First introduced in the trinity of games Pokemon Artic, Pokemon Frost, and Pokemon Hearth. This trainer class is given to ambassadors from other regions coming to the Regional Unity Confrederation (RUC) conference that happens once every year. The player can only attend these events after 1.They have become champion of this region 2. Captured all of your regions legendary trio (Pokemon Artic, Frost, Hearth:Polaris the Wolf Guardian of the Artic Snow and Landscapes, Everestus Lord of the Mountains, and Hearthvestia Lady of the Balance of Heat and Cold) (Pokemon Body, Mind, Soul:Bdonis Lord of the Body and Brawn, Minstrig Lady of the Mind and Brain, and Peccatorum High Chancellor of The Purgatorial and Coporieal Soul) (Pokemon Fossil, Pokemon Sandstone, and Pokemon Archeology:Pininja Pokegod and Lord of Archeology, also Brother of Arceus and Baru, Fossiliak Lord of Fossils and Bones, Stouppy Lord of Sandstone and old formations) (More to be added), and 3. For Professor Heaths, Proffessor Cedar, or Professor Maple to ask you to come with her/him. The meeting is attended by the champion and professor of each region. Red and Oak, Gold and Elm, May and Birch (Steven and Wallace accompanying them) Dawn and Rowan (Cynthia accompanying them), Hilda and Juniper (Rosa,Iris ,and Alder accompanying them), Calem and Sycamore (Diantha accompanying them), Moon and Kukui, You/Aquailion (Borean (H,F,A) Champion) and Heaths, You/Monastra and Cedar (Monabohdian(B,M,S)Champion), You/Henry (Megolan(F,S,A)Champion) and Maple. These trainers can only be found in the conference halls in each region.

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