In the fanfiction, Lurking in the Shadows: Lisa's Ultimate Challenge, the Fourtix Region Pokemon Championship is held annually. Once a trainer has earned ten badges, they are invited to register and compete in the Pokemon League Tournament which is conducted in the traditional single-elimination format. However, a trainer must be registered by January 15 to qualify. After a champion is decided, the top four are invited to two special events: A chance to face the Elite Four and League Commissioner, and an invitation to the All-Region All-Star tournament, to be held in a neutral location where Pokemon are not indigenous and where there exists no Pokemon League.

Much like collegiate sports in the United States, a Top 25 ranking system is used to keep track of the strongest Trainers who have registered for the League. The ranking depends on factors such as number of total battles, winning percentage, and progress with respect to number of badges earned. The ranking is not affected by wild Pokemon skirmishes; only Trainer battles, which the Pokedex application records the results of. After each year's tournament, trainers keep their ranking (based on tournament place) but battle records are reset to 0-0.

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Other Notable Pokemon League Contenders

Elite Four and League Commissioner