The fictional sixth generation of Pokémon, by Sinjoh, is different from all generations, introducing arcs for games. Though like most generations starts off as paired versions.


Unlike most generations Gen. VI has three main arcs which involve a villainous team and the region it includes

The First Arc: Time & Space

Main Article: Último

Main Article: Legend of Time & Legend of Space

The first arc of Gen. VI. The first arc includes Último, its 251 on the Pokédex, and Team Legends. The first arc is very basic as the player has to defeat all 11 Gyms, Team Legends, and the Elite Four, similar to the first generation.

The Second Arc: The Quartet is Awaken

Main Article: Quatuor

Main Article: Legends of the Quartet

The second arc of Gen. VI. The second arc includes the Quatuor region, its 256 on the Pokédex, and Team Quartet. The second arc, though similar to the first, has the player travel to Último to hunt down the admins of Team Quartet.

The Final Arc: (Pending Name)