Hydrothian is the fully-evolved Water-type starter Pokemon of the Daisan Region. It evolves from Lobtytos at LV: 37. Its name derives from 'hydro' and a corruption of 'leviathan'.


Hydrothian is blue in color, with lighter markings on its body. It resembles a cross between a lobster and a scorpion. This Pokémon is enormous for a starter Pokémon; even if its tail is curved upwards in its normal position, Hydrothian is still a massive 25 feet long. It has a flattish body and a blade on its highly flexible tail that can be used as both a weapon and for swimming. Each of its forelimbs has a massive claw adapted for a powerful grip.

Gender differences

There is little obvious difference between the male and female Hydrothian, both in appearance and disposition.

Personality tendencies

One would think that Hydrothian would be rather simple-minded as it seems very animal-like, but Hydrothian is actually quick-thinking and cunning, quickly coming up with a suitable hunting strategy upon finding prey. Generally, Hydrothian have a short temper and because of their large size and incredible power, are difficult to stop once on a rampage. This is a frequent reason why they come across as animal-like.

Abilities and interesting traits

Hydrothian’s physical power is easily greater than that of any other Starter Pokémon. Each of its claws, specially adapted for a powerful grip so it can grip prey larger than itself, can apply over 5000 pounds of force to an object as small as a penny. Hydrothian has the sufficient power and resilience to punch straight through a wall of solid steel over a foot thick. This Pokémon also has incredible armor. Its carapace is made of thick layers of naturally grown carbon fiber, so strong that if you stabbed this Pokémon with a diamond-edged knife as hard as you could, it still would not cut through. The blade on the end of its tail is made of a similar substance that can slice through nearly anything. Despite being an aquatic Pokémon, Hydrothian is still quite mobile on land, capable of charging at a speed of about 15 miles per hour.

Habitat and Habits

Hydrothian lives deep below the ocean surface. It normally stays down there, but every now and then ventures up to find something to eat. With its large size and incredible physical power, it can take down even a Wailord. Hydrothian has been often known to attack and sink ships, mistaking them for food.

You are Hydrothian

You seem simpleminded but are in truth a deviously cunning strategist. You have a short temper and you are almost impossible to stop when you’re angry. You live much of your life alone. Others are afraid of you and stay away from you. You don’t care very much for them, either. What you care most about is your own survival, which you deem important over all.



Egg Type: Water-3

Ability: Shell Armor or Mold Breaker

Signature Move: Hydro Claw - a devastating Water-type move with a 50% chance of lowering the foe's Defense!

Great combo: In a double battle, have a Pokemon with Serene Grace paired up with Hydrothian. That 50% chance of lowering Defense will be upped to 100%! You'll do more damage every time you attack, and that, tied with Hydrothian's amazing Attack stat, is awesome.

Base Stats

HP: 90

ATK: 125

DEF: 125

SP ATK: 70

SP DEF: 75


AVG: about 89.7

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