Keegan is a recurring character in the fanfiction Lucki.

Keegan is a dark blond fifteen year old boy who first appears in the story in Chapter Seven. He shows up while Lucki is traveling through the Jagged Path and rescues Lucki from an attacking Grumpig, capturing it. His other pokemon at the time were a Mightyena and a Numel named Numbel. It's suggested he might be having trouble with Numbel because he's in the area because he wants to get advice from Flannery on raising it, although he claims it's just to be sure he's raising the ground/fire type to the best of its abilities. He and Lucki go to the gym together, and he talks with Flannery while she attempts to surmount the pre-battle challenges.

He next appears in Chapter Sixteen, where he meets up with Lucki on his way to Mt. Pyre to visit the shrine. He has expanded his team since he last appeared, and now also has a Mawile, Voltorb and Vileplume, giving him a full team of six. They walk together for a short bit before their different paths cause them to split up, during which time he tells Lucki, who now likes Team Aqua, that she shouldn't be so trusting. In his opinion, Team Aqua wasn't trying to help people, they were just trying to stop Team Magma.

Like many trainers in the Mt. Chimney/Lavaridge area in the story's fanon, Keegan's name relates to fire.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In the seventeenth chapter, Lucki learns Keegan is in fact a member of Team Magma and was the older of the two trainers she sees in Chapter Eleven with the stolen pokeballs. Presumably the Grumpig that attacked Lucki in Chapter Twelve was his. His appearance in Chapter Sixteen was on his way to steal the Blue Orb.

He is currently headed to Lilycove to hide out under the assumption Team Aqua won't notice an ordinary trainer heading east when they're looking for a Team Magma member heading west. Little does he know, Lucki has teamed up with Aqua and is about to bring them down on his head.