Gardevoir UD

Member of
Team MeltDown
Charizard and Aggron
Synchronize, Trace, and Telepathy
Teleportation, Psychic Beams, Invisibility, Hypnosis, and Mind Saber

Gardevoir is a Psychic-type Pokémon and a member of Team MeltDown in Pokémon: Universal Defender.


Gardevoir was raised well by two kind but poor parents. After her parents were donated money by a charity, Gardevoir was raised better, went to a private school and got a good education. She later went to a public high school and met Aggron and Charizard. She developed a crush on Aggron. The war started after high school, and Gardevoir, Aggron, and Charizard formed Team MeltDown. She and Aggron intend to get married after the war.


Gardevoir is kind, sweet, and intelligent. She became very smart after getting a private school education. She is very kind to all her friends and family, and is especially nice to Aggron. She is only vicious when her friends are in danger, which is when she unleashes her inner speed, stamina, and power.

Skills and Powers

Gardevoir is very intelligent. She strategizes every possible outcome and does things in the most strategic way. She is also very agile. She can use Psychic-attacks, and can use a powerful and effective Psychic Beam. She can poison, paralyze, or burn the foe as she is harmed via her Synchronize ability, her Trace ability allows her to replace 'Trace' with the foe's ability, and her Telepathy ability enables her to anticipate a foe's next move. She can teleport and turn invisible by bending light, and she can hypnotize foes to do as she asks them. She is also skilled at weilding a Mind Saber, which she can use to prod into an enemy's mind, revealing their darkest secrets and causing inner pain.