Fara is an Absol character in the fanfiction Lucki, about the original trainer Lucki Middling.

Fara is captured at the end of Chapter Thirteen, after a brutal battle in which she quickly defeats Flare and Saurius, and nearly takes down Raiden before being paralyzed. She is Lucki's fifth and final pokemon.

She is the only one of Lucki's pokemon that does not receive a nickname from Lucki. When Lucki attempts to give her one, she says she already has a name.

Fara possesses the ability to speak without the aid of the translator Lucki's other pokemon use. When she first speaks after being captured, it is described as "smooth and silky, a seductive milk and honey sound, faintly exotic and utterly alien". She demands to be released three times. Lucki first ignores her in favor of asking how she's able to speak, then says that trainers aren't bad, and finally asks the Absol to give it a chance. Fara responds "You'll regret this. I am disaster." to which Lucki reassured her she didn't believe in superstitions. Since this point the Absol has made no attempt to interact with Lucki in any way, although she acts aloof, not upset. In the only battle she has been used in so far, she ignored Lucki's commands, defeated her opponent and then walked off the battlefield, disqualifying herself from further battles. When Lucki asked in Chapter Fifteen if the Absol now realized trainers weren't bad, she replied enigmatically "You have made your choice. You have no need to make attempts at convincing me; I shall remain until the end."

Although initially nervous, Lucki's pokemon do not appear to suffer any similar problems talking with the Absol, with all of them attempting to convince her to stay as a trainer's pokemon. She was giving Flare advice on a problem in Chapter Fifteen.

Due to Fara's battling ability, both against Lucki's pokemon as well as later taking out a gym leader's pokemon in a single hit, and the fact her attacks appear to be a mixed quick attack/slash combo, she is likely well above level fifty. She has not used any other move than the quick attack/slash, but this is likely due to the fact she has only appeared in two battles, both of which she had no need to use other moves in and does not reflect her full moveset.