The Great Civil Wars were a collection of wars at the beginning of Genesis Realm, a future history of our world that would eventually lead to pokemon and the fan trilogy Now and Forever. The Great Civil Wars was preceded by the information age until an asteroid struck the earth in North Dakota, spreading a insectoid virus that infested wild animals and used their basic composition to transform them in to what would eventually be termed pokemon.

Rising Chaos

Sioux Falls Disaster

The Great Civil Wars began in Midwestern America, when a Neo-Naziist faction under the leadership of Ron Faun united a group of gangs with heavy amounts of money and drugs as payment and transformed themselves into a paramilitary group. In an essecne, this rebellion, termed the Sioux Falls Distaster, began a string of resistance against then President, eventually Sovereign President Hilary Rodham Clinton.

Great Lake Coalition: First Succession

As the virus spread, the US military reacting as fast as it could, but still enraging the populace, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota withdrew from the nation and formed the Great Lake Coalition. With mainly Arab/Islamist extremist support, as well as backing from the soon to be residing superpower, China, the Coalition captured all American bases in the area and led a conscription of all those aged 18 to 25 without important employment into the Great Lakes Defense Force. It was at about this time that the state militias were incorporated as elite guards of the coalition, termed the Elite Lakers. They were secretly commanded by then Michigan state militia leader Mark Koernke, who took over the milita as well as the Michigan National Guard and Reserve forces. Using fear to instill most of the new nation, they successfully took over the nation and requested help from China and the Arab League as the continental unions slowly progressed towards federated nations, which quickly came in the form of a large air force and a impressive land force through Canada, which had decided to remain entirely neutral as they discussed terms to reform the English Commonwealth, consisting of England, Canada, and Australia as key members and various other mainly-Anglican former colonies.

That is all that is currently known about the era, as it will be expanded in a trilogy beginning with Aftershock and being followed by Crisis and Rapture. It is also possible that a novella or longer short story will be posted as a prelude, entitled Impact, not to be confused with Pokemon Impact by long-time fan author Brian Powell.

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