Generation A is a set of games released by group calling themselves Temaria Project. It is planned to consist of Pokémon Coal and Iron. It seems to happen six years after events of Generation IV.

New features

  • Four starters instead of three- Grass, Fire, Water and Electric
  • Starters can be caught in a place called Starter Island
  • 170 new species of Pokémon
  • Legendaries could be bred now, but (as all other genderless) only with Ditto
  • Many new moves
  • Many new abilities
  • Legendaries from original games are available without events
  • New villainous teams- Team Frost, Team Eco and a group of extraterrastial beings, known only as Alien Band
  • New version of Contests
  • Player is no longer forced to defeat Elite Four in a row, because of they're scattered across the region (but are much stronger now)
  • Conferences, known from the anime, are now available in the shape of Solar Conference

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