Impalf Type: Ghost/Dark No. The Spooky Calf Pokemon Stage: basic Evolves from: none Evolves into: Bullplasm at level 25 Height: 3'05 Weight: 147.02 Ability: Frisk Dex entry: It haunts country lanes, scaring folk with eerily long bellows.


basic lick

5 sing

8 psywave

13 stomp

16 healbell

20 shadow sneak

23 nightmare

28 hyper voice


calm mind roar toxic hidden power sunny day taunt ice beam blizzard light screen protect rain dance safeguard frustration solarbeam thunderbolt thunder return psychic shadow ball double team reflect shock wave flamethrower fire blast torment facade secret power rest snatch energy ball charge beam endure will-o-wisp embargo payback flash thunder wave captivate dark pulse sleep talk natural gift dream eater swagger substitute trick room

Egg Moves

punishment spite confuse ray payback grudge

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