You may be looking for Genesis Island, the in-game location of Beheragon and Leviamort in Pokémon Solstice and Equinox.

Genesis is the currently in progress fan novel by fan author Arcanine Royale. Genesis has been posted numerous times, but this is what the author says will be the final edition. Originally it was titled Now and Forever, but since first posting, that title has had less and less meaning.

Genesis is pre-posted at Pokemon Valley Forums.


Like the previous editions, Genesis will detail the journey of Connor O'Brien and his friends Kody Silvin, Heather Gordon. The novel is also planned to include familiar characters such as Ashly Parker, David Williams, Ryan Norte, Haley Sarbe, and Darrien Holmes. Connor is still the main character, however.

What is interesting is that Genesis, Arcanine Royale says, "will not include any of the previous non-main character arcs, unless they pertain to the character. The novel will be told through the point of view of Connor, Heather, and Kody mainly, with possibly manifestations in other friends as the journey progresses."


Instead of having the journeying characters and the team characters in one novel, Arcanine Royale plans to write a series of stories, ranging in length from drabble to novel, with the largest being a novel called Stealth Wars and a novella entitled Redemption. The first would detail Giovanni II and Archer exchanging punches through acolytes and henchmen as a third and fourth faction emerge (the first good and the second bad.) Redemption, meanwhile, would detail in full the decisions of Aaron Kasul, a Marshstomp morph introduced as one of the three point of view characters.


In a nut shell, the setting is rather the same - a independent but unified North America, and Arabia and Africa in shambles. However, it is believed that this will be manifested through revolution against the Japanese Confederacy or The Federation, instead of a British Empire as previously planned. However, the setting will be the same - two millenium after our time and the emergence of pokemon through a radiation incident.


Arcanine Royale hopes to write a chapter every week, or more, as he wishes to publish his work by January 1st, or when part one (Reflections), is completed. He plans to split each chapter into two parts, only because he doesn't wish to have so short chapters. He has not stated how often posting will occur, though it will likely ere more in the direction of every half week or every two weeks instead of every week.


While Arcanine Royale claims that it won't really change much in style, the major difference will be in the removal of cliche and the elaboration of character quality.

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