Flare is a Flareon character in the fanfiction Lucki, about the original trainer Lucki Middling.

Lucki receives Flare in the third chapter. He is a breeding center Pokémon who was given to the Rustboro Pokémon Center for adoption when the breeding center was closed. The Nurse Joy had adopted out the rest, and only had him left to find a trainer for. Part of the reason for him being last to be chosen is age. Flare was an adolescent with no battling experience, and most Pokémon are either bought young or wild-caught ones that, by nature, have some fighting experience. He doesn't display much personality compared to some of Lucki's other Pokémon, but is the only one of Lucki's Pokémon that seems talkative with the Absol. He does not like Raiden.

Flare did not have a name at the breeding center, as he was the only Flareon and simply called by species name. Lucki was unable to think of a good new name on the spot, so she decided to just call him Flare until she thought of something better. Thirteen chapters later, he's still going by the placeholder.

Flare's battling ability is hard to pin down. He's generally unimpressive in battle and is perhaps Lucki's worst-performing Pokémon, but has displayed some impressive ability, early on defeating a wild Bagon that was about to evolve.

Like Silver, Flare possesses inherited moves as a breeding center Pokémon.

Flare's current moves:

  • Ember
  • Tackle
  • Bite
  • Toxic (inherited move)
  • Sand attack
  • Flamethrower
  • Take down