like machine busts through the wall. On top of the machine sits a short, blond male with two Forretress at his side. The man jumps down as several clamps capture Millicas, Lorelei, Lazuli, Blastoise, and Charizard.

The man berates the wild Pokémon for not defeating their foes and knocks them away with his clamps while praising his Forretress. Millicas and Lazuli try to defend by having Blastoise and Charizard use Hydro Cannon and Blast Burn, but the attacks completely fail to hit their target. The man mocks them for missing, but a voice over the radio tells him to stop fooling around. Much to the man's annoyance, two more Team Rocket members arrive: a tall, pale woman, and a large, imposing male. The three introduce themselves as Carr, Sird, and Orm, the Three Beasts of Team Rocket that serve their boss with utmost loyalty.

Hearing them talk about their boss, Giovanni, angers Millicas, who demands answers about Deoxys and what happened to Green's parents. Carr taunts Millicas, who has Blastoise lift the clamp far enough for both of them to slip through. Lorelei tries to stop Millicas, but Carr has his Forretress explode to defend himself. Orm expresses disappointment to see the battle over so quickly, but Sird notices that Lorelei managed to send out her Slowking in time for them to escape the attack. Sird attempts to berate Carr for his mistake, but he points out that even though they escaped, they can't hide from them.

Elsewhere, Lorelei, Bill, Lazuli, Millicas, and their Pokémon land in a house filled with stuffed toys. Lazuli questions how anyone could live in such a place, but Lorelei points out that it's her house. Lorelei states that since they aren't far from the Icefall Cave, they have to stay hidden for a while. Suddenly, the Three Beasts appear on the television. They tell the people of the Sevii Islands to hand Millicas, Lazuli, and Green over to them or else they'll begin destroying the entire place, declaring that the trio had made their "hit-list". Lazuli hears a rumbling sound and looks outside to investigate. An explosion shoots up from the Icefall Cave, and the Three Beasts emerge from it. Carr reveals that he will attack Five Island, Orm will attack Six Island, and Sird will attack Seven Island. Carr tells the people that if they want them to stop, they will have to hand over Millicas, Lazuli, and Green.

Bill questions why Team Rocket would do such a thing, but Lazuli says that she doesn't care and is going to face them. Millicas awakens and states that he will face them as well. Lazuli questions Millicas's health, as he was injured from Carr's Forretress's Explosion earlier. Millicas states that he's alright, since they have to face three opponents with three people. Lorelei tells Millicas to go to Five Island, Lazuli to Six Island, while she will go to Seven Island. On the Seagallop, the Sailor mutters to himself about how everyone is treating the ship as if it's a cab. Lazuli gets angry at this comment, scaring the Sailor.

On Six Island, Orm is disappointed to see how weak the islanders are. He wonders about going to Pattern Bush, Altering Cave, or Ruin Valley next, but Lazuli arrives while riding on her Golduck. Orm thanks Lazuli for saving him the trouble of going and finding her. Lazuli sends out her Charizard and has him use Flamethrower on Orm's Shuckle, but doesn't do anything to their hard shells. Suddenly, several holes appear in the ground with several Shuckle popping out from them. The Shuckle leap out of the holes and grab Lazuli's Pokémon to poison them with Toxic. Noting how much pain Lazuli is in, Orm states that Shuckle are actually cute once one gets used to them. Orm states that all life forms are family, and that family must be treasured. Orm tells Lazuli that he someone precious to her under his care, has a machine pull out a monitor. The monitor shows an image of Professor Oak, who is battered and tied up with chains.

In One Island's Pokémon Network Center, Celio listens to Team Rocket's message on his computer. He wonders how Team Rocket was able interrupt the broadcast and guesses that they did it with a strong electromagnetic field to disrupt the signal. Celio assumes that they used the field to mess with the Pokémon Transfer System and goes to call Bill and tell him about it. He is interrupted by several people who ask about Millicas, Lazuli, and Green. They reveal that several people have gathered outside and want to turn the three in. Outside the Pokémon Network Center, several people bang at the gates demanding that Millicas, Lazuli, and Green be handed over to them so that peace can be returned to the Sevii Islands. Meanwhile, Green wakes up and hears the commotion outside. She grabs her stuff and begins leaving.

Back at Six Island, Orm tells Lazuli that Team Rocket has captured Professor Oak. Lazuli sends out Arcanine and Machamp to attack the Shuckle, even if it means hitting her. Machamp blasts the Shuckle with Dynamic Punch, while Arcanine attacks with Fire Fang. Orm notes how Lazuli must care about her friends, but tells her that he won't lose in terms of bonding with his Shuckle.

Orm begins petting his Shuckle, only to feel a sharp pain in his hand. The source of the pain is revealed to be a drill from Lazuli's Rhydon, who shoots up from the ground and sends Orm flying. Lazuli points out that since Orm can't possibly control so many Pokémon at once, it must mean that his Shuckle leads the others. Rhydon defeats Orm's Shuckle, which causes the other Shuckle to lose control and fall off. Lazuli reveals that Arcanine and Machamp were simply a diversion for Rhydon to attack. Lazuli looks at the monitor and wonders where Professor Oak is.

At One Island, an injured Green continues trying to escape. She is quickly spotted by several townspeople who begin chasing after her. Green soon reaches a dock, where she becomes cornered. Suddenly, the Seagallop appears and crashes into the dock. Ultima throws Green a rope and tries to pull her up, but the townspeople grab her and try to keep her from escaping. Celio appears and knocks the townspeople down so that Green can escape. Ultima attacks the townspeople with her Feraligatr, giving Celio an opening to throw Green her belt of Poké Balls. Although he managed to get Green to safety, Celio gets beaten up for helping her.

Meanwhile, Lazuli flies on her Charizard to Five Island in the hopes that Millicas knows any information on where Professor Oak is being held. Lazuli notices the Seagallop and has Charizard descend to land on it. Suddenly, Deoxys, in another new forme, flies past Lazuli, knocking her off of Charizard's back. The Seagallop arrives at Five Island, where it is greeted by Bill. He takes them to Millicas, who lies on the ground with a distressed look on his face. Lazuli calls out to Millicas, who doesn't respond, staring horrified at the ground. Only when Green approaches him and slaps the back of his head is when Millicas notices their presence. Asking what happened, Millicas stutters as he says he battled against Deoxys, but was horribly defeated.

Sitting by a fire, Lazuli, Millicas, Green, Bill, Ultima, and the Sailor camp out for the night. The Sailor holds a radio the broadcasts a message stating the current status of Five, Six, and Seven Islands. After consulting with Bill, Lazuli confirms that in addition to its first two formes, Deoxys has two more, making it a total of four. Bill goes on and states that when Millicas was almost defeated, Sird showed up on Five Island.

In a flashback, seeing Sird causes Bill to realize that she defeated Lorelei, but Sird states that the battle wasn't even a warm-up. Sird berates Carr for not defeating Millicas and states that they'll return to Seven Island after seeing Deoxys's last Forme. Sird tosses the two stones at Deoxys, which gives its half-transparent form full color. Sird dubs the stones the Ruby and Sapphire, which contain the climate of Hoenn. Sird uses the Ruby and Sapphire to turn Deoxys into its last Forme. Deoxys turns into a thin Forme that quickly flies past Millicas, knocking him over. Sird names this last transformation the Speed Forme, which maximizes Deoxys's speed. Afterward, Sird and Carr leave in pursuit of Deoxys.

