Blanks By FC

Flame Claw has made several blanks, but none have been any good. Most are edits of CASCADE GONPORY's Acanthite blanks.

Darkest blank - An edit of Cascade's ACANTHITE Blank

Rebellion Of The Red Moon

Most blanks in Rebellion Of The Red Moon were made by Blennix Nebilicious (Red Moon blanks, and Silver Star blanks). However, the blanks for the Darkest Pokémon (such as the set's Darkest Espeon, as well as some unmentioned promo's) were made by Flame Claw.

LEO Blank

The heavily unpopular LEO blank only had one made because it was so dreadful.
Col basic

The only LEO blank.

A single Pidgey card was made, and got bad ratings, so LEO was abandoned.