Pokémon Sun & Moon Versions
Vulkain (#006) – Ichty(#007)Ichteeth (#008)
National Dex

Japanese NameUnknown
Evolves fromNone
Evolves toIchteeth Lv.18
SpeciesSea Dino

Ichty (Japanese: ???) is a Water Pokémon. Along with Bushyl and Hinobi, it is one of three starter Pokémon the player can choose to start with at the beginning of Pokemon Sun & Moon Versions. It is the Water starter for the Surto region.

Ichty is the speediest of the three starters in Pokemon Sun & Moon Versions. Its trait, Torrent, raises its offensive Water-type power by 50% when its HP falls below 1/4. Ichty is received by the trainer already knowing both Tackle and Tail Whip. As it levels, it also acquires Bubble, Peck, Agility, and Aqua Jet amongst others. When it evolves at level 18 into Ichteeth it remains a Water-type but gets more powerful biting moves, like Crunch. If it remains an Ichty for only a few extra levels it will learn the powerful Flying-type move Drill Peck. Preventing evolution is also the only means of teaching Ichty, and by extension any of its evolved forms, the move Hydro Pump.

Unlike the other two starters, Ichty and its evolutions only have one signature attack: Tempest. While it is a useful attack for forcing the opponent to switch, it being a special-based attack makes it almost useless on the Ichty line, which are known for their physical power.

Biological Characteristics

Ichty's design bears resemblance to the now extinct ichthyosaurs, a variety of marine reptile similar to modern-day dolphins. In its resemblance, Ichty shares the fish-like tail, enlarged eyes, and four limbs of these real-world relatives.

As Ichty is a marine reptile it is only poorly terrestrial at best. Traveling on land is not a necessity for this species, but if it is required to do so it will. Like a modern-day seal, and the extinct reptiles it is based from, it is agile and quick while in water. However, once on land, it is forced to flop on its stomach in a wriggling motion and can barely support its own weight on its weak wrists and shortened arms. Its neck is incredibly flexible, though, and while it may seem harmless and paralyzed on land it can snap its head in the blink of an eye, catching any unwary predators well off guard.


Ichty is a starter Pokemon received by beginning trainers from Professor Alder in the Surto Region. Naturally they live far off the coast of Surto in shallow seas amidst coral reefs and algae-strewn stretches of sand, but they rarely come close to shore.


SUN: With a thrust of its powerful tail, this Pokemon chases prey at high speed in the deep sea. On land, it is far less graceful.

MOON: Ichty's amazing jaw can crack the shell of an Omanyte, but also deftly build an undersea nest of seaweed. It loves to have its tongue rubbed by its trainer.

In the video games

No official games as of yet. This is a fanon Pokemon.


Ichty is one of the first completely non-terrestrial starters in the Pokemon games. It is also the largest and heaviest of all base level starters thus far.

The name is a bastardization of "ichthys," the Greek word for "fish." Dropping the "h" and the "s" gives you this name.


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