Haunter + Human

Pokémon Abilities, Pokémon Attacks, Pokémon Language, Transforming into Pokémon

Gijinka are humans with the natural gift to transform into Pokémon. While in their Pokémon state, they are actually partially humanoid. In both forms, the Gijinka can speak with Pokémon as well as with humans. In Pokémon form, they can use the Abilities and Attacks of Pokémon.


If a Gijinka touches a Pokémon, they can transform into that Pokémon, and use it's Abilities and Attacks. If that same Pokémon learns a new Attack or masters a new Attack, the Gijinka will master or learn that attack, too (and thus, if a Pokémon has not mastered an attack, the Gijinka will not have control over it either). If the Pokémon evolves, the Gijinka (in Pokémon form) will evolve. However, the Gijinka will still be able to transform into the Pokémon's pre-evolved form (they just can't turn into its evolved form until the Pokémon evolves). Gijinka (in both Pokémon and human forms) can speak to any Pokémon.


Some people believe Gijinka are aliens. Science has proved that Gijinka skills are hereditary, but some anti-Gijinka groups have argued that Gijinkas are not from PokéEarth. Gijinkas have been the targets of prejudice and bias in the past, and are still sometimes prejudiced against by pure humans (though wide-spread anti-Gijinkatism is illegal).

Known Gijinka

  • Hans - Haunter
  • Armalda - Armaldo
  • Greta - Gorebyss
  • Skelto - Skarmory
  • Amber - Ambipom
  • Gabby - Gabite
  • Leon - Empoleon
  • The Silver Tech Corporation of Veilstone has introduced Splicing, which is similar to a Gijinka