floriver is the water starter of Evappo. It is a pokemon with a fin on its round, blue head. It has fins for hands. Its legs are replaced by a single fin. Its body is blue while the fins are navy blue. It's name comes from flow and river. It is called the fin pokemon. Its ability is torrent.


floriver evolves into wakave at level 15. It's bigger then floriver. Its fin has been turned a 90 degree angle so that the fin goes left to right. It gains legs, but fins replace the feet. Its called the diver pokemon. Its name comes from Lake and Wave.


wakave evolve to depocean at level 37. Each Fin now has 3 spikes on it. a wave design is on its stomach and arms. a ripple design is on its legs. It is bigger than Wakave. It is called the Tsunami Pokemon. Its name comes from Depth and ocean. Only depocean can learn Tidal Strike.