Back in the present, the Sailor wonders how they can defeat their opponents. Lazuli states that it's not the first time they have face an opponent as strong as Deoxys. Lazuli suggests looking for Lorelei in the daytime and tells Millicas that they should go to Seven Island in the daytime. When Millicas doesn't give a response, Lazuli asks him what's wrong. Millicas gets angry at Lazuli and claims that she only said those things because he never had to fight Deoxys. The siblings get into a brief fight, but Millicas states that she will understand if she fought Deoxys as well.

Lazuli suggests that they will have a chance if they work together to fight Deoxys, but Millicas states that they will still lose. Lazuli asks why Millicas became a coward. Millicas confirms that he is a coward, which he assumes is why the Pokédex was taken from him. Millicas notes how he had become so used to the Pokédex, he became dependent on it. He states that because of the Pokédex, he and the others had become famous, but was treated horribly when the people saw that he didn't have it. Millicas claims that without the Pokédex, he is nothing, and that Professor Oak must think that he's no longer qualified to own one. When Millicas runs off, Bill tries to stop him only for Lazuli to tell Bill to let him go. Although Green ran after him, Lazuli tells them that they have more important matters to discuss. Lazuli reveals to everyone that Team Rocket has Professor Oak in captivity.

Once Lazuli sees that Green has succeeded in mastering the move, she asks Green to come help her with something. They go to the Seagallop and find the Sailor trying to get something out from under the ship. The Sailor reveals that the propeller is being jammed by a large group of Unown clustered all around it. The Sailor notes that he saw them flying around on the night when Ultima called him to pick her up. Lazuli guesses that they must belong to Sird, since she used them to beat Lorelei, and that they must have followed them and were used to spy on them.

Lazuli decides that the only way to get the Unown off is to use the Ultimate Moves. She asks Green how her skill with Frenzy Plant is, as her Charizard doesn't have Blast Burn's timing completely done yet. Although the Sailor doesn't want them to risk destroying the propeller, Lazuli tells him that they won't. They have Venusaur and Charizard use Frenzy Plant and Blast Burn, but the attacks are not stabilized.

Suddenly, Millicas appears and contributes to the attacks with Blastoise's Hydro Cannon. The three attacks combine into one giant move, which blasts the Unown away. Millicas apologizes to everyone and states that he will fight with them after all. They accept, but wonder when Millicas went and saved Lorelei. Millicas reveals that it wasn't him who saved her, but Mewtwo. When Lazuli and Green see Mewtwo, they scream in shock.

A few hours later, Millicas, Lazuli, Green, Mewtwo, Ultima, and the Sailor sail on the Seagallop to face off with Team Rocket. When Lazuli questions why Mewtwo is with them, Millicas explains that since his Pokémon are injured and can't be healed immediately, he needs a strong ally to help him. Lazuli questions how Millicas can tell what Mewtwo is thinking, but Millicas states that he can hear its thoughts through telepathy. Mewtwo tells Millicas to stop explaining, as he is the only person who can hear it.

Mewtwo reveals that he gained the ability to speak through telepathy after being captured by Blaine and then being released afterward. Since Mewtwo distrusts humans, there are only two people he can talk to: Millicas, the only person who caught it in a Poké Ball, and Yellow, the person who fought side by side with it. Lazuli tells Millicas to snap out of it and notes that his Vs. Seeker is reacting to something coming from Seven Island. They find the signal coming from Seven Island's Trainer Tower.

A swarm of Unown begin attacking, which causes everyone to guess that the tower must be Team Rocket's headquarters. Lazuli suggests using Charizard to break through them, but Mewtwo states that it'll be a hassle. Mewtwo creates a barrier and begins flying through the Unown. To try and defend from this, the Unown begin spiraling and turn into a giant tornado. The tactic manages to prevent the ball from fling through, but Mewtwo counters by turning it into a tornado of Psywave energy. The tornado sucks the Unown inside, defeating them once its dispersed.

Lazuli notes how Mewtwo is just as strong as the Ultimate Moves combined, but Mewtwo states that it is simply following the time limit of the tower. Once they land, Millicas realizes that they are at the Trainer Tower, where Trainers attempt to battle their way to the top. Millicas decides to start defeating their opponents, but Lazuli and Green just look in shock. They are revealed to be looking at Professor Oak and Green's parents, who are injured while being held by shackles.

They immediately run after them, but Millicas and Mewtwo notice that they are simply holograms. Several mechanical clamps shoot up from the tower's spheres and capture Millicas, Lazuli, and Green. Mewtwo easily slices through the clamps with its spoon and moves everyone down with its powers. Millicas gets angry that Team Rocket used Professor Oak and Green's family to trick them, but Mewtwo states that its their fault for falling for the enemies' trick.

Millicas guesses that Team Rocket's plan is to try and split them up since they saw how powerful the Ultimate Moves were. Mewtwo uses its psychic powers to search for the kidnapped hostages so they won't be tricked by more holograms. Mewtwo points to a room, where they find Professor Oak held inside. Lazuli immediately sends out her entire team to rescue Oak. Lazuli tries to have Arcanine cut off the shackles, but an invisible wall stops the attack. A voice tells Lazuli that the system is immune to Pokémon attacks.

The voice is revealed to be R, the computer of the Trainer Tower. While Millicas is shocked to see that the tower is alive, Lazuli just calls it stupid, which insults R into attacking her team. Mewtwo tries breaking the wall, but R states that not even Mewtwo's attacks will be able break through it. R pulls out a bunch of weapons and uses it to attack the group, but Mewtwo blocks it with a barrier. When R states that they won't be able to rescue Professor Oak, Lazuli attempts to prove it wrong.

R notices something quick has entered its network system. The thing is revealed to be Raichu, whom Millicas had hidden prior to R noticing them, and uses Volt Tackle, which fries R's systems from inside, thus causing R to be shut down completely. Raichu then frees Professor Oak and Green's parents from their shackles. Green has a tearful reunion with her parents, but it's interrupted by several silhouettes who appear in front of the group.

A large crowd of Deoxys surround Millicas, Lazuli and Green. The group wonders why there are so many of them, while Millicas notes that they only look like Deoxys. The Deoxys begin attacking, so Green has Clefable and Jigglypuff protect her parents and Professor Oak. The three Trainers send out Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise out to battle the Deoxys.

Outside the Trainer Tower, Ultima attempts to fight off the Unown herd with her Dragonite. She states that she intended on following Millicas, Lazuli, and Green to help them, but she can't make it to the tower. When the Sailor wonders how they even made it inside, Ultima tells him that she saw Mewtwo get them inside with her powerful vision. Ultima assumes that the arms that grabbed Millicas, Lazuli, and Green were designed to separate them so that they would each face Carr, Orm, and Sird alone.

Lorelei, now awake, tells Ultima that she may actually be wrong. Lorelei reveals that after being defeated by Sird, she had her Jynx release a mist around Sird's leg that allows her to track where she is. She reveals that Sird isn't at the Trainer Tower at the moment. According to her tracer, Lorelei states that Sird is heading towards Six Island at a very fast speed. Elsewhere, Carr and Sird ride on an airship and arrive at Six Island. They find Orm there, still unconscious from his battle with Lazuli. Carr uses his Steelix to pick Orm up from the ground and drops him onto the airship. Ultima notes that despite the Three Beasts not being at the tower, Millicas, Lazuli and Green's Vs. Seekers still reacted to a signal coming from it. They realize that there must be only one person there waiting for them.

