Fangodus Type: Rock/water No. Stage: 1 The Flat Tooth Pokemon Evolves from: Placotooth at level 24 Evolves into: none Height: 5'06 Weight: 229.2 Ability: Mold Breaker/Drizzle Dex entry: It swims slowly, taking care not to break its flat teeth.


Learned moves

- ice fang

- fire fang

- thunder fang

- bite

- water sport

- water gun

9 harden

12 hyper fang

15 rock blast

18 acid armour

21 crunch

24 aqua tail

27 recover

30 super fang

33 ancientpower

36 rock polish


water pulse roar toxic hail hidden power ice beam blizzard hyper beam protect rain dance frustration iron tail return dig double team sandstorm rock tomb facade secret power rest thief brine endure dragon pulse giga impact rock polish stone edge stealth rock captivate rock slide sleep talk natural gift swagger substitute

surf strength rock smash rock climb

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