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John Mitchell
タカシ Takashi
Sinnoh's Aura Champion
John Mitchell
Age 19
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Hometown Sunyshore City
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Bale Mitchell (Mother)
Radien Mitchell (Father; deceased)
Helen Grayson (Sister-in-law)
Chloe Grayson (Wife)
Dale Mitchell (Brother)
Rachael Mitchell (Sister)
Mary Mitchell (Sister)
Victor Mitchell (Adopted stepbrother)
Junichi Mitchell (Stepfather)
Trainer class Pokemon Trainer
Aura Guardian
Legendary Guardian
Champion (As of The End of Sparks Swapped: Eternal Faith)
Generation Unknown
Games Unknown
Leader of Unknown
Badge Unknown
Elite Trainer of Sinnoh League
Champion of Sinnoh League
Specialty No Preference
Brain of Unknown
Symbol Unknown
Member of None
Rank None

John Mitchell is a recurring character who appears in Pokémon Sparks Swapped. He is an Aura Guardian and acts as the mentor of Carter Spark.


Prior to Sparks Swapped: Battle Frontier

John is the youngest of the four. Dale is his older twin brother while Rachael and Mary are his older sisters. When his father died, Jasper married his mother and gain four more siblings.

Sparks Swapped: Battle Frontier

John appears as a cameo where he see Carter and his companions going to the Sinnoh region on a boat with Blaziken and Sceptile (As Grovyle).

Sparks Swapped: Diamond & Pearl

John first appeared in Sparks Swapped: Diamond & Pearl when Carter was corrupted by Team Galactic. John stepped in and was able to save the young boy, who unfortunately became overwhelmed with the energy of Team Galactic. This caused Carter's Aura abilities to become unstable. John easily knocked Carter out after he attempted to use his Aura in evil ways. When the brunet awoke, he wasn't able to use his Aura anymore without harming others. John offered to teach Carter to control the power and eventually helped him gain control. John reappeared throughout the series giving Carter advice and made an appearance when the final battle against Team Galactic took place.

Sparks Swapped: Black & White


Sparks Swapped: XYZ


Sparks Swapped: Sun & Moon

Chloe and John are married and are in the Alola region for their honeymoon with Dale and Helen.

Sparks Swapped: Eternal Faith



He is calm and sometimes act cool. He also give advice to the Dogwood Park students and his friends. Whenever he battle a wild Pokémon, he use a strategy to capture the Pokémon. 

When he is battling a Gym Leader/Elite Four/Champion, he always have a strategy against weakness of the type that his Pokémon has.  

He have the power of Aura. When using Aura, he can change personalities depends on the situation that he is in. Also he can use Aura to find Lucario and the other Pokemon when they are capture. 


Patrica Corbett

Patrica is John's best friend and his companion in their journey as a young kid. She and Lucario get along very well (because of her aura).

Helen Grayson 

He and Helen known each other since the age of 10. He traveled around with Helen, Chloe, and his brother to different regions and collecting badges.

Carter Spark

Carter looks up to John after he saved him from harming his friends. John soon assisted Carter in controlling his Aura once more with the help of the other Aura Guardians of Sinnoh. It is shown that Carter can be very nervous around John, finding him a bit intimidating due to his record in battling. Never less Carter thinks highly of John. It was reveal that John know Carter as a baby.

Jackie Darksoul

Jackie first met John she didn't think to much of his. Her opinion of her changed drastically when she saw him stop a Carter's rampage when he lost control of his Aura. Though it was faint he was able to sense the power of Aura inside of Jackie.

Chloe Grayson 

He and Chloe dated at the age of 16. Chloe and John was a stranger to each other when they first met. After they talk and hang out with each other for awhile, they are friends. Before the events of Sparks Swapped: Sun & Moon, she and John got married along with her sister and John's brother as a double wedding. She supported John being the Champion of Sinnoh after Cynthia retired.

Dale Mitchell 

John and Dale have a good relationship as siblings. They can understand and help each other with their Aura Powers. He and his brother are close to each others along with their mother.

Bella Helmstark 

Sometime prior to Sparks, John met Bella.


On Hand

Lucario M08
Egg → Riolu → Lucario ↔ Mega Lucario
Ippei Greninja
Froakie → Frogadier → Greninja
Ash Infernape
Chimchar → Monferno → Infernape


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