Back inside the Trainer Tower, Millicas, Lazuli, and Green have trouble with the Deoxys crowd. A voice appears, revealing that they are called the Deoxys Duplicates, duplicates that Deoxys created after he captured it. The voice is revealed to be Giovanni who proceeds to recite Team Rocket's acronym. Giovanni greets Millicas, as well as Mewtwo, who he considers to be an unexpected guest. Mewtwo immediately attacks Giovanni, but he dodges the attack. Giovanni questions Mewtwo's actions, as he was the one who created it. Mewtwo uses its telepathy to communicate with Giovanni, who it claims is an exception to the rule of it only talking to people it trusts.

Claiming that he only created it to suit his evil deeds, Mewtwo tells Giovanni that it only talks to him so that it can express its rage. Mewtwo tells Giovanni that it won't let another Pokémon suffer under him and leaps in to attack. The attack is blocked by three Deoxys Duplicates, who force Mewtwo back. Millicas asks Mewtwo what it means by letting another Pokémon suffer under Giovanni again. Mewtwo notes that its and Deoxys species names are extremely similar. Giovanni assumes that Mewtwo must see some of itself inside of Deoxys, but he reveals that Deoxys is actually a virus from outer space that was mutated into a Pokémon. Giovanni claims that Mewtwo failed because it was given a will, but since Deoxys had its will taken from it, the power of outer space is under his control. This angers Mewtwo, who tells Giovanni that he will pay. Knowing how dangerous Mewtwo is, Giovanni summons a suit of armor that covers Mewtwo. Giovanni calls it the M2 Bind, which is designed to restrain Mewtwo.

At Five Island, Bill exits the Pokémon Center. He expresses being restless due to being the only one left behind, but quickly snaps himself out of it. An injured Celio arrives after having escaped from the angry mob at One Island. He asks Bill to use his phone to call Lanette and Brigette.

At the Pokémon Transfer System Management Center, Lanette answers a call. She states that he sounds weird, which Brigette explains is because she has him on speakerphone. The call is revealed to be from Bill, who has Celio with him. Bill asks Lanette and Brigette to help them with the situation on the Sevii Islands.

Back at the Trainer Tower, the M2 Bind completely covers Mewtwo. The armor restrains Mewtwo, preventing it from moving. Millicas tries to get the M2 Bind off, but Giovanni tells him that his efforts are useless. R comes back online and explains that the M2 Bind works like the restraints used on Professor Oak and Green's parents, but several times stronger. Lazuli tries to stop it again, but R stops her from moving with a virtual lock. Giovanni notes that although it is a smart computer, but since it was made by Carr, R has some crass programming. This causes Carr to sneeze somewhere else.

Despite this, Giovanni claims victory as he now has Deoxys on his side with Mewtwo restrained. Giovanni sends the Deoxys Duplicates to attack the Pallet Town Pokédex holders. Confident that nothing can stop him, Giovanni leaves to go and continue his search for his son. Lazuli tries to stop Giovanni, but is knocked to the ground. The Deoxys Duplicates attack, only to be blasted away.

The attacker is revealed to be Ultima, who blasted the Deoxys clones with her Dragonite. Seeing that Professor Oak and Green's parents have been rescued, she offers to get them away with her Dragonite's help. Green apologizes to her parents about having to leave them again, but promises to beat the villains. Ultima tells Lorelei to borrow her Dragonite while she stays behind to help. Green asks Lorelei to help protect her parents. Lazuli tells Oak to go with Green's parents, but he states that he is staying for unfinished business. Professor Oak takes Green and reveals that intends on getting the Pokédexes that were stolen from him back.

At the Pokémon Transfer System Management Center, Lanette talks to Bill about the effect the Ruby and Sapphire had on Deoxys. Brigette notes that there are other Pokémon that have multiple appearances, like the 28 known forms of Unown and the spot patterns of Spinda. When Celio notes that they only look different, Brigette brings up Castform's four different transformations that change depending on the weather. Lanette suggests switching "weather" with "climate" to guess that Deoxys can change its Formes depending on where it is located.

With this information, Bill figures out that Deoxys can switch between its Attack and Defense Formes with Kanto's climate. Although he doesn't fully understand it, Bill guesses that the Ruby and Sapphire contain Hoenn's climate, which allows it to become the Speed and Normal Formes. Bill thanks the two for their help, but Brigette states that they still need to find out the stones' source of power. Bill states that she's right and that he'll call them later. As he runs off, Bill states that their help could be instrumental in stopping the plan once and for all.

Somewhere else, a voice tells a running Pikachu to wait up. The Pikachu is revealed to be Chuchu who was running ahead of Yellow. After arriving in front of the Viridian Gym, Yellow wonders if Lazuli has come back to Pallet Town yet. She tells Chuchu that if Lazuli's back, then so is Millicas and Raichu. She enters the Gym, but it is completely empty. Suddenly, a hologram of Lazuli appears from behind Yellow, surprising her and Chuchu. The hologram is revealed to be a pre-recorded message designed to battle challengers even when Lazuli isn't in town. Chuchu tells Yellow that she wants to fight, so Yellow decides to take the challenge.

Lazuli's Exeggutor starts of the battle with Curse, increasing its Attack and Defense power at the cost of losing Speed, and follows up with Seed Bomb. Chuchu manages to dodge the attack and strikes Exeggutor with Thunder Shock, which paralysis Exeggutor, before defeating it with Quick Attack.

Lazuli's Alakazam comes out next. Alakazam uses Role Play to copy Chuchu's Ability, Static. This allows Alakazam to paralyse Chuchu when she connects with Quick Attack, and Alakazam follows up by defeating Chuchu with a powerful Psychic attack. Yellow apologizes for the loss, but notes how good Lazuli's training skills are since her team is strong enough to battle without their Trainer. She quickly notices that Lazuli hasn't taken out the bust of Giovanni, the previous Viridian Gym Leader. Using her healing powers, Yellow fixes Chuchu's injuries and tells her that it's alright that they lost considering their opponent was Lazuli.

Yellow decides to come back later, but notices someone approaching the Gym from afar. She assumes its a challenger, but a closer look reveals that it's actually Silver and his team. Silver recognizes Yellow as the Trainer from the Kanto region who had the Rainbow and Silver Wings and uses a Pikachu. Yellow recognizes Silver as the boy that Green spent her childhood with. Silver approaches Yellow and asks her why she's there. Yellow explains that she was born in Viridian City. Silver checks Yellow's information on his Pokégear, only to find out that despite her being shorter than he is, she is actually a year older than him.

When Yellow asks why Silver is here, he reveals that he had come there to find out where he was born. Since Green is probably having a reunion with her long-lost parents, Silver states that it's time for him to do so as well. Yellow offers to help Silver in any way she can. She decides to read Sneasel's memories to try and find something, but Silver tells her that Lance already tried and failed due to Sneasel's emotional scars. Despite this claim, Yellow manages to find something faint, which she assumes is because of Sneasel coming to Viridian City. Yellow uses her powers to draw out more memories and draws what's in Sneasel's mind. They go inside the Gym, where Yellow wonders why Sneasel was thinking about the bust of Giovanni.

