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Hydro the Blastoise Lvl. X

Basic Info
SpeciesBlastoise Lvl. X
Type(s) Water Ice
Agelate 50s
  • Height: 5'11 (1.81 M)
  • Weight: 188.5 lbs (85.5 Kg)
AliasesHydro, Squirtle (in flashbacks), Icy (By Lagoon in flashbacks)
Political/Battle Info
AffiliationTeam HydroShock
Held Item(s)Aqua Droplet (allows Blastoise to use modified moves with both cannons)
Contact Moves

Frozen Hydro Cannon

Ranged Moves

Variant Hydro Cannon, Bubblejet, Mirror Strike, Snow Blower

Status Moves

Aqua Ring, Protect

AbilityTorrent, Rain Dish, Bulk, Dimensional Scream

Hydro is the leader and founder of Team HydroShock. She grew up next door to Lagoon.

  • She is a no-nonsense leader, and tries to think ahead past her emotions and fix problems at their core. Consequently, she tends to have a serious composition most of the time.
    • However, she does have a healthy sense of humor.
  • She considers all of her friends to be her family, as much as her husband, Walrein Icewave.
  • Unlike other Blastoise, she is also an Ice type.
  • She is usually known to take out her opponents with some form of modified Hydro Cannon (dual), or modified Blizzard (Snow Blower) for multiple opponents.

Life History