Jasmine Strachan is one of the main protagonists in the fanfiction, The Kanto Saga: Max and Jasmine's Indigo Adventure, written by Kamakaze Jazzy.

Jasmine Strachan
Age 13
First PokemonBulbasaur
Interests/Hobbies Figure Skating and Swimming
Clothes A plain purple t-shirt under a well fitting black, hoodless zip-up jacket. Black athletic pants paired with a pair of Adidas.
Battle Record vs. Trainers 2-1-0 (as of chapter 5)
Indigo League Top 25 Ranking Unranked (as of chapter 5)


Growing up in Sunnyshore City, Sinnoh, Jasmine (or Jazzy for short) grew up in a life full of sunshine and fun. She wasn't very social though, and as a result she never gained as many friends as her parents would have liked. She preferred hanging out with her sister and best friend instead. She attended the local trainer school until she was ten but never received a Pokemon from Professor Rowan when he made his rounds around Sinnoh.

Jazzy's parents were your normal, working family. Her mother was an artist, working in the Sunnyshore Market attempting to sell her paintings while her father worked overseas in an undercover co-op mission. Jasmine has one younger sister named Talia, who started her journey in Sinnoh as soon as she turned ten (which was two years ago).

Jasmine passed the qualifying exam to become a Pokemon trainer back in Sinnoh, but never accepted her Pokemon until she moved to Kanto with her mother due to her father's mission.

Interests and Hobbies

If it's even more possible, it could be said that Jazzy is even more competitive than her travelling partner, Max. After competing in figure skating for a good chunk of her life and travelling to different contests around the Sinnoh region, she shows determination, grace and coordination not just on the ice, but in her everyday movements. Since moving to Kanto she had to give up figure skating, but still does dry-land practices everyday.

Jazzy also took an interest in swimming, a more appropriate sport for someone who lived next to the ocean for most of her life.


Rather plain looking, Jasmine has shoulder length chestnut brown hair that is most often swept up into a ponytail. Her bangs are also usually clipped up; with just a pin or sometimes braided and then pinned. They show off eyes that match her hair colour, though they are calm and comforting to most people who look into them.

In way of clothes, Jazzy wears a plain purple t-shirt underneath a snug fitting hoodless jacket that was actually given to her by her skating club back in Sunnyshore City. Therefore, the jacket is quite warm. She wears black athletic pants and a pair of Adidas skateboard shoes to top things off. She carries everything around in a plain, canvas tote bag and attaches her Poke Balls to the strap.


When faced with new people, Jasmine is really a shy person. She prefers not to talk and even though it may seem rude, that's just the way she operated. She was never one to make friends; that was her sister's job.

However, once you get to know Jazzy you'd find she's quite fun-loving. She enjoys any good adventure and challenge and won't be afraid to make brave choices. She radiates confidence and determination which in the end, always help her through every tough situation she's ever faced.

She cares about a lot of things and is passionate and not afraid to show it. She loves her Pokemon, friends and family dearly and maybe one day, Max would rank up there too.


Spoilers Ahoy!


The first Pokemon Jasmine ever received was a Bulbasaur (later nicknamed Birch). Like Jazzy, he is shy, but when presented with the opportunity to battle he seems to somewhat spring to life. Back at the lab, it was apparent that the Charmander liked Jasmine the best, but when she picked Birch it seemed to ignite a bit of a fire in him. He is loyal to Jasmine and works hard to make their bond stronger.


  • Vine Whip
  • Razor Leaf
  • Tackle


The first Pokemon Jasmine caught, Ace the Pidgey is proving to be a powerful ally. Caught after a bit of a friendly competition with Max, he has proven that he can stand up to even a gym leader's Pokemon. Because he hasn't been on the team long, he isn't sure how to act in front of people just yet.


  • Gust
  • Sand Attack
  • Tackle
  • Quick Attack

Jasmine's Trainer Card, Chapt 4

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