The Kiroe Islands, or Kiroe for short, are a total of twelve, very large islands, for each are bigger than The Sevii Islands combined. Because they are so big, it is best recognized as a region. They are also so large that, every year, they attract Pokemon that are native Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, including the legendary Pokemon. And, every year, the Kiroe Islands' Pokemon League takes place. It brings together Trainers who fight to become the very best, the Pokemon Champion.


Aomori Island

Aomori Town is a very small island that is the starting point for trainers who wish to join the Pokemon League of Kiroe. The current champion, Michael, used to live here with his mother and grandmother. This starting town is significantly smaller than Pallet Town of Kanto, Littleroot Town of Hoenn, and Twinleaf Town of Sinnoh.

Palladium Island

Located west of Aomori. Trainers come here to receive their first Pokémon from the town's local professor, the famous Professor Scott. They have a choice between all of the starter Pokémon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. It also has the Palladium Department Store.

Forento Island

Located south of Palladium Island. The site of the first gym, headed by Radiance. Also located in Forento is the Trainer School where new trainers can learn more about Pokemon. The gym leader, Radiance, specializes in Rock-types. The Rock Badge is given to trainers who defeat her.

Buena Island

Buena Island is located east of Forento Island. It is home to the second Pokémon gym and its leader, Butch, who uses Steel-types. The Titan Badge is given to those who defeat Butch.

Snowbound Island

An island completely covered in snow, Snowbound Island is located north of Aomori Island. The Gym Leader is Tristan, who, predictably, uses Ice-type Pokémon. They Snowbound Game Corner is located here. When Tristan is defeated, the Crystal Badge is given out.

New Vista Island

New Vista Island, is, as described in its name, was only recently discovered and was big enough to host a Gym. The island is located west of Snowbound Island. The gym leader is Donna, who specializes in Fighting-types. The Strength Badge is given out to winners.

Team Nova, the villainous team in Kiroe, calls this island its headquarters, with the Team Nova Warehouse right in the middle of the island.

DryLake Island

An island that has absolutely no water system whatsoever, due to the absent of lakes, hence the name. Located southwest of New Vista. The gym leader here is Markko specializes in Fire-types, and gives out the Blaze Badge to his defeater.

Britana Island

An island with the purest water in the world. Located southeast of DryLake. The S.S. Britana is a large ship that travels between Britana Island and the Kiroe Battle Frontier.

The gym leader, Jade, who uses Water-types, gives out the Brine Badge to trainers who are the victors over her.

Vanguard Island

An island located North of Britana Island that can cause a person to go crazy. The Vanguard Tower is located here. According to legend, a little girl was killed in the tower and haunts all those who she sees as not pure. The gym leader, Clara, gives out the Psycho Badge to those who defeat her Psychic-types. It is rumored that Clara might be a descendant to the little girl.

Duskloom Island

The last travel point for a trainer before going to the League Island. The gym leader here is Erik, who is the strongest gym leader in the region and uses Ghost-types in battle. The Facade Badge is given out to those who best him.

Kiroe Pokemon League Island

The final frontier for a trainer who has collected all the gym badges. The current Champion, Michael, awaits at the League Tower with his Elite Four. Michael is currently the most famous Champion in the world, holding his title for 6 years.

Mount Espa Island

The mountain island is located in the middle of every Island in the Kiroe chain and is the largest island of Kiroe. The largest mountains on Earth. No one has been to the top and lived to tell the tale.

Island of Origin

An island that is similar to the Cave of Origin or the Hall of Origin. On the Island is a cave where, every year, all Pokemon of legend gather to prevent a cataclysmic event from happening, Pangaea. This event must not be interrupted when started, and must not be skipped.

The Island of Origin Festival is held on this Island to watch the event happen.

Other Locations

Kiroe Battle Frontier

Main Article: Kiroe Battle Frontier

Lying west of every Kiroe Island, the Kiroe Battle Frontier is located on a small island. To access the facility, a trainer must first defeat the Elite Four, then receive the S.S. Britana Ticket from the champion. After journeying on the newly completed ship, the player will gain the option to visit the Battle Frontier.

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