The Battle Frontier is a whole new area introduced in Kiroe, which is heavily based off of the Battle Frontier in Hoenn.

After the Kiroe league, trainers can get the S.S Britana ticket from the creator of the Battle Frontier, Brian. The rules in each of the facilities also seem to be different than those in Hoenn - for one, one may challenge the head of the facility immediately, without having to win a series of battles first.

After winning at each of the Battle Frontier locations, the trainer can receive silver and gold Battle Frontier badges, known as Symbols, from the location's Leader, collectively known as the Frontier Brains. When the trainer defeats all of the leaders, the trainer receives an extra star added to the Trainer's Card and a Battle Frontier plate, symbolizing their completion of the Battle Frontier.


The Battle Frontier is located in the ocean in the southeast of the Kiroe Islands region. It was established by a man named Brian who is said to seek specially talented Trainers from across the Kiroe Islands region. During the course of the game, the main character will come across Brian who is supposedly observing him/her as he/she defeats the various gym leaders around Kiroe. Once the player conquers the Pokemon League, he or she receives a ferry pass and enters the facility.

Battle Frontier facilities and challenges

Battle Tent

Battle Tent</font>
Battle Tent
Frontier Brain Tent Craze Berta
Symbol Guts Symbol

The Battle Tent is located in the middle of the Kiroe Battle Frontier.

Battle Dojo

Battle Dojo</font>
Battle Dojo
Frontier Brain Dojo Tycoon Derrick
Symbol Martial Arts Symbol

The Battle Dojo is located on the far left corner of the island.

Battle Academy

Battle Academy</font>
Battle Academy
Frontier Brain Academy Teacher Roland
Symbol Skills Symbol

The Battle Academy is located on the far lower right of the island.

Battle Palace

Battle Palace</font>
Battle Palace
Frontier Brain Palace Ace Bugsy
Symbol Knowledge Symbol

Battle Tube

Battle Tube</font>
Battle Tube
Frontier Brain Tube Queen Clair
Symbol Ability Symbol

Battle Dome

Battle Dome</font>
Battle Dome
Frontier Brain Dome Maven Tucker
Symbol lol :D it's the luck symbol!

Battle Tower

Battle Tower</font>
Battle Tower
Frontier Brain Kiroe Champion Michael
Symbol Champion Symbol

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