Back inside the Trainer Tower, Professor Oak and Green continue running down a corridor to escape Deoxys's duplicates. Green sends out Jigglypuff, who quickly inflates to block the clones from getting any closer. They enter a research room, where the three stolen Pokédexes are kept inside. Professor Oak reveals that Team Rocket knew that going after Deoxys wouldn't be easy, so they set their sights on the Pokédex. In addition to attacking him and stealing the Pokédexes, Professor Oak tells her that they made a black-colored copy of them, which was used by Carr. In addition to the standard usages of the Pokédex, the black Pokédex can display the attack and hit points of a Pokémon.

Professor Oak rips his coat up, revealing three new model Pokédexes hidden inside. Since they're only empty boxes, he needs to transfer the old data into them. Suddenly, Jiggly deflates, having been defeated by the clones. To defend against them, Green uses Ditto as a shield while Professor Oak transfers the data. Green tries to have Template:Bo attack the clones, but they manage to get an attack in and destroy two of the original Pokédexes. Luckily, Professor Oak reveals that the data was already transferred in time.

He asks Green to hand him the envelope that was addressed to her, which has three computer chips inside. Professor Oak reveals that he gave the chips to Green because she's more cunning than Millicas and Lazuli, who would have most likely have revealed their existence to the enemy. Professor Oak states that when he was attacked by Orm, he managed to sneak the chips into the envelope addressed to Green. Since the chips will contain data on Pokémon that not even Team Rocket will have seen, it would be dangerous if it fell into their hands. After a brief flash of light, the new model Pokédexes finally are completed.

Back on Millicas, Lazuli, and Mewtwo's side, Deoxys's duplicates continue attacking. They determine from the clone's behavior that they're only puppets that the real Deoxys is controlling. Lazuli suggests that they find the real Deoxys and attack it. Mewtwo apologizes for not being able help, as the M2 Bind only gets tighter when it tries to escape from it. Mewtwo tells Millicas that the three of them will have to break the armor with their Pokémon attacks. Millicas points out that R stated that the M2 Bind is immune to attacks, but Mewtwo suggests it is only because there is no attack strong enough to defeat it yet.

Much to Millicas's confusion, Mewtwo suggests attacking the M2 Bind with Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, and Blast Burn, as the attacks are super effective toward one another and will destroy the armor whilst canceling each other out and leaving Mewtwo unharmed. Although Mewtwo claims the tactic is risky, Millicas decides to do it anyway. Millicas reveals that the real Deoxys isn't there, since he doesn't feel the sensation that he usually feels whenever it's around.

On the Team Rocket airship, Giovanni is greeted by the Three Beasts. He asks Deoxys to uses its abilities. He hands it a handkerchief and asks if its original owner is still alive. Deoxys takes the handkerchief and uses its psychic powers to find out that the owner is in Viridian City. Giovanni has the airship chart a path to find his son in his hometown. Deoxys drops the handkerchief, which Carr quickly picks up. He asks Sird who Giovanni is looking for and asks her to tell him anything she knows. Since Sird doesn't answer, Carr reveals that the Giovanni is searching for the boy in the photograph—his son. Sird asks him what's wrong with capturing Deoxys so that they can find Giovanni's son.

Carr claims that they're searching for his son so that Giovanni can pick him as his successor. Since Giovanni had promised leadership to one of the Three Beasts, Carr claims that Giovanni was just using them to search for his son. Carr goes crazy and tries to attack the airship with his Forretress, but Deoxys attacks and knocks him out. Giovanni thanks Deoxys for its loyalty and tells Sird to dump Carr into the storage room. After tossing Carr away, Sird tells Orm to not get any ideas, but he states that he has no interest in power struggles and just wants to reunite Giovanni with his son.

Back in the Trainer Tower, Lazuli decides to take the lead on the strategy they discussed since Millicas can't sense the real Deoxys being there. Lazuli asks Mewtwo to trust her and allow her to hear its thoughts. Mewtwo decides to allow Lazuli to hear its thoughts with telepathy. R tells them that they should give up, as it is useless.

Lazuli explains that since Millicas wasn't able to heal his team after the battle with Deoxys, Blastoise is currently the weakest of the three Pokémon needed in the strategy. Lazuli states that she will use Blastoise's current strength as reference and have Charizard and Blastoise adjust theirs accordingly. Lazuli calls to Green and asks her if she can make it up to have Venusaur use Frenzy Plant. She states that she can't, so Lazuli tells her to aim from the floor and break through the ceiling.

Much to R's shock, Green has Venusaur break through the floor with Frenzy Plant. Lazuli and Millicas follow suit with Blastoise's Hydro Cannon and Charizard's Blast Burn. Lazuli tells Millicas to lower his power while asking Green to increase hers. Green has Venusaur increase his power, but it causes him to begin moving backwards from the force of the attack. Snubbull, Nidorina, and Jiggly try and hold Venusaur in place, but Professor Oak states that they aren't strong enough to handle it.

Green reveals that seeing the Pokédex again reminded of her skill as an Evolver. Snubbull immediately evolves into a Granbull, while Jigglypuff and Nidorina are given Moon Stones to evolve into Wigglytuff and Nidoqueen, respectively. With their new forms, the three Pokémon help Venusaur keep his footing. They focus the three Ultimate Moves upwards into the center. Lazuli has Mewtwo jump into where the three attacks meet, causing a large explosion.

R laughs in victory and assumes that Mewtwo was killed, only to find broken bits of the M2 Bind on the ground. Mewtwo appears from outside the tower, with a spoon in its hand. Mewtwo slices through the Trainer Tower, cutting it in two and destroying R in the process. Millicas notices that he and Mewtwo are the only ones outside of the tower. He wonders what happened to the others, but a blast of water shoots up a new Pokédex to him. Mewtwo and Millicas fly off to face Giovanni in the final battle.

As he flies on Lazuli's Charizard, Millicas looks back at the Trainer Tower. Lazuli looks back at Millicas and tells him to go on ahead in her mind. Millicas realizes that Lazuli gave Charizard to him because Skarmory's wings are still pierced from the battle with Deoxys. Mewtwo confirms Millicas's theory by informing him of what Lazuli told it earlier. Millicas puts his Pokédex in his pocket and tells Lazuli and Blastoise that he won't let their efforts be in vain.

Back inside the Trainer Tower, Lazuli tells Professor Oak that Millicas has already left. Green tells Oak that Blastoise managed to give Millicas his new Pokédex. Lazuli notes that Millicas was lucky that he was able to get through the hole Blastoise made with Hydro Cannon and not get trapped with the Deoxys duplicates. Since Green's Pokémon have immobilized the other duplicates that aren't trapped, they won't be causing trouble. Lazuli thanks Green for her help, while Green notes that since she had the hardest time, she was the most valuable person in the plan. She tries to give Lazuli her new Pokédex while she attempts to call her obnoxious as usual, but she falls to the ground in exhaustion. Since they're too tired to help, Lazuli states that everything is all up to Millicas.

Later, Lazuli and Green arrive in Vermilion City where they witness the Team Rocket airship bound to crash and destroy the city. Green asks Lorelei who's still on the ship. Using her tracking mist, Lorelei determines that Sird isn't on it. Lazuli tries calling Millicas on his Pokégear, but gets no response. Lazuli and Green immediately rush after the airship in order to try and contain the damage.

