Fyrefly is a legendary pokemon found in the Kraos Region.


Its name is a stylised version of Firefly. It is also possible the word 'Pyro' is another factor of its name.

Fyrefly is a bug/fire type pokemon, and was released when an archaeologist opened the Kraos Gate. When it was released, it caused havoc and drained many of the Swamps due to its fire attacks. After a fierce battle, it is either defeated or captured. This brought an end to the drought.

Fyrefly is basically a large insect, mixed with a few dragon features. Its primary colours are red and green.


Fire Cloak: Only Fyrefly has this ability. Whenever Fyrefly uses a fire attack, the next attack by the foe only deals half the damage. This cannot be used if Fyrefly's HP Is below half.


Lv -- > Fire Spin Lv -- > Screech Lv -- > Wing Attack Lv 33 > Dragon breath Lv 44 > Flamethrower Lv 55 > Dragon Dance Lv 66 > Bug Buzz Lv 77 > Flare Blitz Lv 88 > Safeguard Lv 88 > Miracle Shine Lv 99 > Blast Burn

Miracle Shine: Heals 1/2 HP. During Sunny Day, heals 1/2 HP of ALL pokemon in your party

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