Ezekiel Fenton is one of the main characters in pokemon sinnoh myths

Black the Skitty

On the morning he became a trainer.Ezekiel's mother gave him a ralts which he decided to name Black


Shadow Ball

Rosalini the Staravia

First pokemon that Ezekiel caught on Route 201.Roaslini evolves into a staravia after she defeated a Tropius

Moves- Gust



Sky Attack

Ren the Dustox

After visiting Eterna Forest,Ezekiel caught a Wurmple.It evolves into cascoon after he defeated a bug catcher's pineco,After that ren managed to evolve into a Dustox after she manages to defeat a bug catcher's skorupi

Moves- Gust

Hyper Beam


Sludge Bomb

Poison Sting[As wurmple]

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