??? – Galactor (#???)???
??? – Galactor (#???)???

Japanese NameN/A
Evolves fromNone
Evolves toNone
Height7' 08"
Weight223.5 lbs

Galactor is one of a yet unknown number of fan-made Pokemon to appear in the fangames Pokemon Plasma and Flora.

Galactor is a Ligh/Steel combo. It is a legendary Pokemon from space, like Deoxys or Jirachi.

Galactor's name is a combination of the words Galactic and Gladiator. Since this is an American/Canadian project primarily, it is devoid of a Japanese name.

Biological Characteristics

Galactor is an alien Pokemon, both in origin and in appearance. It is humanoid with green-blue skin, thin legs and powerful arms. It has what appear to be the beginning stages of wings on its back and a spot or gem on its chest. Parts of its body, including its head, neck, lower arms and calves, are armored. Its eyes are large and pale blue, with slit-shaped pupils like a cat's.

In The Pokémon Video Games

Galactor can be obtained on top of the mountain, after receiving your 7th gym badge and watching Team Galactic awaken it.

The reason Team Galactic wants to awaken Galactor is to harness the massive amounts of power it controls. They use the Tablet Slab to awaken it from the 500-year sleep in an alien cryogenic freezer it was locked into after battling the version legendaries, representing Nature and Technology, as they struggled to keep the balance of the world in check, for 100 years. Because this battle was staged far from human civilisation it went relatively unobserved.

A man in the Crosstar City Space Station (C.C.S.S) shows you the previously buried stone tablet (actually the Tablet Slab, which team Galactic later steals to awaken Galactor) showing the crash-landing of Galactor's ship in the desert, although he does not know what it is.