Kohan is a fictional region, set to appear in Pokémon Rainbow Version and Pokémon Eclipse Version, as well as Pokémon: Kohan Quest.



The cities are listed here going clockwise around the above map, starting from the city west of the island in the center.

Notleph City

Things to do

Get PokéTrav from Mom.

Get Bushupine, Zeefa, or Jattelor from Professor Maple's lab.

Later: Fight the first duel with Rival.

Later: Fight the twelfth gym battle, against Electric-type user Kinol, to obtain the POWERBADGE.

Atamiun Town

Things to do

Get PokéDex and PokéBalls from Professor Magnolia, who is visiting from the Zovan region.

Later: After you finish your Rival duel and name her/him, fight the first gym battle, against Steel-type user Kiralac, to obtain the IRONBADGE.

Lautrive City

Things to do

Fight the second gym battle, against Virtual-type user Hardrivia, to obtain the PROCESSORBADGE.

Sisenik City

Things to do

Fight the third gym battle, against Psychic-type user Ziraa, to obtain the aptly-named PSYBADGE.

After the gym battle, fight your Rival for the second time.

Ontep Town

Things to do

Fight the fourth gym battle, against Fire-type user Savax, to obtain the MOLTENBADGE.

Three operatives from the Sinnoh Inquisition attack! Defeat their three Pokémon (Igglybuff, Happiny, and Aron), and they reward you with a NUGGET, believing you to be a worthy opponent. You'll see them again.

Itrakue City

Things to do

Fight the fifth gym battle, against Poison-type user Cobrus, to obtain the VENOMBADGE.

Generic grunts from the Sinnoh Inquisition are terrorizing various civilians. Drive them out.

Ekmia Town

Things to do

Fight the sixth gym battle, against Ice-type user Heimlich, to obtain the FREEZEBADGE.

After the gym battle, fight your Rival for the third time.

Noilder City

Things to do

Fight the seventh gym battle, against Grass-type user Namti, to obtain the ROOTBADGE.

Speak to a vacationing Copycat to obtain HM05, FLASH.

Olidran City

Things to do

Fight the eighth gym battle, against Rock-type user Cliffe, to obtain the HARDBADGE.

Visit a house in the southern end of the city to obtain HM02, FLY.

After the gym battle, fight your Rival for the fourth time.

Neset Town

Things to do

Fight the ninth gym battle, against Bug-type user Gubwyn, to obtain the BUZZBADGE.

There is a Safari Game in Neset Town, the only place where you can catch Elamvor, Shigon, Petanik, and Dubatu.

Eagle City

Things to do

Fight the tenth gym battle, against Flying-type user Byrdrin, to obtain the SKYBADGE.

Dark Island

Things to do

Infiltrate the Sinnoh Inquisition's headquarters. Fight High Inquisitor Michio. No doubt about it, this crime syndicate's gawn!

Fight the eleventh gym battle, against Dark-type user Kodas, to obtain the BLACKBADGE.


Kadabra Cave

Kadabra Cave is located between Noilder City and Olidran City.

Things to do

Make sure you have FLASH. Work your way through this maze, and Mewtwo's all yours.

Turquoise Tunnel

Basically the Kohan equivalent of Victory Road. Get through this, and you may yet be ready to challenge Penultimate Plateau.

Fight your Rival for the final time. You won't see her/him again for a while.

Mount Sunrise

This dungeon is accessible in Pokémon Rainbow Version after certain requirements have been met. It is located in the islands to the east.

Mount Sunset

This dungeon is accessible in Pokémon Eclipse Version after certain requirements have been met. It is located beyond Penultimate Plateau.


Penultimate Plateau

Located southwest of Notleph City, is is the home of the ELITE SIX:

Kyle, the Fire-expert.

Jack, the Grass-expert.

Ivan, the Water-expert.

Sean, the Dark-expert.

Sarah, the Psychic-expert.

Hector, who has no type preference. (Not to be confused with his Kohan Quest counterpart, Hector Katterson, or the user, Elite Six Hector.)


This region's routes number from 135 to 145. The extra, unlockable routes leading to the different mountains are not numbered due to the fact that only one of the paths is available in each version.

Regional PokéDex

Because of the unusually limited selection available in the regional PokéDex, many opponents may use Pokémon from other regions.

001 Bushupine (Basic)

002 Praikelpine (First-Stage Evolution)

003 Pinathorne (Second-Stage Evolution)

004 Zeefa (Japanese: Yoka) (Basic)

005 Onbi (Japanese: Kentol) (First-Stage Evolution)

006 Xorbah (Japanese: Kenboshiko) (Second-Stage Evolution)

007 Jattelor (Basic)

008 Oshilor (First-Stage Evolution)

009 Aivapoore (Second-Stage Evolution)

010 Jemno (Exclusive to Eclipse) (Basic)

011 Lenno (Exclusive to Eclipse) (First-Stage Evolution)

012 Triino (Exclusive to Eclipse) (Second-Stage Evolution)

013 Ottru (Exclusive to Rainbow) (Basic)

014 Ropras (Branch-Evolution from Ottru)

015 Laphae (Exclusive to Rainbow) (Branch-Evolution from Ottru)

016 Lapras (Branch-Evolution from Laphae)

017 Lapros (Branch-Evolution from Laphae)

018 Laquas (Branch-Evolution from Laphae)

019 Metapras (Branch-Evolution from Laphae)

020 Laquasteel (Branch-Evolution from Laquas)

021 Aquaking (Branch-Evolution from Laquas)

022 Blacos (Evolution from Lapras)

023 Laproking (Evolution from Lapros)

024 Lapramoon (Evolution from Aquaking)

025 Stadahk (Basic)

026 Sandahk (First-Stage Evolution)

027 Monedahk (Second-Stage Evolution)

028 Goober (Baby)

029 Grimer (Basic)

030 Muk (First-Stage Evolution)

031 Niptu (Exclusive to Rainbow) (Basic)

032 Ozri (Exclusive to Rainbow) (First-Stage Evolution)

033 Zorrau (Exclusive to Rainbow) (Second-Stage Evolution)

034 Geodude (Basic)

035 Graveler (First-Stage Evolution)

036 Golem (Second-Stage Evolution)

037 Misdreavus (Unable to Evolve until National Dex and access to Mount Sunset are obtained)

038 Pyksharc (Exclusive to Eclipse) (Baby)

039 Qwilfish (Exclusive to Eclipse) (Basic)

040 Speerwaylle (Exclusive to Eclipse) (First-Stage Evolution)

041 Orcasa (Exclusive to Eclipse)

042 Kapita (Exclusive to Rainbow)

043 Chisaiu (Exclusive to Rainbow)

044 Vokab (Exclusive to Eclipse)

045 Okon (Exclusive to Eclipse)

046 Elamvor (50% chance of holding Lost Material #4, required to Evolve) (Basic)

047 Lukage (First-Stage Evolution)

048 Shigon (50% chance of holding Lost Material #264, required to Evolve) (Basic)

049 Siphor (First-Stage Evolution)

050 Petanik

051 Dubatu

052 Mewtwo


The region breaks from the traditional convention of eight gyms and four Elites. This is because the creator, Elite Six Hector, wanted Kohan to be unique.

The region was originally to be called Hokanten, a twisted combination of the words "Hoenn" and "Kanto". It was changed after Hoenn was revealed to be located in the southwest, while Kohan is intended to be located in the northeast.

A third version is planned for Rainbow and Eclipse, to be titled Pokémon Celestial Version.


According to the creator, there will be several hidden Pokémon in this region, including Missingno, which will have a strong connection to Legendaries.



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