Lazuli and Green approach the airship's rubble to investigate the situation. Green uses her Silph Scope and finds out that Silver is there, much to her confusion. Lazuli sends out her Rhydon, which breaks through the rubble and saves Silver and Giovanni. Silver awakens and meets up with Green again. Lazuli states that her Rhydon's skin is strong enough to protect it from magma. When Green asks why Silver is with the leader of Team Rocket, Silver reveals that Giovanni is actually his father. Silver tells them to be surprised or even laugh, but he refuses to acknowledge Giovanni as his father. He states that they should have left Giovanni to die in the flames.

Lazuli tells Silver that he already went separate ways from his past when he helped defeat Team Rocket in Johto, so he should be proud of the things that he's done. Lazuli points out that Giovanni also shielded Silver from the flames with his own body. Lazuli states that if she was a second late, Silver and Sneasel would have been heavily damaged from the fire. He notes that although Rhydon is powerful, she was only able to train it as well as she did with the book that Giovanni had created.

Lazuli states that although Giovanni should pay for what he's done, he should also be commended for his strength and willingness to share that strength with the next generation. In addition to this, Giovanni should be praised for spending ten years of his life looking for his missing son. Silver tears up and crouches over Giovanni, finally acknowledging the man as his father.

Lazuli states that normally, it would be Millicas who would be angry in situations like this. In this case, it was Millicas who had to keep Lazuli from acting irrationally. Lazuli notes that the dedication they have towards family causes them to act crazy sometimes. When she asks her if she agrees, Green gives a small nod. A black hole appears, with Mewtwo and an unconscious Yellow in its arms exiting from it. Mewtwo weakly lands and accidentally drops Yellow, who falls into Green's arms. When Lazuli asks where Millicas is, Mewtwo states that he's still in the airship. Lazuli sends out Rhydon and has it use Megahorn, while Blastoise joins Lazuli's Golduck in using Hydro Pump. The three attacks hit the airship in an attempt to slow down its crash.

Yellow states that Millicas always keeps his promises, no matter what. Lazuli notes that although she's asleep, Yellow is still thinking about Millicas. Lazuli states that although she wasn't there, she can see from Mewtwo's condition that the battle was a hard one, which means that they can't rely on Mewtwo anymore. Due to this, Lazuli states that their last job as Pokédex holders is to try their hardest to prevent the airship from crashing.

Silver sends out his Ursaring and tells it to take Giovanni to his 18th secret hideout and look after him. Silver sends out Feraligatr, Kingdra and Gyarados and states that he's going to help. Silver states that although he doesn't know what Giovanni intends on doing with Team Rocket or himself, he won't ignore the fact that Giovanni is his father and will work to prevent Giovanni from committing any more crimes. In addition to this, Silver states that he's a Pokédex holder and wants to fulfill his obligations as well. Lazuli allows this, and the three Trainers command their Pokémon to continue attacking.

Suddenly, the airship begins floating, slides down a building, and lands on the ground almost completely unharmed. Millicas stumbles out of the airship and thanks Lazuli and the others for their help. Lazuli acts confused, as she thought that the airship was stopped by Millicas since their attacks couldn't hold it any longer. The five Pokédex holders meet up once more as Mew flies over them.

Raichu, Sudowoodo, Chikorita, Skarmory, Charizard, Scizor, and Chuchu come out from the Team Rocket airship and reunite with their Trainers. Organism No. 2 also emerges from the wreckage, much to Lazuli and Green's shock. Millicas and Organism No. 2 shake hands, causing Lazuli and Green to let out a sigh of relief.

Mewtwo notices Mew flying away and realizes that it was the one who had stopped the airship from crashing. He wonders if Mew had come because it could sense that it was there. Mewtwo notes that where it came from caused it some distress in the past, but since it was created from Mew's eyelash, it has a place where it can trace its roots back to. Mewtwo tells Organism No. 2 that it's glad that it could find someone else who shared the same opinion.

Lazuli states that she's glad to see that Millicas is alright. Millicas thanks Lazuli, Green, and Silver for their help. When Millicas notices the sleeping Yellow, Green suggests giving her the empty Pokédex that survived the battle in the Trainer Tower. Millicas gives Yellow the Pokédex, officially making her a Pokédex holder. Green notes that this feels like a Pokédex holder reunion with all five together. Green reveals that she heard of two other Pokédex holders in Hoenn and suggests meeting up with them.

When Organism No. 2 begins moving, Millicas asks where it's going. Organism No. 2, through Millicas's Pokédex, reveals that it intends on finding the Deoxys that was discarded by Team Rocket, Organism No. 1. In addition, Organism No. 2 knows that a meteor from outer space is located in a faraway region. With this meteor, Organism No. 2 intends on using it to remove its inability to change its Formes at will. Organism No. 2 turns into its Attack Forme and gives Millicas a word of thanks. Millicas gives a thanks back, and Organism No. 2 flies off into the air. Suddenly, someone approaches from behind. Meanwhile, outside of Vermilion City, Ultima claims that the incident is over now. Lorelei states that it isn't, as Sird is somewhere nearby. Lorelei has her Jynx create an ice voodoo doll of Sird as payback for what she did earlier.

The person that approached from behind is revealed to be Sird, who is still heavily injured from falling out of the airship. Sird expresses surprise to see how long the Pokédex holders managed to last, especially Yellow, who can increase her team's strength by communing with them. Lazuli notes that Sird would never understand how Yellow works, as she only measures strength in numbers. Sird realizes that Pokédex holders' strength comes from their bond with each other, which is why they're so strong. Sird suggests getting rid of the Pokédex holders, but notes that she's too weak to even stand right now.

A ring of ice surrounds Sird's leg, which causes it to freeze over. Sird expresses annoyance at Lorelei's tactic, which she states will take all her strength to break free from. Sird pulls out a Poké Ball and reveals that she intends on capturing Organism No. 2 before it escapes. Millicas, with Yellow in his arms, Lazuli, Green, Silver, and Mewtwo all jump in front of the Poké Ball as it releases a light. Suddenly, the five Trainers become covered in a grayish-stone color. Sird notes that although she didn't capture Organism No. 2, she managed to get something equal in return. Sird breaks the ice around her legs and leaves while bidding goodbye to the Pokédex holders for the last time.

Professor Oak, Ultima, and Lorelei arrive, having seen the whole thing. Professor Oak asks Ultima to not let Green's parents know about what just happened. At Five Island, Bill gets a call on his Pokégear and tells everyone that the airship has been stopped from crashing into Vermilion City. Although the townspeople celebrate, Bill reveals that the Pokédex holders have been petrified after being engulfed by a strange light. Citizens of Kanto and Johto watch horrified as they look at the sight of the Pokédex holders's petrified bodies.

Two Months Later

Weeks after the Pokédex holders were turned into stone, many citizens of Kanto gathered around their petrified bodies and paid respects for their heroic actions. Some of Lazuli's friends and family: Brock, Misty, Erika, Blaine, Justin and Clementine gather around them and express their sadness over their condition, with Erika and Millicas and Lazuli's parents being the most heartbroken over the incident.

