Kendrick is a character who appears in Pokemon violet as the main villain.You first me him at the Sons of anarchy hideout.Here he reveals the son of anarchy's goal is to take over the world.He also reveals he is an commander and that his boss Rayden gave him the task of stalling Kensuke[The player.He attacks with a Lv 32 Rhyhorn Lv 35 Charmeleon and a Lv 39 Swellow.He is soundly defeated.He is seen for the second and last time in mistress raiden's chamber.Here he has a Lv 57 Rhyperior Lv 60 Charizard and Lv 64 Swellow.He is defeated again and proceeds to kill himself

First battle

Lv 32 Rhyhorn

Lv 35 Charmeleon

Lv 39 Swellow

2nd Battle

Lv 57 Rhyperior

Lv 60 Charizard

Lv 64 Swellow

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