Josie's Shiinotic
ジョルシのマシェード Jorushi's Mashēdo
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Shiinotic SM039
Josie's Shiinotic
Debuts in TBA
Caught at Alola
Evolves in TBA
Gender Female
Ability Effect Spore
Current location With Josie
755MS 756MS
This Pokémon spent 1 episode as Morelull.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Morelull TBA TBA
As Shiinotic TBA TBA


As a Wild Pokémon

With Josie

She used Morelull in its battle in the finals against Jon's Torchic, as the battle progressed. Both sides were evenly matched and during the battle, both Morelull and Torchic evolved into Shiinotic and Combusken respectively and learned Strength Sap upon evolving, it was a long and fierce battle but both sides knocked each out resulting a draw.


Moves Used

Morelull Giga Drain
Using Giga Drain as a Morelull.
Move First Used In
Giga Drain TBA
Leech Seed TBA
Sleep Powder TBA
Strength Sap  TBA
Moonblast  TBA
Energy Ball  TBA
Spotlight  TBA
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.