Soon afterwards, Lazuli, Millicas, Green, Yellow and Silver were transported to the Hoenn region's Battle Frontier in boxes through the S.S. Tidal for their salvation. About two months later, Lazuli and the other Pokédex holders were freed from their petrified status by Emerald, with the helping of the with-granting Legendary Pokémon Jirachi. Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, and Crystal reunite with Millicas, Lazuli, Green, Yellow, and Silver while Emerald watches. Lazuli and Green check their Poké Balls to see if their Pokémon are alright, while Silver looks at his Feraligatr. An image of a crashing wave appears behind Feraligatr, and the bracelet on his arm starts to glow. While Millicas and Yellow check their teams, Crystal points them to Raichu and Chuchu outside.

Millicas tries to recall what happened to him and the others, but Lazuli tells him that they have to deal with Guile first. Guile notes how surprising the recent events have turned, but points out that the Battle Tower is still under his control. Guile sends a large wave of rental Pokémon to attack the ten Pokédex holders. They attempt to fight back, but Guile sends the monster Kyogre to cover the Battle Tower in water once more. Green notes how she wanted all nine of them to meet up, but not in these circumstances. Crystal corrects her by stating that there's actually ten of them now.

Gold attempts to tell Silver of his bangle, but Silver reveals that he was conscious the entire time, embarrassing Gold for when he called Silver his buddy. Silver states that he imagined Feraligatr gaining a new power, which was helped by watching Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald train. The bracelet glows and falls off, meaning that Feraligatr has learned Hydro Cannon. Everyone else is shocked to see how fast Silver learned the move, while Gold notes how it took two months for him.

Yellow complains that although they're together, they won't be able to enjoy it. Gold tells Yellow that they will, and that they'll be counting on her. Ruby asks what they can do, as their opponent is the sea itself. Sapphire asks Gold if he has a plan, and he replies that he doesn't, causing everyone to fall in shock. Emerald then suggests a plan and asks Gold for a favor. Suddenly, a blast from Guile's sword hits them, and the villain tells them that they won't be able to defeat him. Guile suddenly grabs Jirachi, stating that he was surprised that it can grant more than one wish.

While Gold gets angry that Guile plans on using Jirachi's last wish, Emerald tells him to start their plan. Gold calls out his Pichu, who takes something from Emerald and jumps to somewhere else. Emerald attacks Guile with his Dusclops's Shadow Punch, but Guile blocks it with his sword. Guile tells everyone that they should just give up, as their plan to capture Jirachi was a failure. Guile decides to use Jirachi to finish everyone else, as he points out that he never actually released Jirachi.

Guile has Jirachi use Doom Desire, which causes a giant flash of light. Nothing happens, but Guile reveals that the attack has a delayed effect. Millicas and Gold step in to defend, but the Doom Desire's attack begins falling from the sky. Blastoise pushes Emerald out the way of the attack, only to get cause himself, Millicas, and Gold to get hit by it. Emerald tells Guile that he's the one he should be fighting, not them. Gold begins surrendering, only to reveal that he was faking. Suddenly, Gold's Politoad uses Double Team, surrounding Guile with clones of himself.

While he attempts to find out the real one, Politoad suddenly appears in front of Guile. Politoad delivers an attack, knocking Guile to the ground. Angered, Guile sends out his Walrein to attack along with his Surskit. His Surskit immediately evolves into Masquerain, but it and Walrein are stopped by Blastoise and Politoad, who proceed to toss them onto the ground. Blastoise and Politoad quickly leap into the air and deliver a powerful chop at Guile.

The attacks causes Guile's armor to break and fall off, revealing Archie underneath. Gold mocks Archie and asks if the others are ready. Ruby, Sapphire, Yellow, Green, Silver, and Lazuli all stand in a line with their Pokémon. Although they lined up like Gold instructed, Ruby and Sapphire wonder how they will get the monster Kyogre out of the water. Gold reveals that his Pichu is working with Millicas's Raichu and Yellow's Chuchu to lure the Kyogre out by shocking the water repeatedly. The attack works, and the monster Kyogre leaps out of the water, knocking Pichu, Raichu, and Chuchu away.

Ruby and Sapphire pull Millicas and Gold up to help, but Archie grabs Gold and tells him that he won't get away. He states that even though they managed to beat the rental Pokémon from the Battle Tower, he will just gather the rest to attack. Emerald dares him to do it, as he claims that none of them will listen to him anyway. Emerald reveals that while Archie was distracted, he covered the entire Battle Frontier in his E Shooter's formation. Outside the Battle Frontier, Latias, Latios, Scott, and Todd Snap all surround the entire area with the formation.

Gold drops Archie by revealing that he was holding one of Emerald's fake hands the entire time. Gold and Emerald climb to the top of the Battle Tower and prepare to attack the monster Kyogre. Silver, Ruby, and Millicas command Feraligatr, Swampert and Blastoise to use Hydro Cannon. Lazuli, Sapphire, and Gold have Charizard, Blaziken, and Typhlosion attack with Blast Burn. Lastly, Green, Crystal, and Emerald have Venusaur, Meganium and Sceptile use Frenzy Plant.

The combination of Frenzy Plant, Hydro Cannon, and Blast Burn blasts through the monster Kyogre. The Pokédex holders quickly realize that although they're attacking at full strength, the damage is still too small for it to truly defeat their opponent. Summoning the powers of the Viridian Forest, Yellow has Raichu, Chuchu, and Pichu use the ultimate Electric-type attack: Volt Tackle.

The attack rips through the monster Kyogre, causing it to explode into seawater and be defeated once and for all. Emerald claims that they did it with the combination of ten people, 12 Pokémon, and the ultimate combination. Everyone else burst into laughter once they see that the water that fell down from Kyogre's defeat has removed the gel in Emerald's hair, turning it back to its original style. With the rampaging Pokémon calmed down, Ruby assumes it must have been the work of the Green Orb core on Emerald's forehead due to its purpose of controlling Rayquaza. Gold tells him that they should truly thank Emerald's ability to determine a Pokémon's birthplace. When Crystal asks how Emerald calmed the rampaging Pokémon down, as she notes how it's not likely that they all came from the same place. Emerald reveals that the soil came from Faraway Island, which is the island of the Mythical Pokémon Mew. Since Mew is said to have the DNA of all Pokémon, the soil of its birthplace calmed down the rampaging Pokémon.

Emerald notices something wading through the water. He picks it up, revealing it to be Archie. Emerald tells Archie that if he doesn't change his ways, he'll end up being all alone. Archie states that it doesn't matter, as he repeatedly abandons people, even the one who he share life's ups and downs with. Archie reveals that after the events in Sootopolis City, he and Maxie were ready to face death in the tornado of energy that they were trapped in.

In a flashback, Sird appears and opens the hatch of the air car. After exiting, Archie and Maxie find themselves in an area of light. Sird tells them that it would be a waste if such evil were to be destroyed. They assume that she had come to help them, but Sird corrects them by stating that there is no help for them. Sird reveals that because of their overexposure to the Red and Blue Orbs, Archie and Maxie's bodies are starting to be destroyed. To counter this, Sird offers the two a suit of armor named Eternity and a sword named Instant. She explains that Instant is forged from a metal that can reflect attacks in the blink of an eye, while Eternity is like Mirage Island in that it has the ability to slow down time for the wearer. Since their bodies are being destroyed, Archie and Maxie guess that Eternity can slow down the process and save them. Archie and Maxie beg Sird for the armor and sword, but she reveals that she only has one of each. Sird tells the two that they will have to fight each other, and that whoever wins will win the armor and sword.

