Climates of the Karras Region

The Karras Region is North of Hoenn and thus is covered mostly with snow. It has a large variety of caves and valleys as well as large mountains and many levels of underground passages. By use of the underground passages, trainers can travel to certain islands (with the danger of the tunnel caving in if course) without having to brave the open seas. The Karras Region is cut into four smaller areas.

Northern Karras Mainland is almost always in a blizzard. There are mountains and valleys but many trainers find refuge in the long deep caves. There are only three cities in the north (Frostwick City, Whiteblink City, and Snowquake City) and the famous FROZEN TOWER. If trainers brave the cold, they are usually rewarded by finding rare or legendary pokemon.

Middle Karass Mainland is a tad warmer with frequent rainshowers and dense forests. There are 3 towns (Hawksun Town, Storman Town, and Redoak Town), 2 cities (Redstone City and Blackgem City), and a Battle Village. Their is, every once in a while, a snowstorm which brings along new snow pokemon which sometimes invade the towns and cities in search of food. This is where most of the pokemon live.

Sourthern Karras Mainland is a tiny area with one town just on the oceans edge. This area is inhabitted with fire pokemon as well as rock and ground pokemon. It is mostly a large desert with unrule sandstorms and volcanoes that frequently erupt. It is said that on certain days a large black volcano is seen and atop it the legendary pokemon appear. However it is a rigorous journey that only the bravest of the brave can accomplish.

The Karras Islands are mainly battle areas with no towns or cities. There are 4 total (Nevermore Island, Freebirth Island, Dream Island, and Warrior Island). There are certain pokemon types only obtained in these regions. Nevermore Island is where most of the dark pokemon reside. Freebirth Island is where all of the smaller pokemon as well as, in rare cases, packs of starter pokemon live. Dream Island is a place where it is said that the Karras Region was begun. It is said that the pokemon that created teh Karras Region still resides there. Finally there is Warrior Island where the Elite Four resides. Both the Nevermore and Freebirth Islands are accessible from the underground.

The first map is the normal map, and the second is the one that shows the attractions. Sunday's Blackspout is the black dot near the bottom, Elite Four is the island with a white star on it, Blue "F" is the FROZEN TOWER, and the Red "B" is the Battle Village.


FROZEN TOWER: A place much like the Battle Tower but only ice types are aloud to enter. It is to test the strength of ice pokemon.

Battle Village: Is a place much like the Battle Frontier. There are certain places for certain types to fight against each other. There is also three on three battles as well as a legendary pokemon colleseum to battle only legendaries.

Sunday's Blackspout: Is a volcano located in the suthern part of the region. It has an invisible trail hidden beneath three rocks. On Friday the first rock disappears, Saturday the second rock disappears, and on Sunday all the rocks are gone revealing the hidden trail. The trail winds up the volcano to a patch of grass around its opening. This is where many rare pokemon reside. At night, on top of the volcano, a stairway is revealed. It leads into the volcano where black grass is found. Ultra-rare Pokemon are located here and there is also an increased chance of legendary Pokemon. However after you are in, if you do not escape by midnight, the rocks reappear and you are stcuk in the volcano. The grass disappears and so does the stairway and thus the trainer is stuck until the next Sunday.

Team Giga

Team Giga is a team that is bent of revolutionizing the world. They believe that all pokemon should be slaves and work to keep the world always moving. They also believe that the legendary pokemon Electrion, Flaranther, Ironguar, and Smogspeord will be able to help them on their quest to making a new mechanical era. Their leaders, Rouje and Markus, built Tema Giga after their father's death. using the inherited money. After five years of research, they finally found the hideout of Smogspeord and Electrion. Using Electrion they built a generator that fed off the discharged electricity of its fur. It however inflicted pain on the pokemon. Smogspeord was then used to gather all of the fumes created by factories and powerplants and use them as a smokescreen for Team Giga to steal machinery. With these two pokemon on their side, it will take the other legendaries, and a great trainer, to defeat them.

Legendaries and Info

Eelectrion is an electircal lion type pokemon. It discharges electricty constantly and thus paralyzes many pokemon. It is valuable to Team Giga because its electric discharge can be harnessed by their generator to keep the factories and powerplants moving at all time. It can also generate enough electricity to fuel any machine. When Eelctrion is near an electric pokemon, its power is increased. It can sense electrical energy in the air with the arrow-like marking on its forehead.

Smogspeord is a smog leopard type pokemon. It has the power to harness the gasses in the air and use them to do as it wishes. Most of the time it uses it to create a smokescreen and flee , howver, it has also been known to poison pokemon and make humans sick. Smogspeord is not tangible, and thus is a poison/ghost type much like Gengar. It has, however, been known to use the pressure exerted by the gasses it controls to inflict painful bite or scratch-like wounds.

Flaranther is a flaming panther type pokemon. It is always covered in dark flames and has been known to inflict horrible burn wounds. It's temper is horrible and thus it almost always hurts pokemon. Although it is a fire type, it is very succeptible to ice type moves because the flames it has are actually a different, plasma-like substance. It thus can be frozen rendering Flaranther helpless.

Ironguar is a steel jaguar pokemon. It was first discovered in the ruins of an ancient city by a large number of excavaters searching for gold and remnants of a past culure. It is extremely kind natured but when provoked has a horrible bite. It is not affected by sleep, poison, or paralysis type attacks and thus makes it a hard catch but it is worth while.

Tortisland is a grass and water tortise pokemon. It is said that its back, which is covered by trees and sand and numerous plants, is where the first group of humans in Karras settled. It was thought of as holy and kind natured until the pokemon, Divuid, came along. It is said that one day Tortisland was pulled underwater and most of the villagers drowned but the remaining went is search of land and found the mainland. The villagers blamed Tortisland for it, believing it left them for an unknown reason.

Divuid is a poisonnous diving pokemon. It is a massive squid that pulled the legendary pokemon Tortisland underwater to the bottom of the ocean. After many years of watching the humans forage, Divuid's heart grew cold and it wished to annhilate them. It almost did but when it pulled under Tortisland it missed a few villagers who were fishing. Tortisland became very angry and thus a battle began and it has not ended.

Moltagon is a molten dragon pokemon. On the outside is a hard shell of rock and inside is pure lava. Around its ankles, wrists, shoulders, and on top of its head is a coating of steel armor atop the rock. It has a long tail to balance itself and its crushing wait gives it quite an advantage over smaller pokemon. It is said to have arrived out of nowhere and when the first trainer tried to catch it, Moltagon went underground. It has since been roaming the tunnels of underground Karras. Many travelers have seen it but none have caught it. If team Giga were to catchit, the world might come to an end.

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