Pokémon Sun & Moon Versions
Kangaleaf (#003) – Hinobi (#004)Pyradder (#005)
National Dex

Japanese NameUnknown
Evolves fromNone
Evolves toPyradder Lv.15
SpeciesFire Snake
Weight0.5 lbs

Hinobi (Japanese: ???) is a Fire Pokémon. Along with Bushyl and Ichty, it is one of three starter Pokémon the player can choose to start with at the beginning of Pokemon Sun & Moon Versions. It is the Fire starter for the Surto region.

Hinobi is the most offensive of the three starters in Pokemon Sun & Moon Versions, and the second fastest after Ichty (though it should be noted all three starters share very similar base Speed stats). Its trait, Blaze, raises its offensive Fire-type power by 50% when its HP falls below 1/4. Hinobi comes equipped with the moves Pound and Tail Whip, but also learns Flame Wheel, Ember, and Bite. When it evolves into Pyradder at level 15 it becomes a Poison-type and learns the attack Poison Tail, though it can also acquire moves such as Bind and Poison Fang at this point as well.

Its signature attacks, which it learns at far lower levels as Hinobi compared to its higher forms, are Fire Whip (a powerful physical Fire move) and Fireball (a multi-hit attack).

Biological Characteristics

Hinobi is designed after the well-known wild mimic, the Scarlet King Snake of North America. This creature is nonvenomous but bears markings similar to a venomous relative, the Coral Snake, to ward off predators.

The fire that runs down Hinobi's back is powered by flint-like combustible scales. As the fire starts to die down, a Hinobi will flip onto its back and crawl upside down on rough surfaces until the scales crack and set ablaze. A Hinobi will willingly douse itself if it enters a grassland area that is too dry, so as to avoid a brush fire.


Hinobi is a starter Pokémon received by beginning trainers from Professor Alder in the Surto Region. Hinobi are difficult to spot in the wild as they have been on the endangered species lists for ages. In Surto it is a federal and offense to capture one, no less defeat one, in the wild. Due to this, trainers who do want a Hinobi must receive one that has been domesticated and raised by human handlers so as to avoid disturbing the scant wild population. If they are seen at all in their natural habitat by Pokémon Naturalists, Hinobi are found slithering through semiarid grasslands and scrub forests—locations similar to the American Death Valley or the Australian Outback.


SUN: To hasten movement this Pokémon uses the attack Flame Wheel to roll along the ground, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. It is a real-life "trailblazer."

MOON: Its bright colors make other Pokémon think it is venomous, but it is still just a baby. Don't assume its bites aren't dangerous though—Hinobi's fangs are sharp.

In the video games

No official games as of yet. This is a fanon Pokémon.


Hinobi is one of the first limbless starters in the Pokémon games.

The name comes from a combination of the Japanese word "hino," which means "fire," and "hebi," which manes "snake." It also sounds similar to the word "shinobi," the original name for the Japanese ninja that refers to their ability to "blend in" or "steal away." Similarly, Hinobi "blends in with the crowd" and does not reveal its true nature as a harmless and nonvenomous foe.


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