Back in the present, Sapphire is horrified at the implication that Archie had murdered Maxie to get the armor. Ruby realizes that he wasn't wearing the armor to hide his identity, but to slow down the passage of time on his body. Archie continues his story to after he won and obtained the armor and sword: Sird offers to give Archie a new name to match what his purpose is. Archie tells her that his goal is to use the sea to dominate everything. Hearing this gives Sird the idea to christen Archie "Guile Hideout", for being the guile of the sea who hides behind a suit of armor. Lastly, Archie reveals he learned about Jirachi there as well. Emerald interrupts Archie at that moment, stating that they have to work to find out how to stop his body from disappearing. Suddenly, Archie's Masquerain appears and threatens Emerald with its horn.

Archie desperately begins looking for his armor in the water. He appears to find the armor and decides to have Jirachi create the monster Kyogre once again with its last wish, but nothing happens. Emerald reveals that the armor Archie is wearing is the fake one Gold was wearing earlier. Archie continues to look for the real armor, but just as soon as he finds it, a bright flash of light covers the Battle Tower. Archie disappears, as well as the sword, armor, and his Masquerain with him.

With Archie finally defeated, Emerald falls asleep from exhaustion. Raichu and Chuchu are reunited with their Trainers. Latios and Latias watch from above, happy that Emerald has finally made bonds with others. Since they would only stay with him until a day like that would happen, they decide to return to Southern Island. As the sun shines, the Frontier Brains, Scott, and Todd Snap smile now that everything is over.

New Era


Eight years after the final battle against Kyogre, Lazuli attends Millicas and Erika's wedding, and alongside Yellow and Green, walk down the isle with Erika, and subsequently cheers and applauds the two newly-married couple alongside the other guests.

About a month following Millicas and Erika's marriage, Lazuli receives a challenge at the Viridian Gym from Silver, who stated that he was looking foward to obtaining the Earth Badge as it once belonged to his father, Giovanni. Lazuli accepts his challenge and states that they could each use three Pokémon, and sends out her Golem as her first Pokémon while Silver chooses Kingdra.

Silver starts the battle by ordering Kingdra to use Brine, but Golem dodges by using Rollout before ultimately striking Kingdra with it. Golem continues using Rollout to dodge Kingdra's attacks, and when she begins charging towards it, Kingdra uses Smokescreen, making Golem lose sight of it and cancel her Rollout. As Golem looks for Kingdra, it re-emerges from the air by using Twister before defeating Golem with Waterfall.

After recalling Golem, Lazuli sends out her Rhyperior, having evolved from Rhydon at some point during the past eight years. Lazuli orders Rhyperior to use Megahorn, but Kingdra dodges the attack, and uses Waterfall. However, Rhyperior quickly follows up with Rock Wrecker, stopping Kingdra on its tracks and knocking it out of battle.

Silver recalls Kingdra and sends out his Feraligatr. Silver orders Feraligatr to use Aqua Tail, but Rhyperior manages to dodge the attack. Silver then orders Surf, which Rhyperior cuts in half by using Horn Drill. Lazuli then orders Rhyperior to use Earthquake, which affects Feraligatr, before the latter uses Ice Punch. However, Rhyperior grabs Feraligatr's punch and defeats it with Horn Drill.

Praising Rhyperior's ability to overcome type advantages, Silver sends out his final Pokémon, Weavile. Silver orders Weavile to use Assurance, which strikes Rhyperior, but causes little damage only. Impressed with Rhyperior's durability, Silver opts for a long-range attack and orders Icy Wind. However, Rhyperior breaks through the attack with Megahorn, striking Weavile and causing super-effective damage. However, Weavile refuses to back down and uses Thief, hitting Rhyperior with a barrage of attacks. Silver then orders another Icy Wind. As Weavile inhales air to launch the attack, Rhyperior grabs Weavile and forces its mouth shut, causing Weavile to freeze itself as a result. Rhyperior then finishes Weavile off with a powerful Rock Wrecker attack, giving Lazuli the win.

After the battle, Silver praises Lazuli and Rhyperior's skills and says that he would return someday and defeat Lazuli for the Earth Badge, and Lazuli shares the thought by saying that she would be waiting for him. The two shake hands before Silver departs from the Viridian Gym.


After her nephew Kurama had just returned from the Ever Grande Conference in the Hoenn region, Lazuli happily greets her nephew, and also greets Agatha and Scott, whom Kurama was talking to before her arrival. Lazuli says she's watched his performance and was proud of him. Lazuli then dotes on her nephew, and says that she always liked whenever they saw each other, but Kurama doesn't seem to mind her overprotective nature.

Agatha says that she was looking foward to watching him battle, and says that Kurama should battle Lazuli to test both of their strengths. Both aunt and nephew agree to this suggestion, and all four of them head into the Viridian Gym. Lazuli states that this wasn't an official Gym battle, but Kurama doesn't seem to mind, only wanting to defeat his aunt, who was known to be the strongest Gym Leader in all of Kanto.

Lazuli says that they could use only one Pokémon each, and she sends out her Charizard while Kurama chooses his Dragonite. Kurama begins the battle with Dragonite's Ice Beam, which Charizard counters with Flamethrower. Charizard then takes flight, but Dragonite follows right on its tail. Kurama tells Dragonite to use Extreme Speed, which Lazuli counters by having Charizard use Steel Wing, effectively blocking Dragonite's attack. Lazuli then has Charizard use Dragon Rage, and Kurama counters by having Dragonite use Dragon Rush. The two moves collide in a big explosion. Charizard emerges from the dust cloud and roars loudly. Lazuli decides to show the results of Charizard's training by having it to counter a Dragon-type attack with another, and tells Charizard to use Dragon Rage again. Kurama tells Dragonite to dodge it, but Charizard quickly catches up and hits the Dragon Pokémon, sending him crashing onto the ground. When the dust clears, Dragonite is seen holding his right arm, clearly hurt.

Then, Agatha calls off the battle, saying that both Pokémon battled tremendously, but Dragonite refuses to give up and charges its Ice Beam attack, but Kurama quickly recalls it before Dragonite can fire it. Kurama wonders if Dragonite would ever truly obey him, but Lazuli assures him that Dragonite would eventually listen to him completely, and Kurama simply couldn't give up on him, and Charizard nods in agreement.

Outside the Gym, Scott tells Kurama that they will be contacting him soon about the Battle Frontier and Agatha says she will support him all of the way. Kurama then gives his aunt a farewell hug before departing from Viridian City and heading towards Pallet Town.


In a flashback, it's revealed that Lazuli became one of Gurkinn's disciples in learning the art of Mega Evolution. Lazuli appears at Geosenge Town, watching the battle between Xerneas and Yveltal end in a ceasefire due to the Legendary Pokémon being equal in strength. As Xerneas and its allies leave the area, she wonders if the battle between the two Pokémon could end if "Z" truly exists. Lazuli meets with Diantha, an old acquaintance of hers from her earlier trip to Kalos. Lazuli reveals to Diantha that she was told of Xerneas and Yveltal's awakening and is currently searching for "Z", which is the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde. After Diantha agrees to help Lazuli on her quest, the two set off to search for clues.

