Garchomp UD

Member of
Team Pseudo-Legend
Tyranitar and Metagross
Sand Veil, Rough Skin, and Quick Feet
Super Speed, Flight, Laser Breath, and Star Gauntlet

Garchomp is a Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon and a member of Team Pseudo-Legend in Pokémon: Universal Defender.


Garchomp was raised well, but at school he was a bully. All the other young Pokémon were afraid of him, until a Beldum decided to stand up to him. Garchomp, as a Gible, reformed from his bullying ways, and the two became best friends. In high school, the duo met another bully, Tyranitar, and decided to help him reform aswell. He, too, became their friend. When the war started, the three friends formed Team Pseudo-Legend, named after the fact that they were all Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon.


Garchomp is very rough. He does not prefer to converse much, and communicates primarily with his fists. Though he has super-speed and laser breath, he prefers to fight with his Star Gauntlets. He is very physical and gruff, but he is not heartless, and cares for his teammates when they're hurt.

Skills and Powers

Garchomp can fly and run at sonic speeds. He can use Dragon-attacks and Ground-attacks. His Sand Veil ability increases his evasion in a Sandstorm, he damages the foe on contact with the Rough Skin, and his ability Quick Feet boosts his Speed if he is afflicted with a status condition. He has super-hot laser breath, and his signature weapon, the Star Gauntlets, add a kick to his punches.