After some traveling, Lazuli and Diantha meet with X and Y, the Pokédex holders of the Kalos region. After helping X capture a wild Pinsir, Lazuli and Diantha head to the Lost Hotel to meet with Gurkinn. While X and his friends head to meet with Professor Sycamore, Lazuli has Charizard and Rhyperior keep them safe on their travels. Once X's group reached their destination, Lazuli's Pokémon head back to their Trainer. Later, at Anistar City, Lazuli and Diantha manage to find Zygarde, which had appeared in the area. Just as they land, Essentia manages to capture it for Team Flare just before escaping.

After learning that Team Flare had gone into hiding at Pokémon Village, Lazuli, Diantha, and X's group all head out to confront the villains. On the way to the village, the group is attacked by Xerosic, who uses his Malamar to put everyone to sleep. After Lazuli manages to wake up, she has Y and the others go on ahead while she and X stay behind to fight Xerosic. With Lazuli's Mega Charizard X and X's Mega Charizard Y, the two proceed to easily defeat Xerosic. With no more obstacles remaining, Lazuli and X take to the skies and head towards the village, only to be intercepted by Yveltal. Y arrives just in time to defend Lazuli from Yveltal's attacks with her Xerxer, who tells everyone to go on ahead while it fights Yveltal alone.

While Y and Trevor go to help Tierno and Shauna battle the Team Flare scientists, Lazuli and X go to the Pokémon Village, only to find Lysandre in battle with Mewtwo. Lysandre reveals to the two that Mewtwo is the protector of the village and began attacking when Team Flare started to capture the Pokémon that lived in the village. Lysandre manipulates Mewtwo into battling Lazuli and X in an attempt to weaken it enough to be captured. Lazuli attempts to call out to Mewtwo and get it to recognize her, but her attempts end in failure. During the battle, Mewtwo attacks Lazuli and X, but redirects the attack towards Lysandre to hit him instead. Mewtwo then proceeds to Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo Y. Lysandre counters by summoning Essentia and having her use Zygarde to attack everyone.

The person who Mega Evolved Mewtwo reveals himself to be Blaine, who had been away from the village, which he had been living at for some time after reuniting with Mewtwo. Lysandre has Essentia command Zygarde to use Land's Wrath to heavily damage everyone. The attack heavily damages Blaine, forcing Mewtwo to revert to its normal form. When Zygarde attacks again, Blaine has Mewtwo switch Mega Stones so that it may Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo X. Blaine reveals that due to their unique bond, Mewtwo is able to Mega Evolve more than once during a battle. Despite this ability, Zygarde proves to be more powerful than Mewtwo in its Mega-Evolved state and uses Land's Wrath to defeat Lazuli, Blaine, and Mewtwo at once. With his allies unconscious, X decides to borrow their Key Stones in order to simultaneously Mega Evolve his five capable Pokémon. With their combined power, X's team fights against Zygarde. When Lysandre attempts to stop X with his own Pokémon, Lazuli and Blaine arrive in time to defeat them. After some time, X manages to defeat Lysandre, freeing Zygarde from his control and putting an end to Team Flare in the process.

Later, Lazuli and Blaine talk to Professor Sycamore about the final battle against Team Flare. They reveal that after Zygarde disappeared, a small green creature was spotted watching them from the rubble. Sycamore reveals that similar creatures, which he named the Zygarde Cell, have been seen in the Alola region and sends his assistants, Sina and Dexio, to investigate.


Lazuli's been described as calm, focused, and mature ever since a young age. Her maturity was first shown when she decided to help her parents deal with the troublesome Millicas rather than embarking on her journey after obtaining her first Pokémon. Despite her positive traits, Lazuli, along with her parents, have shown to unable to understand Millicas's true feelings and motives for running away from home, constantly trying to bring Millicas back to Pallet Town, willingly or by force. Only when Professor Oak shared his belief that Millicas was an oustanding Trainer is when Lazuli decided to respect Millicas's choice, and after her loss to Millicas at the Indigo Plateau Conference, she fully accepted his growth and stopped trying to force him back home.

Lazuli is also quite resourceful, using the enviroment around her to her advantage; when battling against a wild Psyduck, Lazuli had her Charmander use Growl on a tree branch that Psyduck was standing beneath to cause it to fall and hits its head, allowing her to capture it. She also used some tree branches to separate a horde of Spearow that were attacking her, and after one Spearow was alone, she battled the Spearow herself by using the tree branch and slamming Spearow onto the ground with it, allowing her to capture it.

Lazuli has shown herself to be extremely polite and kind to those whom she considers friendly and trustworthy, but she becomes incredibly hostile towards those who harm others, such as Team Rocket. She's also shown to be rather strict when it comes to crime, attempting to arrest Silver after the battle against the Masked Man, only for Millicas to stop her. Nonetheless, Lazuli is willing to allow some crimes to pass unpunished, if said crime creates greater good or positive consequences.

As described by Team Rocket's computer system "R", Lazuli deeply cares about her friends and family, going to great lenghts to protect them. Her desire to protect her friends occasionally causes her to make drastic decisions, such as ordering her Charizard to burn the entire Silph Co. building to free her friends from Team Rocket's grasp. Lazuli's also been described by her younger brother as having a "no-nonsense attitude", rarely accepting jokes and usually taking them out of context, and literally. However, she's shown to be laugh at some jokes, mostly at the expense of Millicas's embarassment.

In her adulthood, Lazuli has grown more light-hearted and cheerful, showing to dote on her nephew, gushing over him when he came to visit her. At the same time, she encourages him to be independent and only ask for help with his problems only after he tried everything else. Lazuli has a strong compassion for Kurama, strongly wanting to see him succeed.

Lazuli's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is Pokémon training—that is, leveling them up and making them strong, and as such, is referred to as the "Trainer" (Japanese: 育てる者 Trainer).


On Hand

Lazuli's Charizard
Charmander → Charmeleon → Charizard ↔ Mega Charizard X
Lazuli's Golduck
Psyduck → Golduck
Lazuli's Arcanine
Lazuli's Machamp
Machoke → Machamp
Lazuli's Rhyperior
Rhydon → Rhyperior

Given Away

This section is for the Pokémon that Lazuli gave to another Trainer to keep for themselves.

Lazuli's Lapras

At Viridian Gym

This section is for the Pokémon that Lazuli keeps stored at the Viridian Gym:

Lazuli's Fearow
Spearow → Fearow
Lazuli's Golem
Lazuli's Arbok
Ekans → Arbok
Lazuli's Alakazam
Lazuli's Exeggutor


This section is for Pokémon that Lazuli temporarily partnered with, many of which belong to another Trainer, or were wild Pokémon that Lazuli temporarily teamed up with.


Ponyta → Rapidash
Lazuli borrowed Rapidash from Lara Laramie when it was a Ponyta after Lara was injured and could not ride it in the race. It evolved into Rapidash while racing against Dario's Dodrio. Thanks to the speed gained through the evolution, Lazuli and Rapidash were able to win the race.

Rapidash's only known move is Stomp.

Debut [[]]
Lazuli stole this Golbat from Koga after he was defeated at Silph Co., after which Lazuli used Golbat to locate Professor Oak and other hostages that Koga and Team Rocket were keeping at the building. It was later returned to Koga at Cerise Island.
Debut [[]]
Lazuli borrowed Zapdos from Green during the battle against the Masked Man's Ho-Oh and Lugia. She returned it to Green when the crisis was over. Green returned it in its Poké Ball and it was not seen again.
Debut [[]]


Badges Obtained

Kanto Badges

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Pokémon Competitions

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